Illness Protocol

“Wow,” Lucy remarked as she stared at where Natsu was balled up in the bed, a blanket covering him as he shivered regardless. “I didn’t even know you could get sick, Natsu.”

“Sick?” he grumbled from around the thermometer Erza had shoved in his mouth. “I know no such word!”

Happy snickered from where he was standing on the bed with him. “I think we’d all believe that.”

“Quit talking,” Erza commanded as she stood over him as well, arms crossed over her chest, a frown planted on her face. “I must take your temperature.”

The whole thing had begun only an hour ago when Happy arrived at Lucy’s house alone. It was rather early in the morning and she was still in bed. Not that it stopped the Exceed from barging right in through the window.

“Lucy!” he complained, jumping right into bed with her. “You gotta get up! It’s the middle of the day!”

Used to these sorts of things from the cat and his buddy, she hardly opened her eyes. “It’s six in the morning and hardly justifies as the middle of the day. And Natsu, what are you- Hey, he’s not here.”

The Exceed nodded as, after jumping around in her bed some, he settled atop her stomach. “That’s why I came! He’s actin’ real funny.”

“Really?” Blinking, Lucy just stared at him. “Funny how?”

“Well, last night he went to bed without eating anything and then, this morning he was moaning and holding his stomach and I came to get you.” Happy sniffled some, actually sounding worried. Concerned, Lucy sat up some then and scratched behind his ears. “Do you think he’ll be okay?”

“I dunno, Happy,” she sighed before gently lifting him up and setting him on the bed. “Just give me a sec, huh? To get dressed. And then-”

“Uh…Lucy?” he asked slowly then.


“Why’s it sound like someone’s moving around in there?” He pointed to the door leading to her bathroom. “Do you have company?”

“Well, yeah, I-”

“Is it,” he began as he tossed his paws over his mouth, the tears that had been welling in his eyes disappearing as his concern for Natsu died and his drive for drama was raised, “a man?”

“What? No. It’s-”

“Ah. Happy. I thought I heard voices.”

The thought of a dramatic reveal was burst for Happy then as Erza Scarlet walked out of the bathroom, nodding slightly at him.

“You?” He tried hard not to sound disappointed, but it was near impossible. “Awe man.”

Erza frowned at the Exceed as she strode into the room. “Do not sound too excited.”

“I thought that you were Lucy’s boyfriend or something.”

“Or something,” Lucy remarked as she went over to her dresser to pull out some clothes for the day. “And you know, cat, it’s kind or rude of you to make assumptions about me. I am a lady, after all.”

“If you say so.” Jumping from the bed then, he noticed for the first time the pallet on the floor. “She made you sleep on the floor, Erza? Wow.”

“It is her apartment, after all,” she reasoned. “Besides, it was rather impromptu.”

“Uh-huh. Impromptu. Yep. I understand. I-”

Sighing, Lucy glanced over at Happy. “It means-”

“I know what it means!”

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If this isn’t love then I don’t know what is.

The Big 4: Mommy, Daddy, how did you meet?


Jellal: W-well, we -

Erza: We were childhood friends!

Jellal: Yes, that’s good, listen to your mother … 


*Gajeel stares into the distance in horror while Levy quickly changes the subject*


Natsu: Well, it was sort of a coincidence. We ended up in the same town and your mom bought me food so I had to give her a hand when she almost got tricked into this sex trafficking ring and - 



Gray: Your mother blatantly refused to leave me alone until I finally admitted my feelings to myself and her.

Juvia: ~~ It was so romantic! ~~