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"Maybe I'm just crazy" Annaleen? 💓💓💓💓💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗

What We’re Owed

Pairing: Annaleen

Word Count: 1078

A/N; Sorry this was so late, I hope you enjoy it! 

“Maybe I’m just crazy,” Eileen sighed, stirring her cup of coffee with her spoon as she watched the cream meld with the black liquid, “but shouldn’t children be grateful for their parents bringing them into the world? I could have just as easily gotten rid of the brat, and how does she repay the hell she put me through? Following her heart? What kind of bullshit did that stupid old man fill her head with.”

“I don’t know,” Anna sighed. Eileen’s eye twitched at the annoying sound, fighting the urge to throw the steaming coffee on her friend’s face. Ha, friend. She had been spending too much time with the damn ball of sunshine and teddy bares. Both things that Eileen thought were far too overrated and unnecessary, much like the woman she was comparing them too. “I think Wendy knows what she owes me for taking her in. She’s always leaving me these adorable presents and sweet notes. She’s not my favourite for nothing.”

“And when was the last time you saw Wendy?” Eileen asked, voice dripping with sarcastic sweetness.

“Hmm,” Anna said, leaning back in her chair as she thought. The afternoon sun made her pale blonde hair glint, tip of her ponytail falling over her shoulder, purple icing smudged on her lip from her half eaten cupcake. “A week or two ago, I think? She made dinner for me the night I had that big presentation due!”

“Anna that was two and a half months ago,” Eileen said flatly, rolling her eyes at Anna’s shocked expression. “And didn’t she put lemon in the chicken? You know, the only fruit you’re allergic to?”

“Oh, she didn’t mean to! And the hives went down right away,” Anna smiled. Eileen wished Wendy had shoved an entire lemon down Anna’s throat instead of just spiking the chicken. She had to admit though, the kid could be ruthless when she wanted to be, which was better than her own wasted potential of a child. 

Regardless, they were spending far too much time not talking about Eileen. 

“Can you believe that Erza would rather be a teacher than follow my lead as a lawyer? All that genetic material wasted by that damn conscious of hers,” Eileen’s lip curled at the thought. Why would she ever lower herself to help others? If anything, they should be begging to help her. Just like Erza should, seeing as she failed her original purpose of keeping her father under Eileen’s control. While he was a stupid and cruel man, he had been hers, and Eileen would rather see the thing dead than lose control of what belonged to her. 

“Makarov has always been a strong believer in those things,” Anna admitted. Her nose scrunched like a kitten when she tried to pick all the pink sprinkles off the remaining half of her cupcake. Eileen hated kittens. Ironically, Anna hated pink. Weren’t they such a lovely pair. Eileen scoffed at her own thoughts before speaking. 

“I can’t believe she fell into the one fucking orphanage that won’t sell to Alvarez after the incident at the Tower,” Eileen sighed, stirring her coffee more violently as irritation built under her skin. “I told him mixing ages would lead to those vermin getting ideas but noo, Zeref refuses to listen to counsel as always.”

Legal council,” Anna reminded her, popping the rest of her cupcake into her mouth. Eileen felt her lip curl in a sneer at the emphasis Anna put on the word.

“I have known the man for almost a decade,” Eileen spat.

“And I have known him since he was a child.” Anna said, “helping him search through the orphanages for his lost brother only a few months old when Zeref was already ten or twelve. Or do you think I would take in five children of my own will?”

“Seeing as how you abandoned your actual blood niece I suppose not,” Eileen said dryly, conceding to Anna’s hard glare. Eileen much preferred when the cold steel entered her boring brown eyes than the usual vacant joy. “How long was it until you dropped Natsu off with Igneel anyway?”

“I had him for a few years, but you know boys, so gross and icky as they grow up.” Anna said. Zeref had been very displeased with Anna at giving away his thirteen year-old brother, which meant Eileen had enjoyed the few months of bliss where Anna wasn’t able to do no wrong. Nothing felt better than watching others fail.

“You finally have an empty nest now,” Eileen hummed. Natsu had gone off with Igneel, Gajeel to Metallicana, Sting and Rogue to those disgusting saps  Weisslogia and Skiadrum, and finally Wendy had moved in with Grandine. It was exhausting keeping track on these useless children, but Eileen liked to make sure she knew everything about everyone that interacted with her daughter. 

“Not quite yet,” Anna said, wagging her finger at Eileen. Eileen wanted to break it, but focused on her breathing instead.

“Wendy has moved in with Grandine now that her tours are over in wherever this stupid country is fighting against.” Eileen said sharply. 

“What?” Anna asked, hurt clouding her eyes as she looked at her empty plate. 

“For two and a half months,” Eileen said snidely, a pleasant feeling growing in her chest as she watched Anna finally understand what had happened. Served her right for being so damn naive. “And now what you see what I mean about children being so fucking ungrateful? Look at all we do for them, and this is how they repay us! Leading their own lives as if they don’t owe us those lives.”

Eileen swung her hand out in agitation, spilling the coffee across the table. She sighed standing up and grabbing her case. She was due in court in an hour and half, some stupid reporter putting their nose where it shouldn’t be and trying to ‘expose’ Alvarez production. As if they were any match for Eileen’s tongue. “C’mon,” she said, not looking at the still pouting Anna, “let’s go see if we can convince that little brat how good you were to her.”

Eileen snarled when Anna beamed up at her, grumbling but not shaking Anna off as she slung her arm around Eileen’s elbow. Satisfaction curled in her chest, easing her need to kick something when she saw the waitress hurry to their table with a rag and step in a puddle of the liquid.

building a family

summary: snow isn’t always the best medium. sometimes it is.
prompt: snowmen
also read on: ao3 // ffn

words by: @ahumanintraining // art by: @cheer-chan

Making a snowcat was harder than Jellal thought it would be.

After more than forty minutes of making four perfectly shaped and sized cylinders for legs that were probably too thick for a snow sculpture cat (especially in representing their cat, Scrubs), Jellal attempted to balance a long oval-shaped snow chunk onto the four legs to create some sort of a body. He squatted, slowly and steadily transferring the weight from the snowcat’s body to its legs.

Finally, once he felt ready to let gravity determine fate, he let go, standing up and backing his hands away from the entire structure.

And by some sheer miracle, the entire thing stayed.

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So Late - Two

Rating: M

Summary: Jellal regrets the invitation the instant he says it but not enough to rescind. When she ends the call abruptly, he isn’t sure what she’ll do. His words hang in the air in front of him. Guilt. Shame. Self-loathing. He feels them all.

Note: This is a story about cheating. If that’s not your jam, don’t come to this party. I wasn’t planning on expanding this ever but I’m in A Mood ™. I don’t know if there will be more.

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I Won't Cry For Yesterday (Jerza/Stingue) (Modern AU)

“This is Minerva Orlando.” Mirajane smiled, turning the paper around for Erza and Jellal to see.

A girl, with long black hair and green eyes. She didn’t smile in the picture, didn’t even attempt to look nice. She was pretty, definitely, but that was the nicest thing about her.

Erza was already in love with her.

“She came from an abusive home…her mother died when she was 2 and her father is an alcoholic.We wouldn’t put her in a home with anyone on her father’s side of the family and we couldn’t trace anyone on her mother’s side.”

“She’s beautiful,” Erza blurted out. Jellal smiled fondly at his wife, before turning back to Mirajane. “We get to take her home?”

“Yes, in just a few days, too. I think she’ll learn to like it with you all.”

“I certainly hope so.” Jellal nudged Erza, who was still staring at the picture in awe. “Erza? Hello?”

Erza blinked, turning to Jellal. “We need..we should make sur the room is clean…clean up around the house…”

“Erza, dear, we already-”

Erza stood up abruptly, grabbing Jellal’s arm and tugging him up as well. Mirajane giggled. “Go ahead, do whatever is needed. I’ll call you soon.”

“Thank you.” Jellal sent Mirajane an apologetic smile as Erza dragged him out of the office.

The next two days were spent mainly with Erza and Jellal bustling around their house, trying to triple-check and make sure everything was exactly the way it should be, and going grocery shopping twice to make sure they got things a child would like to eat. (Even though Jellal assured Erza that even a child would have to be silly to not enjoy her food.)

When they finally brought Minerva home, she was quiet. Very quiet. And she glared at everything. Even the neighbor’s cute new puppy (it nearly brought Jellal to tears).

When they got inside, Erza watched Minerva, slightly nervous. “I-I hope you’ll like it here, Minerva. Even if you don’t stay very long, I’m happy you-”

“Where’s my room?”

Erza blinked. “I-I’m sorry?”

“My room. Where is it?”


Jellal took over, walking up to Minerva and beckoning her to follow him. “It’s just down this hall. Come on.”

Minerva huffed, following him down the hall.

When Jellal returned, he gave Erza a smile, patting her shoulder. “It’s just new to her. She’ll adapt.”

“…Are you sure? She looks so unhappy…”

“Well, you would too, in her shoes. She’ll get better, I promise. You’ll be the best foster mother to ever walk the planet.”


Things did get better, over time. Minerva stopped leaving the table at dinner to go to bed halfway. She sat in the living room and watched TV with Jellal and Erza on Saturday afternoons. She still didn’t smile, but she definitely seemed happier.

She had been with them for almost five months when they got a call from Mirajane. Erza didn’t answer the first time, terrified that they might have found someone suitable to raise Minerva in her family, that she may get taken away.

But that was not the case. Not at all.

Jellal walked into the room just in time to see Erza’s jaw try to take a dive to the floor.

“Y-you what?”

Jellal frowned, about to open his mouth to ask what the matter was, but Erza held up her hand, signaling for him to wait. “Y-yes, of course! We’ll be over first thing in the morning!” She hung up the phone, turning to Jellal with a sparkle in her eyes.

“They have another kid for us.”


Sting was very different from Minerva. Very different. He was quiet too, but not nearly as quiet. When they said hello, he had opened his mouth to respond, only to burst into tears, throwing himself at Jellal, who caught him with a surprised look, and they spent the next fifteen minutes trying to comfort him before bringing him home.

“Sting’s father died in a car accident,” Mirajane had said. “Sting was in the car with him, but was uninjured. It was still quite a traumatic experience for a seven year old.”

Erza frowned, looking at the boy who hadn’t let go of Jellal yet, still sniffling quietly. Sting had been adopted, and didn’t have a mother. He wasn’t used to what it was like…or what it could be like. It had always been just him and his father.

“It’s alright,” Jellal said while they sat in their room after dinner, curled up in the bed. “He’ll get used to it. At least he’s sociable, you remember how Minerva was.”

:”She’s still that way…you said she’d get better, too.”

“And she has. She’s improved a lot, you know that. Her mother died when she was still very little too, so technically she didn’t have one, either. And she likes you better than she likes me.”

Erza sighed, flopping down against the sheets. “I sure hope you’re right…”

Jellal chuckled, brushing her hair out of her face and planting a kiss onto her forehead. “Of course I’m right. I’m always right.”

“Don’t get too cocky, Fernandez.”

“Miss Scarlet, I couldn’t possibly know what you’re talking about.”


Minerva hadn’t come out of her room to go see Sting the night before (it had been one of her moodier days, she still got those a lot), so she came downstairs that morning for breakfast.

She was sure she was gonna hate…him? She thought she overheard Jellal saying something about a little boy…whatever. If he thought he could take her place, he was dead wrong.

Jellal smiled warmly at her when she came downstairs from where he was sitting on the couch. “Morning, Minerva. Sleep well?”

Minerva shrugged. “Yeah, sure.”

“Good. Erza’s almost finished with breakfast, go sit at the table.”

Minerva turned to leave, before hesitating. “Is the kid up yet?”

“Hm? Oh, Sting? No, he’s not awake yet. Ms. Strauss said I would probably have to wake him up…he’d feel less scared that way.”

“Scared of what?”

“Not sure. Go on into the kitchen, I’ll go get him.”

“Sure, whatever.” Minerva turned, disappearing into the kitchen.

Jellal shook his head, getting up and going upstairs to the room Sting was staying in, slowly opening the door and going inside.

Sting had curled up under the sheets, the stuffed dog Jellal gave him (the one he slept with many nights himself as a child) hooked under his arm and pulled close to him.

Jellal smiled, sitting on the edge of the bed. He looked so peaceful…especially to have been through so much in his short life. Jellal was almost reluctant to wake him up. Nonetheless, he reached down and shook Sting’s shoulder gently.

“Time to get up, Sting. Breakfast time.”

Sting yawned, not opening his eyes. “…Daddy…?”

Jellal felt his heart sink a bit for the boy. “No, sweetheart, it’s Jellal. Remember?”

Sting nodded, sitting up and rubbing his eyes sleepily, grabbing onto Jellal’s shirt sleeve. “Can I call you Daddy?”

Jellal’s eyes widened in surprise. “O-oh..uh…of course you can, if…if you want to…”

“Mkay….” Sting looked up at him, a goofy grin plastered onto his face. “I’m hungry.”

Jellal smiled. “Good. Erza made pancakes. Oh, and Minerva is awake. You’ll get to meet her, too.”

Sting’s face scrunched in confusion. “Minerva?”

“She’s the little girl who came to stay with us awhile ago. You’ll like her. Maybe you two can play together. Would you like that?”

Sting nodded excitedly. “Yeah! Okay!”

“Alright, come on.” Jellal lifted the boy off the bed. “Let’s go eat.”

Erza smiled when they entered the kitchen. “Hello, Sting. Ready to eat?”

Sting nodded, but his eyes had wandered over to the table, where Minerva sat. She glanced up at him, but turned back to her book.

Jellal set Sting down. “This is Sting. He’ll be staying with us for awhile.”

Sting’s cheeks turned pink, and he gave Minerva a sheepish smile. “H-hi.”

Minerva stared at him for a moment, eyes narrowed, before grinning, just a bit. “Hey, kid.”

Erza turned to Jellal, a ‘did that just happen?!’ look on both of their faces.


Sting and Minerva got along better than Erza or Jellal had anticipated. Many days were spent with the two of them chatting animatedly, about anything. Minerva actually smiled when she talked to Sting, and even though she pretended it wasn’t a big deal, it was obvious that having Sting around was a very good thing for her, and for Sting, too. He followed her around like a puppy, and she loved it, even if she pretended to be annoyed.

Another 4 months passed, and ANOTHER little girl came to live with them, Yukino Aguria. She was more like Sting, quiet and shy, but she was MUCH shyer than Sting. She had an almost permanent blush on her face and was nervous most of the time.

“Her parents died not too long ago. She and her sister had been staying with a neighbor, they didn’t have the proper means to take care of a child. She doesn’t seem very affected by it, but that’s just our observation. More of her nervousness comes from being bullied constantly, by children at her school AND her older sister.”

Erza frowned. “She has a sister?”

“Yes…she was a different case entirely. She had to be taken to a different care system…and it was probably best for Yukino to be separated from her, anyways. At least for a while.”

Yukino never spoke about her sister. She did talk, however, after much coaxing from Sting, how was overjoyed that there was yet ANOTHER kid in the house, and that Yukino was even younger than he was, given that Minerva was three years older. The three of them got along perfectly fine, and everything was pleasant, and CALM, for another three years.

And then things got interesting.


“His name is Rogue. He’s three months younger than Sting.”

“He looks sweet,” Erza replied. “I’m sure he’ll fit in well.”

Mirajane bit her lip. “That’s the thing…see, I wanted to see how well you’d handle a different kind of child…and how well you could manage things with the other children, as well.”

Jellal frowned. “A ‘different’ kind of child?”

“Yes…a mentally ill child, to be specific. Rogue is schizophrenic.”

Erza gasped. “Oh, my…”

“It’s not severe. Not at all. It was hereditary, his mother had it as well. She died not too long ago…she was extremely sick. Influenza, I believe.”

“O-oh…I see…and his father…?”

“He was…abusive. Nothing like Minerva’s father, but nonetheless, abusive. Until he disappeared, no one is sure exactly where he went or when he left.”

Erza bit her lip. “H-how…does he…how does he act…?”

“Like a normal ten and a half year old boy, given the situation. Sometimes he’ll say something that doesn’t make sense, and he has nightmares a lot…but he’s a very kind little boy, I assure you. He’s just scared…is this something you two need to talk about?”

Jellal nodded, squeezing Erza’s hand. “Yes, not just for the two of us…we need to talk to the kids as well.”

“I-I agree with Jellal…we’ll talk about it over dinner tonight and call you tomorrow?”

Mirajane nodded, smiling. “Yes, of course. And please, be open minded about it. I wouldn’t have asked you two if I thought you couldn’t do it.”

“Of course…thank you.” They shook hands with Mirajane, said goodbye, and left the agency.


“Oh, someone new? That sounds very exciting!” Yukino smiled enthusiastically.

“Yeah, totally! And it’s another boy, too? Awesome! I’m tired of girls!”

Minerva rolled her eyes at Sting, turning back to Jellal and Erza. “Why are you asking us, anyways? You’ve never done it before.”

Erza sighed. “Well…that’s why I said we needed to talk at dinner. Rogue has a disease called schizophrenia…do any of you know what that is?”

Yukino and Sting shook their heads, but Minerva nodded. “It’s where you see and hear things that aren’t real, right?”

“…More or less. He’s just like you three, he just may see or hear things that you don’t sometimes.”

Sting tilted his head to the side, frowning. “Like a superpower?”

“…Sure. Like a superpower.”

“Cool! He’s like an X-man!”

“It’s different from that, stupid.”

Jellal gave Minerva a look. “Don’t call your brother stupid. What do you guys think? You’d probably have to be a bit quieter…and you can’t all crowd around him when you guys meet. He might be a bit scared when he gets here, so you’ll have to give him space if he asks. Can you do that?”

All three kids nodded, and Yukino added, “I don’t mind if he’s different. He can still be our friend.”

“Yeah! Superpowers are cool!”

“It’s not a…whatever. I don’t mind. I don’t go out of my room much anyways.”

Jellal nodded, turning to Erza. “Alright…the two of us still need to talk this over, but we’re glad you guys are optimistic about this.”

“Sure, no problem. Just tell us what happens.”


After a lot of discussion, both with each other AND with Mirajane, they decided to take Rogue in.

He was silent, he didn’t say so much as two words in the first three days after her got there. He stayed in his room and drew in the small sketchbook Jellal got him (Mirajane said he liked to draw because it kept his mind busy).

Sting was in the worst mood of all the kids because of it.

“He never leaves the room and he won’t talk to us! He’s boring!”

Jellal sighed. “You didn’t talk much when you first got here, either. Just give him time to get used to us. You wanna go see if he wants dinner?”

Sting nodded, rushing upstairs and throwing the door to the bedroom open. “Hey! Rogue!”

Rogue jumped in surprise, whirling around. Sting blushed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Sorry…I didn’t mean to scare ya. Dad asked if you wanted dinner…”

Rogue shook his head slowly, going back to sketching.

Sting groaned inwardly, going further into the room and leaning over Rogue’s shoulder. “Whatcha drawing?”

Rogue shrugged, not looking up.

Sting huffed. “Are you ever gonna talk? Because Yukino thinks you don’t like us. And it’s rude to ignore people.”

Rogue’s hand froze for a moment, before he began sketching again, not responding.

Sting finally snapped, yanking the sketchbook away from Rogue. “Would you just listen?!”

Rogue jumped again, scrambling back against the headboard, eyes locked on the sketchbook.

“G-give…give it back…” he whispered, voice shaking.

“Oh, so you CAN talk! Why won’t you come talk to us, then?”

Rogue growled, sitting up and glaring at Sting, fists clenched. “Give me my fucking notebook before I punch you.”

Sting went rigid, shocked. He knew that was not a nice word to say and Erza had nearly fainted when Minerva said it. He was also shocked (and slightly scared) by the look Rogue was giving him.

“U-uh…here…” he shakily handed it back to Rogue, you snatched it and went back to sketching, pencil dragging furiously over the paper.

“S-sorry,” Sting muttered under his breath, turning and fleeing the room.


“Woah, he actually talked?” Minerva rolled onto her stomach, dropping her book onto the bed.

Sting nodded. “Yeah! I mean, he said a bad word, but he still actually said SOMETHING.”

Yukino frowned. “Why did he say a bad word…?”

Sting bit his lip. “Uh…I kinda snatched his sketchbook away from him…?”

Yukino gave Sting a disappointed look. “We’re supposed to be nice to him, Sting!”

“Yeah, yeah, I know…”

Minerva shook her head. “More importantly then that, he could’ve had a totally different response. He could’ve freaked out. And what if he actually HAD punched you?”

“Okay, okay! So I should’ve been nicer, I get it!”

Yukino sighed. “Well…maybe he doesn’t hate us? I could try to talk to him…?”

Minerva frowned. “He might hurt you. We should tell Erza and Jellal what he said…”

Sting shook his head violently. “No! Don’t do that!”

“Why? Scared you’ll get in trouble?”

“No! Well, that too, but…it was my fault, anyways. They might send him back…and we want to be his friend, right?”

“I don’t care about being his friend.”

Yukino shrugged, staring at the bedsheets. “I wanna be his friend…”

“Exactly! Besides, he’d hate me forever if we did that…he’s already mad at me.”

Minerva sighed. “…Whatever. But if he threatens one of you again I’m telling Erza. We don’t need him around if he might hurt us.”

Sting bit his lip, staring at the ground. He sincerely hoped it wouldn’t happen again…he already had made Rogue mad at him, he didn’t want Rogue to hate him. And he’d never be able to forgive himself if he got Rogue sent back to the foster system.


Jellal rubbed his face, turning away from the door to the kids room and facing Erza. “…Well? How do we handle this?”

Erza shook her head. “We have to punish Sting…but what should we do about Rogue…?”

“I figured punishing Sting was a given. I was referring to Rogue as well.”

“Maybe…maybe we can talk to him? Hope he’ll talk to us? I hate that he’s shutting us out…I can’t do anything to help him that way.”

“…Should we talk to Mira?”

Erza froze. “We can’t…we can’t do that. She might take him…”

“Over a dispute between kids? We’ve dealt with that before.”

“Jellal, Rogue is different. You know that as well as I do…”

“I know he is a ten year old boy with a damaged past, but all of these kids had broken pasts. And we’ve made it through their problems just fine. We can get through this as well…I just want to know if this may be an issue. If he’s threatening to harm one of the others he might actually do it…”

“Mirajane said he wasn’t violent.”

“She also said he never spoke. He seemed to have quite a lot to say to Sting.”

“Sting crossed a line! He shouldn’t have done what he did!”

“He’s a child. He makes mistakes.”

“Rogue is YOUNGER than Sting! He can make mistakes too!”

Jellal shook his head, holding up his hands in surrender. “Let’s not fight about it, alright? How about we just get some rest and talk to Sting in the morning…we can deal with Rogue later.

Erza sighed. “You’re right…you’re right. We’ll handle this later. Hopefully this was just a bad day…maybe it’s over now. Maybe we’ll be able to just move on from this.”

Jellal hoped so, too. And while they certainly moved on from that particular episode,it wasn’t over. This was just the beginning of a series.

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Besides, gray had UR (a saint position magician) teach him and went on adventures before going to ft at a young age, natsu was taught by a DRAGON and was a competitive child against gray and erza, erza was a child slave and was taught by rob and had to witness him die. All of them have experience with magic at a young age and went on many missions. Lucy had none of that. Lucy was basically a prodigy on a new journey, which kind says "protagonist "

yeah, lucy was actually damn powerful for a beginner. and let’s not forget that celestial spirit magic focuses more on the wizards ability to strategize and give orders, as opposed to their fighting prowess. lucy just prefers to fight along side them, because she’s an angel.

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I think I will stop whining about Erza seeming so over powered now that I know she's Eileen's daughter. It seems that no one realizes that Erza is the child of a dragon slayer. Surely a reasonable deduction can be made that she inherited some of the durability since that type of magic changes its users physical body. I like her as a character now that her level of power makes more sense.

Oh absolutely! I’ve always loved Erza myself, but I did feel like she was unfairly strong. It also makes sense that she could hold her own against a dragon slayer!! But I’m glad you like her now ^^ she’s a very lovable character!!

Irony (Chapter 3)

Gray is not ready to let his daughter start dating. Natsu, however, is more than ready to let his son.

Natsu had a good nose. He was proud of it. He could smell things from yards away, especially things he knew well. He could also tell when familiar scents were missing. So that night, when the normal aura in his home took a different turn, he knew it right away.

“Lucy,” He groaned at first, sitting up in his and Lucy’s bed. It was late at night, if not that then it was very early in the morning.

“Mmm?” She said sleepily. Since she was tense, she slept pretty lightly and could hear her husband’s distress through her half-awake state.

“Something’s wrong,” He was now fully awake, and he staggered out of the bed awfully quickly for someone who had only gotten roughly two hours of sleep. Lucy propped her head up in her right hand to see him better.

“Natsu, what is it?” She yawned.

“Something’s wrong,” He repeated, emphasizing the words. “It doesn’t feel right in this house.”


A small voice brought their attention over to the doorframe, where Jude stood with tears running down his face. Lucy snapped into her protective mode and physically shook herself awake.

“Sweetie, what is it?” She asked. The small boy looked troubled as he spoke, as if he were thinking very hard about each of the words before they actually came out of his mouth.

“I… I could not sleep.” He said. Natsu smiled in spite of himself when he saw how cute his kid was even when he was crying. Scooping up his son and bringing him over to Lucy on the bed, he tried to pry further into the beginnings of Jude’s story.

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I’m not in the best mood today so instead of taking it out on myself I’m going to incorporate my feelings into writing. I hope you all enjoy this angsty/fluffy fanfic.

Pairings: NaLu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza, whoever else I feel like putting in there

Summary: What was suppose to be the best day of his life turned out to be one of the worse.

Maybe trigger warning? I don’t know, read at own will.


He remembered the the day Lucy told him she was pregnant it had absolutely been the best day of his life. He was sitting on the couch watching a movie when she came out of the bathroom in all smiles and just kissed him. He looked at her with a confused expression until she put her hands on her lower abdomen and he immediately knew. He kissed her passionately before pulling her in the tightest embrace he ever had before.

They have been inseparable since that day.


“Lucy, be careful!” Natsu shouted in concern as he watched his wife of two years walk into the kitchen with her best friend Levy.

“Natsu stop being such a worry wart! The baby and I are fine!” She said back with a small smile on her face at the concern of her husband. Natsu just stared as she kept walking away, he huffed a breath and fell back on the couch.

“You need to calm down man. Lucy’s fine.” Gray told his friend while sipping on his beer. Gajeel snorted.

“Yeah its not like shes going to trip and fall on glass and cut her stomach.” Natsu’s face paled.

“LUCY!” Natsu shouted and tried to get up but Gajeel and Gray held him down. Juvia smacked the back of Gajeel’s head.

“What the hell was that for?” The black haired man said rubbing the now sore spot on the back of his head.

“Gajeel, you know already how worried Natsu is about Lucy and his child.” Erza scolded. “There is no need for your negative words.” Juvia nodded in agreement.

“Besides, Gajeel would be most upset if this happened to Levy.” The blue haired girl added on and Gajeel gritted his teeth knowing she was right. The four friends chatter was interrupted when they heard a crash from the kitchen.

“Lu-chan!” Natsu was in the kitchen in an instant followed by everyone else to see Lucy hunched over holding her stomach with a pained face.

“Lucy! Are you okay!?” Natsu said putting his hands on his wife’s shoulders. Lucy shook her head, unable to form words at the moment. Picking her up bridal style, Natsu took his wife to the nearest hospital.


“Mrs. Dragneel?” The eight in the room looked to the nurse who had just walked in the room. “It appears the baby is ready to come out.” Lucy’s brown eyes widened.

“I-Its too early though! He’s only six months!” She said putting protective hands on her plump stomach. The nurse shook her head.

“The baby is already having enough complications, if he stays in there any longer we’re fearing the worse.” She gave the family time to process what she had just said before continuing. “We are going to perform an emergency c-section in an hour. You may choose one person to be in there with you.” The nurse walked over to the crying blonde on the hospital bed. “I’m very sorry, but this is the best option.” She explained and walked out of the room. That was when Lucy broke into heart wrenching sobs while her husband held her tight. Levy and Juvia also held on to their husbands while Erza and Jellal stood silently by each other with their heads down.

“M-My baby…” Lucy said in between sobs. Natsu had his own tears running down his face, but he knew he had to be strong for Lucy’s sake.

“Everything’s going to be fine Luce. In a few hours, we’re going to have a healthy baby boy.” He said kissing the top of his wifes head out of comfort. Lucy just nodded trying to agree with her husband, no matter how hard it was.

Gray went up to his close friends and put a hand on the blonde’s shoulder. “We’ll all be here waiting for you guys too.” Juvia stepped beside her husband and gave a smile.

“Yeah Lu-chan! I can’t wait to meet my nephew!”

Erza smiled. “Neither can I.”
Lucy smiled through her tears. “You guys…”

Lucy knew with her husbands and friends support she could get through this.

After an hour of mindless chatter, the nurse came in and said it was time. Obviously, Lucy picked Natsu to be in the room with her. The nurse wheeled her away, Natsu walking closely beside them.


“Alright Mrs. Dragneel you’re not going to feel a thing.” The doctor explained and Lucy just nodded as she felt liquid go on her stomach. She looked to her husband who was beside her gripping her hand tightly. They made him dress up in scrubs so he wouldn’t get sick from the fumes. Lucy saw the doctor pick up a knife, but didn’t feel a thing.

After diligently working for about an hour, the couple looked up and heard crying.

The sight of their baby boy brought tears to the new parents eyes.

“Congratulations you two.” The doctor said cutting the umbilical cord and wiping off the residue. “Since the baby was born premature, we will have to do some tests on him to see if hes okay.”
“I can’t see my baby!?” The blonde shouted. Natsu rubbed circles on her back to try to calm her down.

“Mrs. Dragneel I know you can not tell but you’re not stitched up yet. Don’t worry, from what I can tell is your baby is healthy. It’s just for safety. You’ll see your child in a few minutes.” The doctor said and walked out the operating room doors.

“It’s okay Luce. You heard the doc, our baby’s fine. Ryu is fine.” He said, tears streaming from his eyes from fondness of his newborn son. Lucy couldn’t do anything as she fell back on the table, eyes shut.

“Luce?” Natsu said in concern as her skin was turning whiter by the second. “Lucy?” Natsu said again, this time fear in his voice. He looked to the frantic doctors. “Whats happening?!?!”

“She’s bleeding… she won’t stop bleeding!” The nurse said trying to sew up the long cut the doctor made to get their baby out. Natsu paled. Soon more doctors piled in the room.

“Mr. Dragneel I presume?” A new doctor that walked in called to him, he meekly nodded in response. “I’m going to need you to step out of the room until we stabilize your wife’s condition.”

“What’s going on with her?! She was just fine a few minutes ago!” He argued back with him.

“It seems the cut made to retrieve the baby was too deep and injured nicked some of your wife’s internal organs. We honestly had no idea how small your wife was.” Natsu’s eyes narrowed with anger.
“If she dies…”

“You have our word that we will do our best.” With that the doctor pushed Natsu out of the room. A few minutes later his friends came down and Natsu broke the news to them, crying just as hard as Lucy was earlier.

This was suppose to be the best day of his life, he was suppose to became a father. He was starting a family with a woman he loved more than life itself.

But now, that image of a perfect and happy family didn’t seem to exist.

After an hour of waiting, unknowing of what was happening, the doctor stepped out. Natsu stood. “Well?”

“Mr. Dragneel, we did all we could.” Natsu’s face paled, fearing the worse. “It was touch and go for awhile, but your wife is doing fine but she’s completely drugged up on painkillers. So be careful.” The doctor smiled when he seen tears of relief fall from the mans eyes. “You can go see your new family.” Natsu didn’t wait for the man to finish his sentence he was already in the room, and the sight before him made grin widely.

His wife was alive, holding their baby boy in her arms. Her eyes were trained and focused on him. Her finger was by his face, which he grabbed out of wonder. Natsu strolled over to his new family, kissing both of them. The trio didn’t notice their six friends standing by the door, extremely happy for the two. Natsu put an arm around his wife’s shoulders and another around his son.

And suddenly that image of a perfect and happy family was coming back.


I feel like this isn’t good and very rushed, but I needed to write some angst to make me feel better. And I know a lot of you like angst, lol. Hope you guys enjoy it! By the end of this story I was getting happy because I made the decision to graduate from high school early. Six more weeks of hell left! Have a great day ~