Just a reminder!

We’ve received a whole bunch of your ideas for Jerza Love Fest! Thank you for all your input, Jerza shippers! As we continue to compile prompts/themes for the poll we wanted to take a moment and address a few things.

Prompts that were used in Jerza Love Fest 2015, and Jerza Week 2016 will not be included in the poll. We’d like to avoid recently used material if at all possible so be sure to check out those pages for previous prompts!

Please remember that this is Jerza Love Fest! Mystwalker Week (Jellal/Mystogan x Erza Knightwalker in Edolas) is an entirely different ship and fandom week! We will not be adding Mystwalker prompts to the poll nor will we be reblogging Mystwalker material!

Jerza Love Fest will take place 27 October - 2 November!

Keep it up, Jerza shippers! We still want and need your ideas!


All my favorite Fairy Tail girls!

My personal favorite is definitely Bisca & Asuka <3 There is just so little artwork of them and the side characters that they all deserve some love :))))