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So I thought I’d take a chance to get to know all the people who follow me a bit better, since there are a lot of you and I haven’t done this yet :)

Feel free to answer as many (or all) of the questions!

1. What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do?

2. What’s your favourite colour?

3. Have any OTP’s? and name one

4. Favourite drink?

5. What’s your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?

6. Favourite book?

7. Do you have any piercings/tattoos?

8. Are you right or left-handed?

9. What’s your mother tongue?

10. If you could take any form for a day, what would it be?

11. What’s the thing you like most about yourself?

12. Do you like board games or video/computer games better?

13. What’s the most important thing you own?

14. Have you ever done anything illegal? You guys don’t have to specify for this one if you don’t want to.

15. Which is your least favourite type of clothing?

16. Which do you like better, chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

17. When did you join Tumblr?

18. What’s your favourite movie?

19. What’s something that ticks you off?

20. Are you slouching? You shouldn’t be :P

Anywhom, that’s it for now. Thank you all for being so patient with my constant reblogging, I’m sick so there’s clearly nothing else to do but be on Tumblr all day.

You all keep me happy and sane, so thanks again for taking a chance on little old me :D

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Wild things are happening at that Erzabets place! I hear vampires go in and never come out. Also I suspect Bellamy isn't a real blonde. Do the carpets match the drapses is what I wanna know.

Bellamy is DEFINITELY not a real blonde, are you kidding me? Maybe that’s why no vampires are coming out. They’re hypnotized by her hair. Although I wouldn’t put it past her to be dying the carpet as well, if you know what I mean. I guess we’ll just have to ask some of her many lovers. 

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Awards, New Releases, Audio Books, Parties and More.....

Awards, New Releases, Audio Books, Parties and More…..

CURING DOCTOR VINCENT is now an award-winning read. Last night, Curing Doctor Vincent won the Shameless Book Awards – Book with Most Original Plot. It was also runner-up in the categories of Best New Erotic Series and Smut Book You’d Recommend to a Non-smut Reader. CLICK THE PIC BELOW TO SEE THE OTHER WINNERS!   It has been an exceptionally busy June! And it isn’t even over.   At the beginning of…

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Weekend Feature: Club Beam by Erzabet Bishop

Weekend Feature: Club Beam by Erzabet Bishop

Club Beam by Erzabet Bishop In the Shadow World, nothing is as it seems. Detective Sydney Marr is having a very bad day. Her boss is on the warpath, she’s being treated for a werewolf bite, and her current case has hit a dead end. When her friend Erika talks Syd into going with her to Club Beam, she jumps at the chance, even if it means spending an evening without her spell arsenal. A high-class…

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As Chelsea Fell Chapter 2: Atonement

The kingdom of Deus was always kept to its glory and magnificence. Although it never took much effort to keep a perfect city perfect. When all the power of the universe is at your disposal, you have two choices; enforce the standard by your own hands, or leave it to your creations. The way Gabriel saw it, everything was balanced by both forces at work. Every Jester participated in maintaining their little piece of Heaven.

On this day he felt somewhat melancholic. It had been nearly a year on Earth’s time since he had learned of what The Jester Dante Ibarra had done to The Light Bringer, Lucifer as he was now known. Ever since the discovery of his coup against their kingdom, he had been given a vast inquiry of names. Beezlebub, Mamon, The Great Adversary, Satan, but the name that stuck with the human’s most of all, was The Devil; better to be known as The Great Accuser.

Gabriel strolled through the great kingdom with his head looking up towards the sky. When The Light Bringer fell, winter had never ceased to stop. He often wondered if this was the manifestation of Deus’ great sorrow and pain. Deus loved The Light Bringer almost as much as he loved his own son, Yehushua. For a father to lose his son, was considered the greatest pain for anyone to bear. So long it had been since that dreaded day, the day The Light Bringer brought down a third of The Jesters, the day he had chosen to steal from the Tree of Good and Evil, and the day he had carved the forbidden Chelsea Grin into The Jester Dante Ibarra’s face, his pain never ceased, and the snow continued to fall from the sky.

“What is it that troubles you, Gabriel?” A voice said from the emptiness. Gabriel turned to face the one who spoke. A man with brown hair and a beard, dressed in a white robe stained with blood, and a hole pierced through both of his hands stood before him. Gabriel immediately dropped to his knees and pressed his forehead into the ground.

“My Lord Yehushua.” He said in humility.

The son of Deus placed his hand on his shoulder and told him to rise. Their creator’s son had been recognized as the holiest being to reside within the walls of their beloved kingdom. Gabriel was with him on the day he received the wounds in his hands. Never had there been a more tragic day in their existence.

“There is no need to bow before me in these times, my Dear Jester.” He assured Gabriel. “The time has not yet come for me to accept such customs.”

“I know that, my Lord.” Gabriel responded. “It’s just one of those things I will never be able to shake from my etiquette.”

“Etiquette?” He questioned. “Is that a line you stole from The Jester Erzabet?”

“I guess you could say so.” Gabriel Replied. “It’s like they say, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

“I often question her sense of humbleness, but she is a very wise being.” Yehushua said.

“Indeed she is. I can’t understand how it was she fell for the Black Wing though.”

“Dante’s sense of virtue is enough to soften the hearts of any living creature.” Yehushua said to Gabriel.

“It’s strange to me.” Gabriel said with a hint of confusion. “I never knew any Jester would become a mated pair. Such an event was never to be heard of until the Fall. And to think, their love would be blossomed from a day so tragic that it even brought them closer together.”

“He looks in the mirror and sees a monster.” Yehushua said as he walked to the courtyard’s fountain. “But when she looks upon his deformity, she can see the same man she fell in love with long ago.”

“You mean to tell me their affair had gone on longer?” Gabriel asked. “Ah, such youth in both of them. Even if she is several thousands of years older than he. I guess it is a new generation of Jesters you are creating.”

“My father has not forged a new Jester since Dante.” Yehushua stated. “The Fall of Chelsea brought great sorrow to him. In a way, Dante was made as the atonement for her failure. For he shall endure whatever life and death may bring to him. Possibly even bring atonement to Chelsea’s sins.”

“Didn’t he send a crow to pluck out the eye of the man who was crucified on your right?” Gabriel asked.

“You were there too, Gabriel.” Yehushua told him. “It wasn’t the best method of approach. But Dante is also hot headed as he is stubborn.”

“Maybe that is what kept him from gaining Innamorta.” Gabriel said as he laughed under his breath.

“Dante is still young.” Yehushua claimed. “But even a child has a better chance at entering this kingdom than an adult does. When The Light Bringer carved that curse into his face, he had lost that innocence, and had become poisoned with the idea of vengeance. In the end, the only thing that stopped him from becoming the monster he feared becoming, was Erzabet’s love for him. Strange what a woman does to a man. Which reminds me…”

Yehushua turned back to face Gabriel. “What is it that troubles you?”

Gabriel hung his head to the ground. He had been reminiscing on the day he lost the battle against The Light Bringer for some time now.

“My Lord.” He spoke softly. “What Dante did, in sparing Lucifer’s life… Was it truly the right thing to do? He had reaped destruction upon our brethren, and tainted the lives of your own creations whom you sculpted in your own image.”

“If Dante were to use the power of the Machina that Erzabet created for him, then it would have ended his life for good. I chose to spare him because he was able to show mercy… more or less. Cutting a Grin into The Light Bringer’s face was probably not the best method.”

“What do you mean?” Gabriel asked. “Now that he is cursed, he can’t bring harm to anyone, right?”

“Have you been so oblivious these days, my Arch-Jester?” Yehushua asked him. “There is very little you know about The Chelsea Grin.”

“The only one who would have such knowledge about it would only be you and The Jester Erzabet.” He replied.

“Erzabet knows a great amount about its capabilities on a Jester. Eligos had done it to himself and lost the ability to feel pain completely. But have you ever wondered what would become of a Jester who was given the same mark he had done onto another Jester BY that same Jester?”

The question was hard to understand. Very few Jesters were ever given the curse that was first marked upon The Jester Chelsea. Erzabet was never able to study a subject that was given the Grin other than a human. Any other Jester cursed with it was cast down from the kingdom and isolated themselves in exile to avoid feeling the pain of others.

“Lucifer still resides within the Earth’s boundaries. He will never be able to leave so long as he lives. But Dante lost most of his true holy powers when the Grin was cut into his face. The most he would have been able to do, was leave a flesh wound in Lucifer’s reflection that he could easily repair with the power of the forbidden fruit. In all sense of reality, the enemy is still down there, and he is growing stronger by the minute. Dante never accomplished what he set out to do.”

“The fruit… and the Grin…” Gabriel pondered. “Was there not one merciful gift you had chosen to give us all?”

“One curse…” Yehushua said. “A jester can only be burdened with one curse, as a sign of gratitude from my Father for their service. Taking the forbidden fruit is a curse on it’s own. So my question is, Given the choice, what would Lucifer have preferred? Deteriorating from the forbidden fruit, or suffer from others pain. What would you do?”

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