eryn amel

I thought you had superpowers, the way you pulled me back in every time I finally filled my veins with the conviction to leave this fortress. I never noticed the strings, that my movement was scripted. That when I forgave you, it was by design. You could make a horse believe it was a swan with the words you injected me with.

But I couldn’t keep telling myself I was protecting you when your pain only found light when I wished to break free. That your words of manipulation were as sincere as your intentions..

You only wanted me when you were in control. And those superpowers I thought you possessed were just acts of tantrums when you couldn’t have me your way.


“Manipulation”, Dae Lee (Daeizm)

— [inspired by the word given to me from Eryn Amel, agoldthatactuallystays ]

A part of my project #WordsFromSouls

Self confidence is a power house. I was fresh out the shower this morning checking off my mental to do list- and it keeps growing. And with the future I am building for my family, it will never stop growing. I’m coming for what we all deserve. Wellness. A healthy relationship with your situations. Mindfulness and self reflection. This personal introspection is your super power- it is your perfect for every situation, weapon. And I’ve been running at such a speed it’s been a while since I’ve slowed down and been thankful for what I see when I look in the mirror. Today I have my health, my mind and minimal bloat in sight. It’s the “little things” that I take in great stride. And today, I’m full of self reflection and proud of how far I’ve come –even with the never ending to do list reminding me how far I’ve got to go. #mombodappreciationpost

This body, my garden, the holiest of vessels- attached to me by muscle and resilience. This body, hasn’t always been a home to me. I haven’t always been comfortable with the “uncomfortable”. I haven’t always chosen my peace- and any time you opt out of our inner peace, you’re sitting front row to your self sabotage. I grew tired of wandering where the water doesn’t flow, tired of dancing for rain when I needed relocation. I needed to find a home inside of this skin- plant some seeds in her backyard and surround the whole estate in a fence of peace. To protect the blood that flows through my vines- my ancestors- beloved Egun, i needed to tend to my home so that you have a place to protect My steps, in no particular order but my own.
I’m here. Present. In love with myself and sharing of that. Open with that. Vulnerable as fuck over that. This body-these bag of bones God has made a home in… I have got to protect her. #honestwomanhood #effyourbeautystandards #brujaMa #bodyPosi