A quick sketch of Marko and his canine companion, Erzu. I would have added Marie but I got lazy and perspective composition isn’t east for me yet gah xD

I really love this OC of mine :V The older of the two MattLevi kids, Marko never speaks much and his sentences are rarely more than five words long. Unlike his father, he lacks much fascination in words and is more interested in the visual world, specifically colors and the light spectrum. Observing light is a hobby of his and he often gets really wrapped up in it as he may spend hours simply… watching. Despite being very antisocial with zero interest in making friends with his fellow humankind, he values and loves his family deeply.

Erzu is another favorite OC of mine… perhaps my favorite animal OC xD He’s a realistic dog character ((doesn’t talk, no special abilities and has a natural pelt design)) and has a very real yet tragic backstory with his previous owner. I just love it 8V

Das arme Kind, das kein Arnika bekommt
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jotoulemonde / Pixabay Vor einigen Wochen gab es beim Skifahren mit der Schule fast einen Unfall: Kurzer rutschte auf dem gefrorenen Untergrund davon und vor lauter Schreck vergass erzu bremsen. Er raste pfeilgerade (und pfeilschnell) den Hang herunter, bis ihm schlussendlich der Ski aufging und er sich mehrmals überschlug, bevor er liegen blieb. Mein Mann war als Begleitperson dabei und als er…

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I’m so slowly remembering how to draw dogs omg xD I can only do stupid headshots right now /dies. Don’t look at my full body sketches. They SUCK. Humans are easier to draw than dogs these days lol.

And sorry for lack of posts. I haven’t been doing sketch a day since I’m currently working on 352598326543 projects at once and trying to build confidence in the world of comics.

Erzu from One in Fourc: