Sergey Chesnokov-Ladyzhenskii (CHEL)

(Ladyzhenskii Sergey G. - painter and graphic)Born October 1, 1954 in Moscow.A descendant of an ancient noble family Ladyzhenskaya.He graduated from the Art Department at MIT in 1983.Since 1983 he has taught drawing, painting and composition in art universities capital.Lives and works in Moscow.Chesnokov work-Ladyzhensky are in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), Mordovia National Museum of Fine Arts named after S. Erzya (Saransk), Museum SchlossMorsbroich (Leverkusen, Germany), the municipal assembly of Torre Canavese (Italy), gallery «MarcoD ‘Atrino »(Turin, Italy), gallery« Godot »(Prague, Czech Republic), the gallery” Cinema “, a collection of Robert E. Grassley (Vienna, Austria), Hans-Peter Riese, Edgar Nikki (Bonn, Germany) et al., in private collections in Russia, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, the USA, France, Hungary, Italy, Belgium and Israel.


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Erzya people (unofficial)

The Erzyans are the other major Mordvin group, and they also have an unofficial flag, first reported around 2001. It’s a plain tricolour of white (for freedom), red (for life), and black (for earth).

I should say just as a disclaimer that I found both of these flags in the deep reaches of in the internet, on pages that I could only half-understand through the foggy lens of Google translate. It’s not at all clear how widely accepted either of them are, and it’s quite possible that they have some political dimension I’m not aware of.