Yaay!!! After a bunch of months of having this work in “progress” I finally decided to finish it! I’m still a newbie with backgrounds but I guess there is nothing else to do but practice ^^u

This was inspired by one of the cover images of the k-drama “Hello my twenties” or “Age of youth”. In another note, I didn’t accommodate the girls according to the characters of HmT, I just went by the poses I liked for each of them. 

Reminder of Jellal’s Reaction When He Saw That Erza Was Really Injured

He first started sweating:

Then he started trembling with anger:

Then he gave probably the scariest look he had ever given:

Then he, who had been deeply affected by his past sins, was now willing to commit one more sin for Erza’s sake:

Then he began using his incredibly powerful magic:

And he gave another really frightening look:

Then, while giving one more terrifying look, he continued with his extremely destructive magic, defeating Neinhart right away:

In conclusion, if somebody injures Erza in front of him ever again, the situation certainly won’t have a good outcome for that person. ^-^