Both Jellal and Erza often give really intimidating looks and are really scary:

And yet, a lot of times when they are around each other, they become such cute dorks:

I find this so adorable. ^.^

[Translation Update] FAIRY TAIL - DRAGON CRY -

Hiro Mashima’s coordination produce!!


Mashima-sensei drew a total of 200 pages for the movie version of the original name (Fairy Tail)…… It all started from here!! For the FT series 10th Anniversary Project, we will release the latest information quickly for the manga readers every week about the movie animation’s final result!!

BREAKING NEWS 01: This Spring, May 6th (Saturday) Opening!!
BREAKING NEWS 02: Mashima-sensei’s Key Visual Drawing completed!!

“That power, hope or destruction?”
Natsu’s half body is a dragon…… Those eyes, what is he feeling that dwells in that fist?! Look forward to the next report!!

BREAKING NEWS 03: Latest character settings is out!!
BREAKING NEWS 04: New characters of the movie version revealed!! (Sonia, Zash & Animus)

The rough painting drawn by Mashima (Nalu one), that scene will drive a lot of imagination!! The cast and staff that are earnestly making the movie version!!

T/N: I hope you enjoy this translation update about the 2nd movie >w<

also can i just say that out of literally everyone in Fairy Tail I hope that Erza gets her happy ending
im nalu trashhhh but cmon
Everyone in FT has been through something bad but Erza was literally a slave as a child, her man got fucking possessed when they were finally able to escape, years later that comes back to haunt her on the Tower of Heaven, forgot to mention that she lost Rob on the tower of heaven (that old guy she was close with), also when Jellal is finally back to being himself he gets fucking arrested and then when he’s out he lies and says he engaged bc he doesn’t feel like he can be with her bc of his sins, she lost Master Makarov, she found out her mom tried to use her body but then abandoned her and THEN watched her mom kill herself LIKE I SWEAR TO GOD JELLY YOU BETTER GET OVER YOUR SINS BC ERZA DESERVES HAPPINESS 

  • Random arrogant girl: So yeah, my boyfriend got me this really big diamond ring and a 3 new dresses~ Like he is the best. What did your boyfriends do for you?
  • Lucy: *reading a book* He ripped out a rainbow tree and send it by my house through the river when I was sick. He saved me from falling to my death. Gave me courage when all hope was lost. Beat two mages to win the Grand Magic Games after my humiliation and became a demon when he thought I was dead.
  • Juvia: *Creating a Gray doll* He accepted Juvia for who Juvia was without a second thought. Got shot by multiple lazers but luckily survived via time going back for a minute. Accepted the fact Juvia had to kill Gray-sama's father again and trained with Juvia for a year. Beat the one person who Gray-sama thought killed Juvia.
  • Levy: *studying He absorbed lightning to protect me, let me escape to fight two enemies to near death. Inhaled poisonous water to save me as well as poisonous particles. Sacrificed himself and confessed while doing so. Managed to stay alive and found me again.
  • Erza: *eating strawberry cake* Gave me my last name when I didn't have any. Got arrested on purpose to not give our guild any trouble. Gave me a jacket when I was fully naked on the winter streets. Destroyed an entire army of ships after seeing in the bad condition I was from the fight.
  • Girl: ...
Fairy Tail characters as the F.R.I.E.N.D.S cast:

Natsu:  Joey Tribbiani

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-hmm.. Pretty but dumb

- Heart of the group

- Always hungry 

Lucy: Rachel Green

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-Comes from riches 

Erza: Monica Geller

-Strong and beautiful 

- The much-needed Team Mom of the gang

- In charge

Gray: Ross Geller

-Insecure when it comes to relationships.

- A thinker from the heart


Mirajane: Phoebe Buffay

-A good soul that has been through a lot

- Kind until you mess with the ones she loves

-Had to become responsible at a young age.

Happy: Chandler Muriel Bing

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-The funniest 


- Tries to stop Natsu (Joey) from going through with his stupid ideas but sometimes ends up taking part.


Yay!This is  based some  of their character traits so both characters may not be exactly like each other.For those who love friends and fairy tail :) 

Jerza Kisses ^_^

1. The first one was the ambiguous Jerza kiss (Chapter 264):

2. The second one was the indirect Jerza kiss (Chapter 484):

3. The third one was the almost Jerza kiss (Chapter 529):

Now, everything that’s left is a proper Jerza kiss. I really hope it will happen soon after everything finally becomes peaceful and I truly believe it will, as it it basically foreshadowed by the three instances from above. ^-^

Jerza!!my art!

free time
Erza:There are a lot of cakes in the cafe~♪
Jellal:Erza…Do you want to eat all the desserts?