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I would love for the mods to post what zodiac sign they think all of the main FT characters are. We only know Lucy is a Cancer. My friends and I always go back and forth about this. We've only come to the conclusion that Natsu is a Taurus and Gray is probably an Aquarius

Mod Soar:

First off, I’ll say that I don’t put much stock in Astrology. I was born on a cusp (January 20th, right smack dab between Capricorn and Aquarius… and apparently Sagittarius according to the revised zodiac that’s been going around) and I have qualities of both signs and thus find it really hard to identify with either enough to say “this is me”… so I tend to say I’m a Aquaricorn. XD Guess I’ll have to amend that to Sagiquaricorn… I don’t even.

I will say, however, that Natsu is NOT a Taurus (which is an earth sign that puts a definite emphasis on being down-to-earth, frugal, and patient… which Natsu definitely is NOT). If anything he’s an Aries - both because it’s a fire sign and because practically every single astrological post that I’ve seen on Tumblr has Aries descriptions that get me thinking “Yup, that’s Natsu” (and Zancrow for that matter). I have an RPer friend that has made a case for his sign as Sagittarius, but I haven’t really picked her brain as far as reasons for that go. 

, on the other hand is a Gemini. Always full of energy and talkative. He also rolls with changes so fast that it’s uncanny (ex. when Chelia hijacked him, or during the fight with Cobra)

… I think I saw a post months ago that had some pretty profound stuff about how her “birthdate” lines up with her personality. I’ve also come across logically sound arguments against July 1st being her birthday. I can’t recall them now but I think it was Neko ( dragneelwaifu​ ​) that brought it to my attention. As far as a SIGN for her… I would definitely have to agree with Cancer as her sign.

Her spirits tend to embody their signs rather well. The sign that deviates from this the most is Aries, who is surprisingly docile for a fire sign. Honestly I think Mashima switched Aries and Virgo’s personalities.

I’ll agree that Gray fits as an Aquarius. I see a bit of myself in him and he definitely fits all the usual descriptors for the sign: original, inventive, independent, and very honest - think of all those times he accidentally hurt Mira’s feelings. XD 

I think Erza is probably a Leo. She definitely has a protective streak a mile wide - one of the main indicators for this sign. Also very bossy and occasionally patronizing, but surprisingly creative.

Trying to remember what sign maberuu uses for Wendy, but I think she’s a Libra… or a Virgo. Not sure. (EDIT: Mel, has clarified that she uses Libra)

is a Capricorn. Very fatalistic and practical. A no-nonsense kind of person.

is definitely a Pisces, no doubt about that at all. Always off in her own little world and practically LIVING in her imagination. Definitely has issues separating her dreams from reality. She’s also very intuitive - having “feelings” about things before they happen.  

I think Gajeel is definitely a Scorpio. He is very secretive with a jealous streak that’s VERY obvious. Determined, forceful and magnetic (pun intended).

I think Levy is a Virgo. Definitely a worrier, but practical and analytical.

Mod Ky

TBh idk for most of them, i haven’t really thought of most  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ bUT for Wendy id personally say either Libra or Cancer !

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If it is not too much of a bother, could you write one of the 'things you said' minifics about Jellal & Erza, with number 7?

7. things you said while we were driving 

A/N: I’m laughing way more than I should be. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. Modern AU. Enjoy. xD

Erza watched Jellal as the city disappeared behind them. She could see the sun starting to set in the distance, streaks of red parting the pale blue sky. It seemed prettier than it used to — though Jellal’s face bathed in its light played a big part in that. 

Feeling suddenly lethargic, or perhaps a little travel sick, Erza loosened her seatbelt to accommodate her knees as she drew them back against her chest. Hooking both arms around her legs, she then fixed her gaze on the horizon. Dating Jellal was an abberation in their usual routine. They’d hit so many hurdles getting to this stage that Erza had almost given up on the possibility. Her seemingly one-sided crush had finally been reciprocated and now, well, she didn’t know what to do with herself. She hadn’t thought this far ahead. Multiple signs passed them by before Jellal broke the awkward silence between them.

“It reminds me of you,” he whispered, seemingly in a trance as he watched the road ahead.

“What does?” she asked, keeping her eyes forward.

“The sunset,” he said, a little louder this time. “Scarlet red, just like your hair.”

He met her gaze when she turned to face him in shock. Embarrassment rippled through her. 

“W-what are you saying?!” without thinking, Erza’s hand flew out and smacked Jellal’s arm repeatedly. She let out a yell when the car swerved to the right. In a panic she withdrew her hands and curled up on her seat and buried her face against her knees. Only when the car steadied did she risk a glance at his face.

“Erza… what kind of response was that?” he breathed, his eyes flitting back to her face when he’d regained full control of the car.

“You said something unnecessary,” she huffed.

“Did I?” he grinned.

He was embarrassed too, she could see the blood creeping onto his face. Hhe always tried to play it cool when he said something weird. She let her right hand fall from her knees and settle between them. He grabbed it before she changed her mind, his fingers intertwining with hers. 

Had the sunset always been this mesmerising?

“Hey, Jellal?”



“You’re welcome,” he laughed.

There was a brief period of silence.


“What is it?”

She withdrew her hand. “Maybe you should drive with two hands.”

“Maybe you should control yourself, Scarlet. Then I wouldn’t have to.”

It was her turn to laugh. “You knew of my temper when you agreed to date me. Besides, it’s against the rules. You have to drive with both hands.”

“You’re right,” he leaned back in his seat and cast a thoughtful glance her way. “I like you just the way you are, even if you almost killed us.”

She punched his arm again.


Themes: Romance/Humor

Pairings: Jellal/Erza

Rating: T

Summary: Most people yearned to be appreciated. Jellal, however, really just wanted to wake up from the waking nightmare that being over-appreciated turned out to be. AU where the child-slaves successfully escaped the Tower of Heaven during the rebellion.

Note: Happy Jellal Appreciation Day everyone! Here is my contribution to this glorious date, yet another volume of my Good Deeds AU.

I would advise reading the previous parts “Good Deeds”, “Christmas Snow” and “Heavenly Body Magic” but that is not strictly necessary. All you need to know is Ultear returned to Ur and that, without her to mess up Jellal’s mind, the Tower of Heaven kids all escaped during Erza’s rebellion. The kids joined Fairy Tail, leading to some Butterfly-Effect-like changes.

Ages: Jellal is 16, Erza is 15 (almost 16), Kagura and Millianna are 12, Simon is 16, Ultear is 19.

I hope you all like it! Enjoy!