1750 hours, August 10th, 2545(Military Calendar) \ 037 Sionann System, Underneath Ceideht City, Planet Orin.


  “Move! Move! Disperse!” a voice rang out down the tunnel behind them accompanied by a growing bright light. Heavy thuds of footsteps quaking the metal beneath them.

   Sibil was in no shape to do what the voice wanted, her legs felt shattered into hundreds of pieces after the ceiling collapsed on them. It felt as though the cold had been feasting on her legs for some time to.

Eryn the stubborn boy, chose to stay with her. He was like his father in so many ways and he was only 3 years old.

   The light had gotten so close now she wasn’t sure if she was seeing “The Light” that everyone mentions when experiencing death.

   “We’ve got a non-combatant!” the man said kneeling down to her and Eryn. Her eyes adjusted to the soldier’s helmet light. She didn’t recognize his attire at first. Until she realized that he must be one of the Spartans that was being whispered about when everyone was together at Igo station.

   His armor smelled of welded metal and something she didn’t recognize but it was foul to her senses. The Spartan turned his gaze to Eryn, who was still tightly cradling her shoulder.

   “Hey pal you okay?” The Spartan asked pointing to Eryn, who nodded his head, mouth agape in awe.

   “What’s wrong with your mom?” He asked scooting himself closer to the 2 of them. It was then that the ungodly smell Sibil couldn’t put her finger on earlier came to her.

It was biofoam resting on scorched flesh. The Spartan was wounded, bits of dried biofoam soaked in blood were chipping off the sealed wound as he neared them.

   Eryn lifted himself up off the ground and pointed to her legs shivering from the cold and probably anxiety that was welling up inside him.

   “Gotcha.” The Spartan said giving Eryn an “OK” sign with his fingers.

   “Ma’am I’m going to pick you up.” He stated as he threw off the chunks of ceiling from her with ease. Eryn began to gasp in awe of the Spartan’s strength. The Spartan was colossal for a man. Perhaps the rumors of them being giant robots or cyborgs were partially true.

   “This isn’t good…” He remarked hovering his hand over her snapped legs and shook his head. He turned his attention back to behind him. She could hear him talk but he had switched off his helmet’s speakers so they couldn’t hear him.

   “I don’t know how right you are ma’am.” He paused. “So I won’t risk further hurting you for now.” He said pointing at her.

   “I..It’s just legs and p..pp.possibly my l..lleft hipbone.” Sibil coughed.

   “Are you sure? If one of your vertebrae is broken I would risk permanently paralyzing you if I lift you off the floor.” He asked with a terseness to his voice.

   “If t..that’s the case sssir…” She said pausing to cough.

   “Then I’d ra..rather live paralyzed then d..die in this dark tunnel to murderous aliens.” She said frowning at him.

   “Good point.” He said holding back his amusement. He proceeded to lift her off the ground, she did her best to bite away the screams she wanted to release, the pain in her legs vibrating up her entire spine as they slid across the floor. She and Eryn were soon in his left arm as he used his large gun as balance.

   “My name is Grant by the way, Petty Officer Grant.” He said looking at them. The only face she could find in his visor was the reflection of her’s and Eryn’s.

   “Eryn.” Eryn answered with a faint smile.

   “My is S.Si..Sibil.” She followed the cold stunting her speech.

   “Pleasure to meet you love.” He nodded. Just as he turned around his fellow Spartans were approaching them.

   “Tall, where are they?” One Spartan asked with 2 others behind him.

   “Right here sir.” Grant answered lifting his arm with the both of them as a shrug.

   “Can she walk?” the one in front asked. His voice was that of a very young man. Almost identical to her brother Ben’s.

   “Nup, Spear.” Grant replied. “Explosions on the surface must’ve brought the ceiling down on her lower half. Both legs are broken, possibly her left hip is gone to.” He finished shaking his head again. Spear approached them turning his helmet torch off.

   “We can’t carry you forever miss, we have thousands of Covenant following us, tearing through all of our blockades.” Spear said pointing back with his thumb.

   “You are leaving me one man short, and I need him.” He hissed with frustration.

   “Le..Leave me then! But take my son PLEASE!” She shouted losing her breath. She could tell that Spear was looking at her with perplexment. He turned to see what the others thought and they didn’t seem to object to the idea. The Spartan sighed.

   “I appreciate and admire that ma’am.” Spear turned to his Spartans and continued.

   “But I can’t in good conscience do that, Wasp! Go makeshift some splints for her.” Spear ordered.

   “Yes sir!” Wasp answered. The Spartan leapt down onto the rails of the light rail system. Then proceeded to rip a section of the rail off its bolts then breaking it in 2. Sibil shivered from realizing how much strength that Spartan would need in order to do that.

   The Spartan got back up onto the platform and pushed Spear out of the way.

   “Tall, put her down.” Wasp said with a hint of kindness.

   “Aye” Grant nodded kneeling once more and slowly moving Sibil out of his arms onto the ground while keeping Eryn in his possession.

   “We don’t have any medical supplies with us and I hope the rest of our forces are kilometers away from here by now.” Wasp said grabbing Sibil’s pants, a tinge of pain sprouting out from the Spartan’s touch.

   “So these splints will have to do.” She said ripping her pants up to her knees.

   “I’m sorry but I’m going to have to right your legs, This will be extremely painful.” She said. “Again I’m sorry. Tall please don’t let the child see.” Wasp asked looking back up at him.

   “Right.” Grant said turning himself around and holding Eryn’s head so that the boy’s curiosity didn’t misguide him into seeing his mother in such horrifying anguish.

   “Okay, on the count of 3 I’ll set them.” Wasp said. She counted down nodding her head each second until she wrenched both Sibil’s shins so hard the pain made her lose her hearing to a strange ringing.

Sibil felt as though she was screaming but couldn’t hear herself yowl. Her teeth clenching so hard they nearly crumbled in her mouth from the pressure of her jaws grinding together.

   She nearly passed out but she had experience with broken bones and pain before and so she got herself into a breathing exercise. By the time she consciously came to, the splints had been placed, her torn pants now being used as rope to tie the rail splints tight to her legs.

   “Great job ma’am.” Wasp said patting her on her shoulder.

   “They’re ready Spear, but I have to say if we don’t get her out of here, she will lose her legs to gangrene from the frostbite.” Wasp told Spear standing back up.

   “Understood Wasp, and here miss.” Spear stepped in front of her now and handed her a long section of rebar with some flag like cloth wrapped around the top for her to hold.

   “Ple..ase.. don’ttt  call me mm..a’am or miss.” Sibil stated. “Just call me Ss.sibil.”

   “Alright Sibil.” Spear nodded. “Think you can walk?” He asked cocking his head to the side. She motioned that she could and tried out the Spartans’ attempt at helping her move. Luckily the rail splints were sturdy enough to hold the weight from her. They did nothing for her hip though which still stabbed relentlessly.

   “Good.” Spear said looking back at the tunnel taking a moment for himself to think.

   “Do as we have been doing Quiver, keep her in front with you Tall while Ghost, Wasp and I will keep the Covenant busy down here okay?” Spear ordered pointing at him and Eryl.

   “Don’t worry Gary, she’ll be right.” Grant stated turning to Sibil. “Come on Sibil let’s leg it.” Sibil didn’t hesitate and pushed herself to walk at pace with Grant towards the supposed evac station.


I was holding off on posting this one but my sudden disappearance from art in general kinda called for something to be posted, I’m still working on this one as I’ll make a background and finish it all. This is a small side chapter in Quiver to Arrows where while retreating from a vicious covenant blitz the Spartans discover an abandoned mother and her son at one of the stations to their destination under Ceideht City. Not wanting to leave them to the hungry brutes that were right on their tail. They decide to carry the 2 civilians with them while holding the Covenant’s advance at bay.


Eryl of Aestry 3 by eclipse21
[Dollshe Bermann]

I'm Glad You Did

Request: May I please request a angsty/fluffy/rough-smutty Draco Malfoy x female reader please? I was thinking that the reader was trying to study for a test but Draco kept teasing/bothering her and then she was kinda angry but not really and then when she went to take the test she failed and got really angry/sad because/towards Draco and they end up in a fight and Draco has to make it up to her with ends up in her giving Draco really rough sex with nice fluffy aftercare plz? Thank you!

Pairing: Draco x Ravenclaw!reader

Warnings: smut

A/N: This is literally so fluffy, I don’t think I could make it any fluffier. Also, I solo loci every for the delay, I had a ton of homework, and extra activities as well. A Dan x reader should be coming out soon, but I am so sorry if it takes me longer, I’ve just got a lot going on right now. And don’t worry, I totally edited this! *cough coughnoididntcough cough

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Women of the Star Wars Universe: New Jedi Order

Alema Rar | Barratk’l | Cilghal | Daeshara’cor | Jaina Solo
Tekli | Leia Organa Solo | Madurrin | Mara Jade Skywalker | Lusa
Numa Rar | Octa Ramis | Saba Sebatyne | Thrynni Vae
Tresina Lobi | Tahiri Veila | Tenel Ka Djo | Kirana Ti | Tionne Solusar
T’ra Saa | Vima-Da-Boda | Eryl Besa | Allana Solo | Seha Dorvald

Insurance (from a near-cynic)

A word of warning
For the one who hasn’t been there:

Guard your heart
Take a piece of it before you plunge head on
And put it in a safe

Remember your code
No matter how long it takes
You will need it

When the pain scale reaches eleven
When the world you built starts crumbling into nothingness
When there are no more tears of joy
When it is better to walk away than staying put

Remember the piece you stored in the safe
Use it when you need to be reborn
Rebirth is a constant
For everything ends
Everything changes

Remember that piece
Use it when you need to rebuild
Start with a single intake of air
Then another
And another
One step at a time
One day at a time

A word of warning
For the one who hasn’t been there

Rose-colored glasses break
And everything will seem friable once they do
Your words,
Your heart,
Your soul,
Your sanity

Dusks and daybreaks will be the same
Dusks and daybreaks are the same
Sleeping will seem like a chore
Breathing will be a chore

Remember that piece you stored in the safe
The piece you kept before plunging head first

It is your starting point
It is your double back
It is the first chapter of your new book
The first line of your masterpiece
It is you.
Before being there.

~ 071414