Μου έστειλες έστω αυτό το άσχετο μήνυμα χθές τα μεσάνυχτα, που περίμενα πριν έναν χρόνο.

Moodboard ~ Tripping on Enchanted River Water

So this thing is my headcanon– Feel free to use it, reblog, ect. Just don’t remove my credit please!

What is it? A drug, derived from distilling water from the enchanted river.

What does it look like?: It is contained in small misty vials. The substance itself is an inky deep pearlescent purple colour. It has the consistency of molasses.

How is it taken?: Orally.  But it can be absorbed through the skin

  1.  swirl your cup so that the water spins. 
  2. place one drip of the substance in. If dripped properly, it shouldn’t dissipate in the water but instead look like a string coiling within the cup.
  3. drink slowly and steadily in time with the speed of the spinning water (if done right one should not taste anything.)

Taste: Putrid. Like sour, bitter, dusty, rotten wine. It is unscented.

Proper usage:

Properly, it is used by healers to ease the pain of spider bite victims. But this is done with great consideration and caution as it is highly addictive.

Secret usage: 

During the ElvenKing’s celebrations a minuscule diluted amount is mixed within the wine. This is why the King’s wine is so desirable and a main part of the reason why his celebrations are well renowned throughout the Elven Kingdoms. “Too much of the ElvenKing’s wine will make you sleep.”

Effects: (In increments of drips starting at, and increasing by about ½ a teaspoon) 

  • Relaxes the nerves and provides peaceful dreams.
  • The body relaxes further, it is difficult to do any task with competence, speech becomes difficult, eyes dilate, people would become suspicious, dreams are peaceful. (Healers will not give any more than this amount)
  • -The body is relaxed to a point where reaction time and movement is severely impaired, eyes are dilated completely, pain cannot be felt, speech is slurred, inability to tell what is dream or reality. (The sweet spot.)
  • Paranoia, hallucination, inability to sleep but reality is perceived as a dark and twisted nightmare, pupils shrink, the body becomes hyper active, there is no physical feeling except for sensations imagined by the brain. 
  • Overdose results in a coma, or extensive memory loss if one is lucky enough to survive or ever wake.  
  • Extreme overdose: one simply relaxes, and all of the functions of the body cease.


  • Feeling of extreme exhaustion
  • body is relaxed but any injuries that occurred during the trip will begin to be felt once one moves around
  • foggy mind

Addiction: If it was taken to ease pain or emotional strain, regaining the feeling of these things will greatly increase the desire to take the drug again. It is dangerous and deadly.

Production: It is a highly dangerous process as flesh coming in contact with the Enchanted River will make one fall into sleep and likely eventual death. Most often this is by tipping into the water and drowning. The drug is produced by humans in the nearby towns or hidden huts.

Legality In the Greenwood: The penalty of being caught buying/selling/producing the drug is jail time. Being caught high, one would be sent to the healer’s to be watched over until they are deemed stable. Their home and belongings would be searched and the drug would be confiscated and disposed of. The elf in question would be jailed until withdrawal symptoms disappeared. Usually one week to two weeks.

Most likely to use it: Woodland guards (palace guards not as much), Elves with high physical trauma, Elves greatly effected by the looming darkness i.e. with debilitating spiritual or emotional trauma. Any human prone to using drugs.

Survey Corps Muffler Incident
Survey Corps Muffler Incident

SnK gag drama CD: Survey Corps Muffler Incident

[translation: yusenki​] 

The 104th cadets are suspecting Erwin and Levi as the muffler and underwear thief.

Characters: Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Sasha, Connie, Erwin & Levi

from 14:14 - 17:13

Erwin: I swear upon the victory of mankind, I would never do…..

Levi: The one who has the muffler is him *refer to Erwin*

Erwin: LEVI!!!

Levi: Let’s cut this out! This is getting troublesome, Erwin! You guys listen, he *refer to Erwin* drank too much to the point he couldn’t remember anything. And then, when he woke up in the morning, somehow the muffler was wrapped around his neck, that’s all to it

Mikasa: Commander…

Erwin: I’m sorry, to drag this to such a mess, I was about to tell everyone but I hesitated, it seems to be a wrong decision, I should have told you all from beginning. But rest assured, your precious muffler is safe within the vault

Eren: Such things, don’t tell me, commander is a pervert

Connie: Unbelievable

Sasha: There is a saying don’t judge person from appearance only

Erwin: That’s a misunderstanding! I swear, I didn’t steal the muffler, moreover, regarding Armin’s underwear, I am really innocent!

[all sighs]

Connie: But…

Erwin: What? Is the anything else? I am not hiding anything anymore!

Connie: Wha…’s not that… it’s not only about how drunk commander was, but for someone who is capable to steal her muffler without Mikasa’s notice. Additionally, to wrap it around commander’s neck, that person must be not a normal pervert, that’s my opinion

Eren: You’ve got point here

Jean: Moreover, before that, that person must be highly skilled in order to be able to snatched Mikasa’s muffler, among SC members the person who fits the criteria is…

*realisation BGM*

Levi: Why all of you are looking at me?!

Erwin: Levi… You…

Levi: Even you are suspecting me now? You gotta be kidding! Moreover, how did it come to this? What would I gain from doing such things (stealing the muffler)?

Eren: Captain… just for our confirmation, what is your alibi last night?

Levi: I told you already, cleaning!

Eren: Where did you clean?

Levi: The public bathroom

Eren: Public bathroom… that means

Sasha: It’s the place where Armin’s underwear got stolen

Levi: You bastard…

Eren: Captain, from what time to what time was your cleaning duty time?

Levi: Tch, last night until this morning

Eren: Was there any witness?

Levi: Huh? Who was going to be there? If there was people there, I would have not been able to clean the bathroom.

Eren: That is not count as alibi, captain! It’s fine, just tell us the truth

Levi: Eren! Aren’t you having too much fun with this? Oi, Erwin! Tell these idiots, I have no interest in women’s muffler or man’s underwear! Oi, Erw… you…

Erwin: Huh?

Levi: What are you smiling at?

Erwin: *suppressing chuckle* ah… it’s nothing

Levi: What a disgusting fellow

For the whole context, track translation is HERE 

I am translating the other track at the moment but since I am only halfway finishing that track translation and I will be away over the weekend, please enjoy this clip

mamitori  asked:

Everytime I see that one Hamilton post w Arin as A.Ham, Dan as Gelica and Scooze as Elizard, I cackle at the "His name is Dangelica Schuyler" part. Save my soul.

It is entirely possible that this ask somehow inspired me to rewrite the lyrics to “Alexander Hamilton.” There’re some artistic license, some creative syllable-blurring, and a lot of references to weird shit. XD Whoops.

How does a raptor, gamer, animator, and a cat-dad
Slapped with a talent for mappin’ raps about his Pokémon
A general, a dragon, and a cyborg
Turn out to be Dick Elder and a sith lord?

The Game Grumps’ founding father who never falters
With his dance partners
Or with his WoW starters
Or ninja pool-darters
Or Crunchyroll’s dollars
As a teen, he loosely defined the D-Club charter

And every day as fame was bein’ fronted and shunted away
On Newgrounds’ page, he toiled and got his art up
Inside, he was dreamin’ of somethin’ that he could start up
Our raptor was ready to move, shake, and game-show tart up

With a buddy who fit, the inspiration hit
Our man saw his future: grump, not-so-grump, and shit
With a JonTron to rely on, developed the channel’s bit
Dazzled us with their wit, like damn, this show is lit

And the word got around: open YouTube up and sit, so
You can hear ‘em banter while they’re gamin’; this is it, bro
Get your earholes ready, ‘cause this dude can really spit
And his name’s what you’re gonna get
Say your name, it’s—

Egoraptor Hamilton
My name is Egoraptor Hamilton
I mean, okay, that’s not my legal name
But just you wait, just you wait…

But in a year, JonTron quit, then he split, New York-bound
Two years later, see Vader sprawled in pain on the ground
In space, hackin’ up all that ick, raccoons thick
But when they went Solo, son
The dancin’ got sick

Then somewhere in the distance, a ninja committing homicide
The deep, snarly roar of a manticore goin’ for a ride
A voice singin’ “sandwich that I would like to fuck”
And a list of things that somebody named Brian likes to suck

It could’ve been destiny or chance or YouTube gods or fate
But Danny was just outside the gate
Assuring his friend he’d masturbate

They started gamin’, tamin’ every console in the Grump Space
Throwin’ stuff at shirts and drawin’ dicks on Ross’s dry-erase
Crammin’ gross Bertie Bott’s beans into their mouths and
Jammin’ to the rhythm, table flippin’ Dan’s “the South”
Run the intro again, and they start a new band
In Starbomb, you can wear a headband

In Starbomb, you can wear a headband (Dan’s is blue)
In Starbomb, you can wear a headband (Brian’s, gold)
In Starbomb, you can wear a headband, in Starbomb (Starbomb)
Mine is pink!

Egoraptor Hamilton
The expedition will wait for you
‘Cause you gotta go fast
And Specs the Tiger wastes no time

Yo, Egoraptor Hamilton
What’s the internet’s fate for you
Will the hero of rhyme set flame
Will they know that you grumped the game
“Watch shows on sushi?” we exclaim, whoa

Barry’s doing edits now, add a happy burger
And Ross is making them all consider murder
Suzy’s got the paperwork, and Holly is the bird-er

We work with him
Me, I game with him
Me? Play tunes with him
Me, I hug him
And me? I balloon-poppin’ shot him

He still hasn’t seen the spotted one, space-raccoons

Say your name, dude

Egoraptor Hamilton!