Palatalized consonants - phonemically or morphophonemically present in the Uralic languages (Sami languages, Estonian, Mari, Nenets, Komi, Erzya, Udmurt), the baltic and slavic languages (Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Belarussian, Russian, Ukranian, Bulgarian), Romanian, Abaza, Abkhaz, Adyghe, Circassian, Chechen, Mongolian, the central Chadic Languages, the Celtic languages (Irish, Manx, Scottish Gaelic), Bambara, and Portuguese from Madeira and Portuguese from St. Tomé and Príncipe. Some scattered amerindian languages in Equador, Peru and Bolivia too. 

Palatalized consonants involve co-articulation with the tongue raised against the hard palate. It’s denoted in the IPA with the superscript symbol [ʲ] after the consonant. 

Erzya people (unofficial)

The Erzyans are the other major Mordvin group, and they also have an unofficial flag, first reported around 2001. It’s a plain tricolour of white (for freedom), red (for life), and black (for earth).

I should say just as a disclaimer that I found both of these flags in the deep reaches of in the internet, on pages that I could only half-understand through the foggy lens of Google translate. It’s not at all clear how widely accepted either of them are, and it’s quite possible that they have some political dimension I’m not aware of.