What to draw?

Guys, I need your help! I really wanna draw more SnK stuff, but I can’t decide on what so I just end up drawing nothing. I have some AU ideas and would like to know which one you want to see art to. So pls let me know! ;v;

Assassins Creed II/SnK Crossover:
Erwin is Captain in the royal military, Levi is an Assassin and Eren is (officially) a soldier-in-training in the royal forces and (unofficially) an Assassin (trained by Levi). Erwin took the role of Eren’s mentor after he lost his mother and his slightly gaga father was locked away in a madhouse. Erwin also secretly saved Levi, who got caught some time ago and should have been executed. Long story short, they live together and fuck each other.

Eren is a quite well known Let’s Player and often posts videos of him playing/testing alpha versions of games. Levi works as main programmer/character designer for a game company that produced some of Eren’s fav games. When Eren started adding a facecam to his vids, Levi involuntarily started crushing on him and watches his videos regularly (for professional purposes only, of course, because he takes notes of Eren’s suggestions how the games could be tweaked). They meet at a game convention where Levi and others of the company are presenting a new game and Eren walks around cosplaying one of his fav game-characters (who happens to be designed by Levi). Bla bla.

Eren is the main vocal and guitarist of a band he formed together with Mikasa (drums), Jean (bass) and Armin (piano/synthesizer). Hanji is their manager and drags Levi to one of their gigs. They are still looking for sponsors and Levi co-owns a security company together with Erwin (and has a lot of money). Story story bla bla Levi ends up being Eren’s bodyguard what makes everything rather difficult, because they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Fucked up musician/junkie!AU:
Levi is in a band that’s quite successful, but he has a hard time dealing with everything that’s going on, so he tends to escape reality with the help of alcohol and drugs. One evening (at an after-party) he consumes too much of everything and passes out. His bandmembers/manager are desperately looking for help without making the incident public. They get a hint that there lives a private doctor nearby and drag an unconscious Levi to his house in the middle of the night. Dr. Jaeger manages to stabilise Levi’s condition (for now), but he has to be watched to make sure that there wasn’t more harm done. Eren, who often helps his father out, keeps an eye on Levi until he wakes up. Okay, I have no idea how to continue, but shit’s gonna happen & stuff.

Other options are:
- more of mer!Levi
- more of cyborg!Eren
- fanarts to some of my fav fanfics
- scenes that take place in the canon universe

Feel free to suggest other things as well! <3


Erwin Smith was bone tired. It probably hadn’t helped that he and Levi had spent the last night arguing until he’d finally dropped into bed at eleven-thirty, trying to ignore the rigid set of Levi’s back, turned to him across the vast ocean of the mattress between them. 

Levi had been upset because it was the third time in as many weeks that Erwin had reneged on previously agreed-upon engagements with Levi due to school. Well, Erwin had huffed to himself as he stared at the tense set of Levi’s shoulders, milky skin gleaming in the moonlight. Levi certainly had known what he was getting into when he’d agreed to date Erwin two and a half years ago. He’d been well aware of the fact that Erwin was a medical student, had known that he’d be busy with classes like physiology and anatomy and drug interactions. He’d damn well been aware of the commitment medical school demanded. 

But it was guilt that kept Erwin up until the small hours of the morning. Lately, he and Levi had seemed to be drifting apart, a wedge forcing itself between the two of them, built up of anger (Levi) and an ever-increasing sense of guilt (Erwin), combined with stress and an inherent loneliness that failed to go away even when he woke up with Levi’s head tucked into the crook of his neck. 

He hadn’t had time to eat breakfast that morning, and hunger burned a hole in the pit of his stomach, tempered only by the sharp clinical smell of formaldehyde that always seemed to hang like a miasma over the morgue. The metal tables arranged in orderly rows around the room all held oval masses covered by grey blankets, surrounded by two or three students swaddled in mint-green scrubs, features highlighted by the harsh white lights that shone down from the ceiling. 

It was a quarter past seven, fifteen minutes past the time the anatomy professor was supposed to show up, and Erwin was starting to consider just heading home, waking Levi up with a kiss and the dark scent of French roast, when the vacuum door to the morgue sucked open and the professor burst in, his tie askew. 

No apology, no explanation for why he was late, just a brusque introduction to the day’s lesson. “Today, we will be examining the skeletal organization of the torso, with special emphasis on the rib cage and sternum and how these bones coordinate to provide shelter for vital organs. I recommend you make incisions along the transpyloric plane and the torso’s oblique fissures, as stated in your manual. All the necessary instruments can be located in the carts by your operating tables. You may begin.”

Erwin sighed heavily, turning to the instrument tray while his lab partner prepared the body. His lab partner was a dark-haired man who more often than not came to class unshaven, his cuffs unbuttoned, dark bags under his eyes, and though Erwin felt like the walking dead three-fourths of the time, his lab partner certainly could have contended for a position on AMC’s television show. 

When he turned back to the operating table, his fingers went slack at the sight in front of him, the scalpel slipping from his hand and pinging off the linoleum tilvs. He felt dizzy, trying to fight down the rising taste of bile in the back of his throat, trying to ignore the ringing that had suddenly stated up in his ears. 

The man on the operating table in front of him, lying pale, still, dead, was Levi.

“Erwin. Erwin.” His lab partner was staring at him, a look of concern on his face. “You okay?”

He blinked, shook his head, and when he looked back towards the operating table, he found that the body belonged to a stranger, dark hair, pale skin, high cheekbones. But not Levi. Definitely not Levi, who currently graced his iPhone lock screen with his sleeping face. 

“Yeah,” he said, leaning down to pick up the scalpel. “I’m fine.”

He said that, but he didn’t look at the body’s face as he made the first incision.