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A/N: Hey y’all! Hope you’re ready for a storm, cus hunny, itsa coming. Orginally this and the next chapter were going to be one part, but that would pobably be ~ 13k lol. 

Have fun with the angst!

Natsu Dragneel is just an ordinary 21 year old trying to get by on his craft’s business, keep his landlady off his ass, and grow his friendship with his new weird neighbour Lucy. Without revealing that he’s a witch. Or his cat can fly and talk. So maybe Natsu isn’t that normal. Things take a serious left turn for him when people from his past start showing up, and he and Lucy as well as some new -and old- friends travel across Fiore trying to find some answers. But the question is, will they be happy with what they find?

Wiccan!Natsu AU

Pairings: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 6027

Rating: M

Part: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve, Part Thirteen, Part Fourteen,Part Fifteen, Part Sixteen, Part Seventeen, Part Eighteen, Part Nineteen, Part Twenty, Part Twenty One, Part Twenty Two, Part Twenty Three, Part Twenty Four, Part Twenty Five

Natsu started and looked up from the spell book he’d been reading when a mug was placed in front of his nose. The creamy scent of chocolate rose from it, a hint of coffee letting him know Lucy had made him his new favourite concoction. Even if she complained about putting the chili flakes in it after snorting one by accident.

“Don’t work yourself so hard Natsu. I’m sure a stronger protection spell will come to you while my apartment is being fixed. Break-ins are covered under Renters Insurance, even if she doesn’t know where the burn marks came from.”

Natsu curled in on himself, guilt tight under his ribs. Her hands massaged his shoulders, gentle and kind in their touch. Not that Natsu deserved it. While Lucy thought she had caught him looking for stronger protection spells for Lucy’s apartment, he had actually been looking through old tracking spells.

Blood magic, if he was being specific. Igneel had one book on it, but Natsu had never needed much guidance. One or two drops were all he needed, and he did it more through instinct and what he supposed was repressed memory. Memories that he now needed to rely on if he wanted to find his dead-man of a brother.

He rubbed at his face, closing the book. He leaned into the undeserved touches Lucy graced him with, drinking her in while he could.

“Thanks Luce. At least now we have an actual reason to be livin’ together.” He gave her a tired grin as he looked up at her, bun squishing into her underboob. Both had assumed that she would be joining him for the few weeks that her apartment was fixed, a waterline apparently having been hit behind the bookshelves, which they used to explain away the soaked floors. Gray had thrown a fit when Lucy had moved her more valuable things into Natsu’s room, starting a fight when Natsu had explained that it wasn’t like it was the first time they shared a bed.

Lucy had not been impressed with him. Natsu had thought the fight with Ice Dick had helped release some left over adrenaline. He had felt better, anyway.

“Come to bed.” She whispered into his hair, kissing him softly where her lips pressed against him.

“It’s not that late, is it?” Natsu asked, closing his eyes. Lucy snorted, pulling back to take his hair out from the messy bun he had thrown it into hours earlier. Her nails raked along his scalp, soothing him even as her obvious love for him tore at his guilt. Guilt at having to leave or the danger he put her in by staying, Natsu didn’t have the mental energy to dissect.

“Natsu, it’s one am,” Lucy said dryly.

“Sorry,” Natsu mumbled. He twisted in his chair, winding his arms around her stomach as he nuzzled her bare skin. She had taken to sleeping in a sports bra and a pair of his boxers after a shower, and Natsu would willing cut off his left pinky to keep her in the outfit. With a groan he stood, keeping his hold on her middle as he did so. Lucy squeaked, swatting at his shoulder as she wrapped her legs around his waist, settling into his hold as he walked from the desk to the bed. He dropped Lucy in the mattress, shooing away some ceramic dragons that had nested in his and Lucy’s pillows. They had been more active lately, drawn to Lucy and perching on her shoulders.

Lucy said he had neglected them. Natsu silently thought it was his magic manifesting his love of Lucy through his previous creations. Lucy cooed as a particular red dragon circled her head before flying away with its siblings, nipping at Natsu’s ear fondly as it flew past.

“You guys are horrible.” Came a high complaint, Happy glaring at the pair where he had settled underneath the blanket. The only thing worse than waking a tired Happy was having no fish for a hungry one, and Natsu gave him the appropriate head rubs in compensation for disturbing the bed. With a purr Happy moved from his spot, rubbing himself along Lucy’s arm and body as he moved to the foot of the bed. He had learned that if he tried to sleep between them it often created a Happy sandwich as Natsu and Lucy moved to hold each other in their sleep.

Natsu and Lucy settled into bed, Natsu shucking his sweats and tank top, scarf placed gently on the nightstand.

He paused. “What about my drink?” Lucy rolled her eyes again, lifting the blankets for him to join her.

“Heat it in the morning,” she suggested as she laid her head on his chest.

“But you made it for me.” Natsu said, wrapping one arm around Lucy in a tight hold. He felt Lucy smile against his skin at his contradictory motion, and he grinned against her forehead in return.

“And you went through each of the books that were destroyed and tried to restore them.”

“Not like it worked.” Natsu grumbled, pouting as he rested his chin on Lucy’s head.

“But I appreciate the effort,” Lucy hummed, settling further against him and slipping her leg between his, like a clingy octopus. Natsu didn’t think that analogy would make Lucy smile as hard as it was making him, but he considered voicing it a few seconds longer than he probably should have anyway.

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"Maybe I'm just crazy" Annaleen? 💓💓💓💓💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗

What We’re Owed

Pairing: Annaleen

Word Count: 1078

A/N; Sorry this was so late, I hope you enjoy it! 

“Maybe I’m just crazy,” Eileen sighed, stirring her cup of coffee with her spoon as she watched the cream meld with the black liquid, “but shouldn’t children be grateful for their parents bringing them into the world? I could have just as easily gotten rid of the brat, and how does she repay the hell she put me through? Following her heart? What kind of bullshit did that stupid old man fill her head with.”

“I don’t know,” Anna sighed. Eileen’s eye twitched at the annoying sound, fighting the urge to throw the steaming coffee on her friend’s face. Ha, friend. She had been spending too much time with the damn ball of sunshine and teddy bares. Both things that Eileen thought were far too overrated and unnecessary, much like the woman she was comparing them too. “I think Wendy knows what she owes me for taking her in. She’s always leaving me these adorable presents and sweet notes. She’s not my favourite for nothing.”

“And when was the last time you saw Wendy?” Eileen asked, voice dripping with sarcastic sweetness.

“Hmm,” Anna said, leaning back in her chair as she thought. The afternoon sun made her pale blonde hair glint, tip of her ponytail falling over her shoulder, purple icing smudged on her lip from her half eaten cupcake. “A week or two ago, I think? She made dinner for me the night I had that big presentation due!”

“Anna that was two and a half months ago,” Eileen said flatly, rolling her eyes at Anna’s shocked expression. “And didn’t she put lemon in the chicken? You know, the only fruit you’re allergic to?”

“Oh, she didn’t mean to! And the hives went down right away,” Anna smiled. Eileen wished Wendy had shoved an entire lemon down Anna’s throat instead of just spiking the chicken. She had to admit though, the kid could be ruthless when she wanted to be, which was better than her own wasted potential of a child. 

Regardless, they were spending far too much time not talking about Eileen. 

“Can you believe that Erza would rather be a teacher than follow my lead as a lawyer? All that genetic material wasted by that damn conscious of hers,” Eileen’s lip curled at the thought. Why would she ever lower herself to help others? If anything, they should be begging to help her. Just like Erza should, seeing as she failed her original purpose of keeping her father under Eileen’s control. While he was a stupid and cruel man, he had been hers, and Eileen would rather see the thing dead than lose control of what belonged to her. 

“Makarov has always been a strong believer in those things,” Anna admitted. Her nose scrunched like a kitten when she tried to pick all the pink sprinkles off the remaining half of her cupcake. Eileen hated kittens. Ironically, Anna hated pink. Weren’t they such a lovely pair. Eileen scoffed at her own thoughts before speaking. 

“I can’t believe she fell into the one fucking orphanage that won’t sell to Alvarez after the incident at the Tower,” Eileen sighed, stirring her coffee more violently as irritation built under her skin. “I told him mixing ages would lead to those vermin getting ideas but noo, Zeref refuses to listen to counsel as always.”

Legal council,” Anna reminded her, popping the rest of her cupcake into her mouth. Eileen felt her lip curl in a sneer at the emphasis Anna put on the word.

“I have known the man for almost a decade,” Eileen spat.

“And I have known him since he was a child.” Anna said, “helping him search through the orphanages for his lost brother only a few months old when Zeref was already ten or twelve. Or do you think I would take in five children of my own will?”

“Seeing as how you abandoned your actual blood niece I suppose not,” Eileen said dryly, conceding to Anna’s hard glare. Eileen much preferred when the cold steel entered her boring brown eyes than the usual vacant joy. “How long was it until you dropped Natsu off with Igneel anyway?”

“I had him for a few years, but you know boys, so gross and icky as they grow up.” Anna said. Zeref had been very displeased with Anna at giving away his thirteen year-old brother, which meant Eileen had enjoyed the few months of bliss where Anna wasn’t able to do no wrong. Nothing felt better than watching others fail.

“You finally have an empty nest now,” Eileen hummed. Natsu had gone off with Igneel, Gajeel to Metallicana, Sting and Rogue to those disgusting saps  Weisslogia and Skiadrum, and finally Wendy had moved in with Grandine. It was exhausting keeping track on these useless children, but Eileen liked to make sure she knew everything about everyone that interacted with her daughter. 

“Not quite yet,” Anna said, wagging her finger at Eileen. Eileen wanted to break it, but focused on her breathing instead.

“Wendy has moved in with Grandine now that her tours are over in wherever this stupid country is fighting against.” Eileen said sharply. 

“What?” Anna asked, hurt clouding her eyes as she looked at her empty plate. 

“For two and a half months,” Eileen said snidely, a pleasant feeling growing in her chest as she watched Anna finally understand what had happened. Served her right for being so damn naive. “And now what you see what I mean about children being so fucking ungrateful? Look at all we do for them, and this is how they repay us! Leading their own lives as if they don’t owe us those lives.”

Eileen swung her hand out in agitation, spilling the coffee across the table. She sighed standing up and grabbing her case. She was due in court in an hour and half, some stupid reporter putting their nose where it shouldn’t be and trying to ‘expose’ Alvarez production. As if they were any match for Eileen’s tongue. “C’mon,” she said, not looking at the still pouting Anna, “let’s go see if we can convince that little brat how good you were to her.”

Eileen snarled when Anna beamed up at her, grumbling but not shaking Anna off as she slung her arm around Eileen’s elbow. Satisfaction curled in her chest, easing her need to kick something when she saw the waitress hurry to their table with a rag and step in a puddle of the liquid.

Juvia Lockser and her son, Haru Headcanons. [Slight HaruxLuna (NaLu's daughter)] 

Juvia is literally the most understanding mother. She has a healthy involvement in her son, Haru’s life. She understands that Gray is an amazing guy but he is not very emotionally open. So tries her best to raise Haru as a boy well-versed in magic and emotionally understanding. 

Juvia cannot bear to see Haru hurt. She cries even if there is a scratch on his skin, on which Gray comments, ‘Damn she didn’t cry this much for me even.’

Haru and Juvia have the same eyes. Gray often smiles thinking about how much innocent do they both look just because of their eyes. 

Gray and Juvia enroll Haru in a normal school when he’s 5, as he has nothing creative to do at home but he was still too young to start learning magic, according to Erza. Juvia and Gray know better than disagreeing. Juvia is amazing at mathematics, and so is Haru. He pursued mathematics even after graduating from his school. Apart from excelling in magic, he excels in calculus as well. 

Haru joined Fairy Tail as an official member when he was 12. Juvia helped him train tremendously. Although he has a fairly good grip on his parents’ magic styles, his forte is Thunder Make magic. He took help of Uncle Laxus, and developed this style on his own. 

Everyone thought Mira and Freed threw extravagant parties for their children’s birthdays, until they saw Juvia’s. She, simply cannot be compared. 

Haru remembers Juvia’s birthday better than Gray does. He always makes his mother a special breakfast, and buys her favorite flowers, blue heart lilies for her. 

Juvia understands her son’s affection for Natsu and Lucy’s daughter, Luna when, he is oblivious of it himself. Juvia often encouraged him and sent him to multiple jobs with Luna Dragneel, until one day he came home and blurted, ‘I don’t why, mom, but I really like Luna. She’s so beautiful.’

Haru is a very kind child. Luna, being the blood of her parents, is reckless as hell. Haru has never gotten angry on her when she enters his room through his window and always messes it up. This is something at which Gray and Juvia both secretly smile. 

Haru once tried braiding Luna’s hair. That was the only time someone touched Luna Drageel’s hair and remained alive. Also, the braid was beautiful, Luna and Lucy loved it alike. 

Surprisingly enough, Haru has taken after his father when it comes to cooking. Haru’s dishes are simply amazing, and the only one in his generation who can compare to his cooking skills is Mira’s daughter, Lynna. 

Gray often boasts about how he is the only mage with a negligible number of damage reparation bills in his name as a Fairy Tail mage, but Natsu brushes his claims aside saying that it is expected of Juvia’s son. 

Haru is a gentleman. He is mild-mannered and considerate. It took him literally 15 minutes to thaw a fumbling Natsu’s anger who was “obviously angry that his daughter chose that Ice Princess’s son, damn.”

Gray, on the other side, was ecstatic when he saw his 18 y/o son bring home his girlfriend, the very cheerful and warm Luna. Gray finds the girl 'more like Lucy’s daughter than Flame Brain’s.’ Gray finds her to be “extremely fun” as his own son is not fun to talk to. 

Juvia and Lucy sometimes go out for tea, because they just have to talk to someone about their children’s relationship and their husbands aren’t the best choice. 

Juvia and Haru often go on jobs together, more often than Gray and Haru do. Haru finds his mother to be the bravest and the kindest person he has ever met. She told him about her past and her former guild and how Gray helped her become a better person, but Haru holds everything she is now, is a result of her own choices because she struggled to become better and deep down her heart, she was always this kind and good. 

Out of all his parents’ friends, Haru likes Uncle Gajeel the most. Gajeel and Levy often took care of Haru as a baby together when Gray and Juvia went out for jobs. Even though he’s grown up now, Gajeel pays special attention to Haru, because he is Juvia’s son and he holds Juvia in great regard as she’s been a very special friend. 

Erza loves Haru just like his own son. Erza was told by the doctors that she would never be able to conceive a child. Disheartened, but she never let it show, except to Jellal but that was only once. Erza loves Luna, Haru, Lynna and everyone else, just as she’d have loved her own child. Erza shops clothes for him, and everyone says that Haru looks best in clothes that Aunt Erza buys him. 

Lucy and Haru get along amazingly well. Haru loves to read and Aunt Lucy has just the best collection. They spend hours talking about books and writers. Lucy is elated to have someone to give her books to, because she literally doesn’t expect Luna to ever read them. Haru is more of a friend than her daughter’s boyfriend to Lucy. Natsu often mentions it that the ladies of his place are more fond of Haru than Natsu. 

Uncle Jellal has a deep understanding of the land’s history, culture and politics. So Haru often sits with him to listen about his the diversity of Fiore and the prospective policies that could benefit Fiore. Knowing his past as well, Haru tells him the same thing he tells his mother that no matter what he did, deep down his heart, he was always good and kind. Jellal once remarked that Haru is the closest thing he has ever had to a son. 

building a family

summary: snow isn’t always the best medium. sometimes it is.
prompt: snowmen
also read on: ao3 // ffn

words by: @ahumanintraining // art by: @cheer-chan

Making a snowcat was harder than Jellal thought it would be.

After more than forty minutes of making four perfectly shaped and sized cylinders for legs that were probably too thick for a snow sculpture cat (especially in representing their cat, Scrubs), Jellal attempted to balance a long oval-shaped snow chunk onto the four legs to create some sort of a body. He squatted, slowly and steadily transferring the weight from the snowcat’s body to its legs.

Finally, once he felt ready to let gravity determine fate, he let go, standing up and backing his hands away from the entire structure.

And by some sheer miracle, the entire thing stayed.

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  • Natsu: *sidles up to Juvia* Hey there, babe~. You excited to see me, or do ya always smell sweet?
  • Lucy: ...
  • Happy: ...
  • Wendy: ...
  • Carla: ...
  • Erza: ...
  • Gray: Ummmmm...
  • Juvia: (`Д´) Natsu-saaan! Stop opening your mouth when Juvia is around!
  • Natsu: But I wanna knooow, Ju-chan! Gimme all your juicy secrets!
  • Juvia: T_T Whole Guild has had wrong idea about Juvia for months now.
  • Gray: He has to be doing this on purpose...
  • Lucy: I dunno... Natsu just lets things fly without thinking. That's his style.
  • Wendy: Can you please let go of my ears, Carla? I could still hear everything... ^^;
  • Carla: I have to at least try to save some of your tattered innocence, child...
  • Erza: *pout* Why can't Natsu ever compliment ME like that?
  • Lucy: You WANT him to possibly perv on you?!
  • Gray: This is Erza. Of course she would.
So Late - Two

Rating: M

Summary: Jellal regrets the invitation the instant he says it but not enough to rescind. When she ends the call abruptly, he isn’t sure what she’ll do. His words hang in the air in front of him. Guilt. Shame. Self-loathing. He feels them all.

Note: This is a story about cheating. If that’s not your jam, don’t come to this party. I wasn’t planning on expanding this ever but I’m in A Mood ™. I don’t know if there will be more.

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