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. Between the Lines . 171

“Welcome to the second day of the first annual Grand Magic Games!”

The crowd roared around them and Lucy grinned, unable to think of the fight she would participate in later that day. The crowd’s energy was filling her with excitement. She’d finally forgiven Natsu entirely after he’d mumbled a sincere apology into her ear, looking worried. She’d rolled her eyes and accepted the apology before receiving one of the tightest hugs she’d ever experienced.

They sat together with Wendy on Lucy’s other side and Erza and Jellal on Natsu’s, cheering loudly alongside their cats. Gray and Juvia stood in the arena side-by-side, muttering to one another. Rogue, Meredy, and Ichiya stood in the arena alongside them, as well as a girl none of them recognized.

Compared to Gray and Rogue’s calm looks, Ichiya’s wildness was somewhat disturbing.

From where he was sitting, Lyon was burning a hole into the back of his head as he watched Ichiya flirt with the amused looking Meredy. She didn’t appear to take him seriously, but it still made Lucy laugh when Cobra, who sat behind them with Kinana, said with clear disgust, “Ugh, he’s offering to-”

“I don’t want to know,” Kinana said hastily, cutting him off. Her cheeks flushed a bright color and Cobra cackled.

“What, you think he’s offering-”

“Erik!” she said in a very high-pitched voice.

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. Between the Lines . 168

. Between the Lines .

They reached the stadium without further trouble, much to the surprise of them all. They entered through the massive archway that stood dozens of feet over their head, made of a beautiful gray stone. Lucy kept close to Natsu, keeping an eye on him after his outburst. He didn’t seem to mind. He threw an arm around her shoulders and let his eyes dart this way and that, a grin appearing when he saw who awaited them there.

“Natsu!” Sting shouted, waving excitedly when he saw them. “You made it!”

Natsu dragged his girlfriend over and she groaned her protest as Erza and Jellal went to speak with an official that waited. Gray followed Natsu and Lucy, hands pushed into his pockets. “Sting!” he greeted eagerly.

Rogue’s sharp gaze swept over their team as Lyon sidled away from his group to go greet Gray. “Interesting choice in team members,” he said thoughtfully, gaze lingering suspiciously on Jellal for a moment. “I didn’t expect Jellal Fernandes to be allowed to compete.”

Lucy raised her chin. “He’s nakama now, not some criminal, Rogue. He’s a good person and we like having him in our guild.”

Rogue’s lips twitched into a smile. “Whatever you say.”


A familiar voice had her turning her head a second before her arm was grabbed by a beaming pink-haired woman. “Meredy!” she greeted warmly. Meredy beamed at her, eyes glowing with excitement. “It’s been a while! How’s Lamia Scale treating you?”

“Beautifully,” she said honestly, flushing a little. “I was told to work with Lyon, Chelia, and Jura. Jura suggested that I compete alongside them because of it. It’s the only reason I was allowed in the Games this year.” Her gaze shifted to the startled Sting and Rogue. “I’m Meredy,” she added, smiling in greeting.

“Sting Eucliffe,” Sting drawled, eyeing her with a thoughtful look as Yukino jogged over, greeting Lucy with a happy hug. “Nice to meet you.”

Yukino giggled, elbowing the guildmaster of Sabertooth. “Don’t start flirting,” she scolded. “We have other things to worry about.”

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. Between the Lines . 169

From where she was seated in the stands, Lucy watched Erza speak quietly with the nervous Wendy. Wendy’s eyes were wide with fear, but Erza seemed to be doing fine at calming the distressed dragon slayer.

“Erza’s gonna win,” Natsu said confidently beside her. Happy was settled in Lucy’s lap, and Lucy could feel the purr that ripped from him. He paused. “It’s okay if Wendy wins, too, though.”

Lucy giggled. “I’m sure.”

Beside her, Gray snorted. Juvia was curled up beside him, dozing with her head on his shoulder as they waited for the event to start. They’d been up early, woken up by Makarov so that he could praise them and give them tips for the day. They weren’t to know what the game was until it was time for it to start, but he’d told them to stay strong and alert, ready for anything.

Lucy was somewhat glad that she didn’t fight until the next day.

“What’s so funny?” she demanded, glancing at Gray.

Gray rolled his eyes. “The look on Lyon’s face when I told him that I wished him luck against Jellal.” He grinned and Lucy laughed at the look. “It was one of the best moments of my life, Lucy.”

“The fact that the best moment of your life was telling Lyon his ass was going to get kicked is depressing,” Lucy replied, and Natsu snickered his agreement before focusing when Erza was approached by a smug looking Minerva.

“Uh oh,” Gray muttered. “Trouble is on its way.”

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Collaboration with @halyden 

For Erza Halyden drew the line while I colored

Jellal I drew the line and she colored (and fixed whatever facial anatomical problem I had)

Was fun \ :v / 

p/s: Holy shit she’s fucking fast, like I-can-finish-this-whole-painting-while-you-cook fast. Commission her for goodness without having to wait weeks like me  

Halyden’s Commission info:

You can also throw her requests but be nice, and also it comes after my request :v :v :v :

Anyways, yeah, we might do more like this in the future.

Blooper Reel idea

I really think Hiro Mashima and his team should write, draw and script out-takes and blooper reels for some of the Fairy Tail episodes, like, just imagine, Natsu about to start fighting Mard Geer and Sting and Rogue accidentally wander into the veiw of the camera, and they just crack up. Or Gray and Silver hugging in Silver’s death scene, and he just starts Laughing. OR Erza and Kyoka are fighting, and Erza messes up her lines. It would be absolute gold.


Collaboration with @janyhero

It’s supposed to be Flame Empress Erza and her Flame Emperor Jellal but we forgot to consider how tumblr resizes side by side images and now they’re super disproportional T_T

Super late night after dinner spontaneous decision last night but it was really fun to see how our styles mix. We’ll be posting the second round of collaborations tomorrow night so I hope you will look forward to it! ; u ; 


Lines: @halyden, Colors: @janyhero


Lines: @janyhero, Colors: @halyden

If you have time, please also check out his tumblr! He tends to do clean, rendered things with cool lighting * u *

. Between the Lines . 170

After checking with Gray to make sure Lyon was doing alright, Lucy and Natsu returned to the arena. There were still a few matches left to witness - including the battle between Fairy Tail Team B and Sabertooth.

Lucy had glanced at the paper Erza had posted in their room earlier in the morning while getting ready and looked forward to watching the battle take place. She wanted Cana to win, naturally, but…at the same time, she hoped Yukino did well.

As if reading her mind, Natsu told her, “You can cheer for both of ‘em.”

“Yeah…I guess.” Lucy ruffled Happy’s ears. “That’s true.” She turned to Gray as he appeared, returning to his seat beside her. “Hey, Gray. Where’s Juvia?”

“She’s going to hang out with Meredy,” he explained with a grin. He playfully elbowed his friend. “She said that she hopes Cana does well, though. I promised I’d give her a detailed explanation on how everything goes, of course.”


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. Between the Lines . 167

Natsu fumbled with the gloves on his hand, his fingers running over the material as Gray paced a few feet away. Erza polished her sword patiently beside him on the bed and Lucy sat beside her, polishing her keys with Erza’s supplies. Jellal patiently stood beside a window, his eyes thoughtfully watching the outside world.

The thirtieth of June had arrived, and they were ready.

“Stay in your rooms,” Makarov had informed them after dinner. “You’re not to leave them. Happy and Charle will stay with Romeo. The preliminaries start tonight. I cannot tell you what they are or how they’ll function, but I was told to inform you that things will begin when the clock strikes midnight.”

Natsu’s sharp gaze darted to check the somehow functioning digital alarm clock that rested on the nightstand beside the bed he’d used the night before. His hands curled into impatient fists.

Five minutes until something happened.

Eager to distract himself until it was time, Natsu asked, “So who’s participating on the other teams? You said you heard, Jellal.”

Jellal glanced over at them, amusement on his face. “Sabertooth’s chosen to submit one team that consists of Sting, Rogue, Yukino, Rufus, and a newcomer by the name of Minerva. Sting seemed very smug about her, we’ll need to keep an eye on her. Mermaid Heel’s gone with Kagura Mikazuchi as its lead member.” His lips twitched into a small smile. “Milliana is on the team as well. It appears she joined Mermaid Heel. I spoke with her briefly and she hates me, but is pleased Erza’s doing well.”

Erza gave a warm smile, her eyes softening. “Good for her.”

“Lamia Scale has Jura and Lyon competing,” Gray said suddenly. “Spoke with him about it. Meredy, Chelia, and some other guy are going to be in it.” He made a sound of disgust. “You should have heard how Lyon was talking about Meredy.”

Lucy giggled. “He likes her,” she hummed. “Good for you, that means he’ll stop flirting with Juvia, doesn’t it?”

He gave her a playful glare.

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”happy mother’s day, erza”