I just?? love my whole party so much??

Too Many good things happened tonight but like, a few highlights:

  • @squeeneytodd‘s character busting out of his insecurity illusion by just yelling “NOPE!” at it until it dissolved
  • @astriiformes​‘ character Erwyn escaping from his illusion by having confidence in himself and his abilities!!
  • we determined that despite being in different rooms, squeeney and @skittlestew‘s characters both yelled “I HATE THE FAE!!” at the same time
  • @thesnadger playing a doppelganger who was impersonating her character for the whole session until Erwyn figured out the trick and then nearly making me tear up with how badly her character wanted to hold onto her illusion
  • the best fight. someone else can try to describe it but it was just so good mechanically and narratively 
  • several rounds of rescue hugs
  • the players and characters were too tired to figure out the final puzzle so the Lady of the Fae got bored and sent them to bed
  • there was a cuddle pile

I love them.