I have been an Evan Rachel Wood fan since the show Once and Again and the movie Thirteen. What a phenomenal actress and woman. Totally in love with this collab with Wildfang!

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Hi! So I read this meta that stated that Lev* had chosen Arm*n because he saw a future in him, unlike Erw*n, who only had one one that, according to this person, Levi didn't entirely agree with. And that he let Erw*n die so he could go as the 'selfless commander', instead of a man who had sacrificied their men for his own goal, while Arm*n had a pure dream that could grown and change for the better, what do you think about this?

Really?  Is this still a thing?  Does anyone still believe this?  

I think it’s crystal clear that Levi chose to save Erwin by not giving him the serum. Levi makes it quite clear that he chooses to free Erwin from hell, from the people who wanted him to be the devil. Levi chooses Erwin in order to let him rest.  

In terms of dreams, Levi may not have fully understood Erwin’s dream but he still chose to support him in the pursuit of that dream.  I don’t think he had any real investment in Armin’s dream, if his reaction is anything to go by; he looked distinctly underwhelmed when they reached the ocean.