gangsta (part one)

“i need a gansta…to love me better…than all the others do. to always forgive me. ride or die with me. that’s just what gangstas do.”

warnings:heartbreak, betrayal, asshole boyfriends,profanity, guns, sexual remarks

characters: joker, reader, barry allen(flash), the trickster(dc villain)
note:flash is played by erza miller

Racing down the streets of Gotham with J in the drivers seat in the Purple Lamborghini. Music blasting through the speakers and J punching his fist on the roof, with his loud laughter echoing in your ears. Your cheeks hurt from the amount of smiling.

How did you get here? In this purple sports car, with a man who you used to hate?

The Trickster had made another attempt to drive Barry bonkers. You had been on a date Barry, the first one in what seemed like forever. He had been so busy being the Flash, you thought he had almost forgotten about you. Of course, he denied that, and immediately set up a date for the next day.

You had your doubts, but there you were. In a small café outside of the wayne enterprises building. He had actually taken you somewhere, granted, it was 10 minutes away from your shared apartment but it was still nice.

The entire time he had actually spoken to you. Asked about your day. He made an effort.

That all changed when about an hour into the date, the news had flicked on saying how there was a building on fire in metropolis, and there was no way to get everyone out fast enough.

He was gone before you could say anything.

You huffed and puffed about it, of course. But you understood, this is his job. He saves people. It’s what he is really good at.

You started to take the cloth napkin off your lap and grab your purse when someone sat down across from you. You froze in your movements. The Trickster.

Barry had been messing with his plans lately, you knew that. And apparently, he had had enough.

A thin cloth soaked in chloroform wrapped around your mouth and you screamed, kicking the table down in the process of trying to escape. You tried to avoid breathing in the chemicals, but he only held it there longer. Your world dwindled into darkness and your breaths felt shallow.

You woke up in an unfamiliar place, unsure of how you had gotten there. Your arms were tied behind your back, and your ankles were bound together. You sat in a chair that was on a ledge, you didn’t know what was behind you but you knew it wouldn’t be good.

The trickster walked out of the shadows and smiled at you, his blond hair sweeping in front of his eyes. “Hello the beautiful, (Y/N).”

You scowled at his complement and looked at your surrounding. “Where the fuck am I, Giovanni?”

His eyes grew dark at the use of his real name, and he spun your chair around making sure to tip you slightly over the edge. Large containers of chemicals laid under you, the smell drafted up into your nostrils and your heart pounded.

“Why am I here?” You asked as he spun your chair around, so you were facing a screen and a camera.

“We’re gonna call your boyfriend, duh.” He laughed and walked over to the computer, typing some things quickly.

‘Ha, idiot. As soon as he calls Barry, I’m outta here.’ You thought, smiling to yourself.

There was a long silence before the screen opened up, to reveal The Flash, looking confused at the screen. Until he saw you. “(Y/N)?!” He yelled panicky, and looked like he was ready to speed off and save you.

“So, I have a proposition, Mr. Flash.” Trickster laughed walking behind you and putting his hands on your shoulders.

“Flash, darling, he’s fucking crazy.” You spoke sweetly, careful not to use his real name due to the countless citizens around him.

“Where are you? I’ll come-”

“Nah uh uuh.” Trickster waved his finger, cutting Barry off. “You have a choice to make mister.”

Barry squinted his eyes and glared at him. “What kind of choice?”

“You see, you can save your pretty girlfriend here and have everyone know who the Flash really is. Or, you can leave me and my plans alone, and I promise I won’t spill your identity.”

You wanted to laugh. That was the stupidest thing you had ever heard. But Barry really seemed to think about it. “Babe, c'mon.” You spoke sternly. “This isn’t even a question.”

He looked away from the camera and his eyes darted around nervously. Was he fucking serious right now? “Times a ticking, fast boy. Your girl is about to be at the bottom of a tank filled with chemicals.”

“I-I- fine.” Your heart stopped. What?“

“Barry?! What? You’re not serious right?” Tears started to collect in your eyes as you wiggled in your chair, trying to break free.

He looked you in the eyes through the screen, his own becoming glassy, “I’m sorry.”

That was the last thing you heard before the Trickster had tipped your chair. The last thing you saw was Barry turning his screen off, and the Trickster packing up his belonging.

Your hair flew up into your face as you fell for what seemed like forever. Your heart pounded in your ears, and tears flew up off your face.


The thick cold chemicals hugged every inch of your body like a snake. You tried to shut your eyes but the acids crept through your lids, burning them like fire.

A loud cry escaped your lips and the chemicals fell into your mouth. Your lungs burned with chemicals and your felt yourself fading.

As black started creeping from the corners of your vision you saw a black shadow jump into the acid and grab you.

You felt lips on your, blowing air into your burning lungs. They oddly fit perfectly in your.

Your eyes opened with a gasp and your came face to face with your savior. His green hair was faded a bit from the bleach, but his eyes shined a bright crystal blue.

Your mind was dazed but you still knew who this was. The Joker. Infamous for being the worst villain ever. You tried to scoot away, only to find your hands still bound behind you. “Oh, hold on doll.” He grabbed a knife from his acid destroyed pants and at first you though he was going to kill you, but he cut the restraints off.

When your wrists were free you sat up in against a large concrete pillar and felt every part of your body ache. “You okay doll?”

You nodded, despite the few stray tears that pooled at the bottom of your chin. “(Y/N), my name is (Y/N).” He nodded and smiled at you, his silver grill on display.

“Well (Y/N), what got you thrown into a bucket of ace chemicals?” He laughed loudly, his personality showing through his craziness.

Your heart shattered. He left you. He chose that damn mask over you. Your whole body shook as a large sob fell through your lips. The Joker looked shocked. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t comfort people. That wasn’t his thing.

“My boyfriend left me for a mask.” You smiled sadly, your eyes bloodshot and bottom lip trembling . “He fucking chose that mask over me.” Your smiled dropped as you sobbed again, your whole body shaking.

You felt yourself being lifted into someones arms, and you felt…home.

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