THIS, people, is why I don’t ship Erza with either Natsu or Gray romantically, because this scene really emphasize that Erza is like a sister to both Gray & Natsu.

Just like how at the beginning Mashima shows their relationship to be, Natsu & Gray always gets into a fight, and Erza always steps in to stop these two from fighting.

Ship all you want, but at the end of the day, this is how the author (Mashima) wants to portray their relationship from the start and now, Mashima is re-emphasizing their relationship by having Erza stepping in to stop their (serious-life-to-death) fight, and I actually reckon it’s really nice because shipping goggles aside, this scene re-emphasize what I love about Erza’s character and her relation to both Gray and Natsu. She loves them both in a platonic sense. She cares for both of them like an elder sister would. And THIS for once has brought back what Fairy Tail is all about. It’s not always a necessity to be romantic/shipping moments, but it’s nice that its shift back to one of the highlights to this series for me and have Erza step in to stop these two from fighting instead of Juvia or Lucy.

I’m sure that both Gray & Natsu feels the same way towards Erza as well. Erza have always shows a sense of responsibility when it comes to these two fighting; and Mashima shows it very clear in his story (for me at least) and this scene.

This is why, as much as I don’t find any appeals when it comes to people shipping Erza with Natsu or Gray romantically, but I do love them in a platonic sense. I always have since the beginning, so for that, I really do appreciate/like this scene on my end. Even though it was really emotional, RIP Makarov :(

Everyone is like OMG Nalu/Gruvia!!! <3

But the most important part of 507 for me was this

These 3 have grown up and learned lessons together, and their bond is more important to me than any ships in Fairy Tail because they are just like brothers and sister in my eyes, they really are a family, and among all the shipping wars and angst, this may have been forgotten.

Our boys are just trying to hold on to whatever strength they have remaining to defeat the bastards who hurt their waifus then they saw their waifus and they fainted because its all just adrenaline, rage and hurt like they’re probably thinking of ending the battle in one full blow (which was when Erza came in). now we’re all waiting for a jerza moment. asdfghjkl
My (Internal) Fairytail 507 Reactions

1. Erza’s tears (my internal reaction lol) 2. Gratzua moment and flashbacks with “Gramps” 3. Natsu snapping out of it in a moment of and reverting back to normal (though likely just temporarily for now) in his remorse 4-5 Nalu, Gruvia and Happy moment(s) 6. Nastu and Gray collapsing in relief 7. Eileen and Erza finally meeting face to face 8. Anticipation in bated breath for next chapter @sheakia-solo @constellunaa @memefillia @impracticaldemon @nalu-natic @wildrhov @mysticalpolicetyrant @endragoneel @wildest-dreams-at-midnight @nalufever

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Okay so originally I made a text post about this but I feel that it’s not enough to cover what I’m feeling right now, also I don’t usually make posts like this so I might be a bit long winded but please bear with me. Okay so with the most recent chapter (ch. 507) we reach the thrilling cliffhanger of what was a heart felt chapter due to the ominous words left by Irene Belserion.

Before this sudden reveal most people have speculated that Irene was somehow the mother or sister of Erza, which although was plausible, it was highly unlikely for the latter due to Erza never mentioning any sister and presumably being an only child as shown in her flashbacks. But what if Irene isn’t a blood relative at all? Rather a clone of Erza?

It may sound ridiculous but from her dialogue above, Wendy remarking Irene resemblance to Erza (remember this as it is important later in this theory), as well as some speculation it may very well be possible.

It is common knowledge that Erza was a kidnapped child slave along and during an attempt to escape from the Tower of Heaven she was caught alongside the others and was tortured resulting in the loss of her right eye (another thing to remember).

So, what if her eye was just needlessly taken as a form of torture but rather was harvested? The Tower of Heaven needed to be built in order to revive Zeref, so obviously they would need many workers to slave away and build the tower. However going out and attempting to kidnap more children to work was risky as they could be caught by the magic council or end up losing more workers than they can produce. But how could they keep their stock of child slaves up without having taken these unnecessary risks? Easy. With the use of cloning (how else can the resemblance be so uncanny? lol). If they could clone their existing workers they could very much have an unlimited quantity of work force. The only fatal flaw of this plan was how were to obtain the needed materials to clone without starting a riot among the slaves? By covering up the act through “punishments.”

Needless to say all of what has been said so far is purely speculation and some of you may find this incredibly unlikely or have even proven this theory wrong. At this point I can very much agree that some of this may be a stretch and I will admit what happens between the procedure of cloning to the current time is a gaping hole in this theory but it wouldn’t be the first time something so far back in the early arcs affect the plot so late in the game *cough* Kagura *cough*

Bits and pieces of some sort of foreshadowing can helo support this thoery through the portrayol of both Irene as well as some subtle artisitc elements. Skipping to the present, what is a noticeable thing about Irene’s magic aside from her ability to enchant? How about THE GIANT EYE

It may seem as bit of a reach at this point but the moments in which Irene uses this magic really stand out and seem way too in your face as just a passing by display of power. It doesn’t seem too related to her enchanting magic so what else can it be? Perhaps it’s the roots of her creation as starting off as an eye, or perhaps it was her original purpose to be created as a vessel to seek out Zeref, which would explain why she found her way to him from Ishgar.

Secondly, notice how she is depicted in her first meeting with Team Natsu

The shadow casted over half her face can be interpreted as to being a way to make her seem more menacing but what if there was more to that? The in context with the dialogue the half cast shadow can mean how she is the darker self of Erza, a part of her, one can even say half of her. The direction is important too as it is casted over the right side of her face shrouding her right eye in darkness. Seems a little too coincidental doesn’t it?

Also to note Wendy’s remark of Irene resemblance to Erza. If Irene was to be Erza’s “evil cone” why would she not be a like a mirror? Well that would be the case except for the fact that under the influence of fairy sphere Erza and the other’s did not age for 7 years, while Irene stayed aging to a point where she has matured beyond Erza’s current appearance.

This is all just speculation but it gives food for thought, right? Please give me any thoughts over this I would love to hear them btw ^^

TL;DR: Irene is Erza’s evil clone created by her missing eye and Mashima continues to troll us by using impossible plot twists

Continuation of Chapter 507:
This is what I expected to happen after their group hug.
Yes, I’m happy to see their reunion… but they should have reactions or talk to Erza, before Lucy and Juvia arrives.
It ticks me off to see them acting like statues and complete ignoring her in that state.
Anyway… sorry for didn’t add Natsu in there. He’s probably thinking about Lucy and Zeref.
For the last time, who’s new to the fandom and thinks of me as a Gr//via & Je//rza shipper. No, I’m not! I am a Grayza shipper, keep that into ur mind.

Art © pbbmk
Fairy Tail © pbbmk

When Crime Sorciere hangs out at the Fairy tail Guild...
  • Cana:Hey Midnight, how many hours do you sleep?
  • Midnight:As long as I want to.
  • Cana:And you still feel sleepy after that?
  • Midnight:*Shrugs* *drinks beer*
  • Cana:Boy, you have serious sleeping disorders. *drinks beer*
  • Gray:Says the one who can out drink everyone in who is not Bacchus.
  • Cana:Hey exhibitionist, your clothes.
  • Cobra:*cringes* so... much noise... *looks at gajeel and natsu fighting... elfman and ever arguing... juvia fawning over gray... erza and mira rampaging... macarov stopping his brats.. bickslow and his babies laughing... and more*

Come to think about it, wasn’t Erza, a good character, the only one with an evil Edolas counterpart in Erza Knightwalker?

Idk, but I was always wondering why ERZA of all people would have an evil counterpart in that arc. Because while all the Edolas counterparts were the exact opposite of their Earthland selves, they still reflected the same core ‘character’ in that they are good and care about others.

Is Knightwalker like this? Yes, by the end of it, that arc. But she was an antagonist/evil, at least originally. And the question that I always had regarding this was that, if the fact that Erza’s Edolas counterpart was evil, then did that mean Erza harbored a ‘dark’ side?

Which somehow manifested into a separate being that is Eileen?