credence barebone ?  ahaha yeah what a freak what a - *trips* *thousands of photographs spill from pockets* fuck those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a pile of drawings* fu ck no they’re not mine i don’t love him or anything i just- *more pictures of him fall out as i fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN

Let's talk about Percival Graves guys.

I think he’s still alive. He wasn’t a creation of Grindelwald, I mean look at his relation ship with the president of the Macusa. He was an Auror and the department’s chief. In addition, his bond with the president was so strong that their relation ship must have been growing for quite a long time. This can only mean that he really exists. Moreover, I think he was Creedence’s father because even though he wasn’t able to raise him on its own, he still protected him. He also made sure to keep an eye on him after he placed his son in a new family. Also, he probably is the only one aware of his abilities (his parents were wizards while he was a Squib). Afterwards, Grindelwald kidnapped Graves and brought him in Europe. He’s been waiting for someone to rescue him ever since ( I believe that he was in the house at the very beginning of the movie and Grindelwald made sure to kill all the Aurors who came from the Macusa). Anyway, Grindelwald managed to establish himself in New York. Maybe he just happend to intent taking power from Macusa? He found Creedence which knew everthing about him thanks to the true Graves. Creedence trusted Grindelwald which, at the end of the movie, tried to use him as a weapon. At last, Graves was tortured and probably had his memory stolen by Grindelwald or something similar. This would definetely explain how come he act just like Graves, thus by extracting every information he needed. I’m not sure how it would play out, but I hope Newt finds Graves. I bet he’d be a grat partner in order for Graves to stop Grindelwald in the next movie.

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