You were sitting in the living room forming a little circle with the others. Tony had gathered everyone he could find and demanded to play stupid games. ‘It’s friday evening and all of you stay at home, so we might as well do something fun’ was what he had said. So you all ended up having to play 'never have I erver’.

“Never have I ever slept with someone in this room.” Steve says.

You rise your glass and drink. All eyes are on you now and you can see the shocked expressions on their faces. No one had expected you of all people to drink at that. Only than do they realize the person sitting beside you, smirking. He gulps down his shot and waits.

“Can we continue now?” Loki says.

  • Marianne: *walks up to Bog after a long day and buries her face in his chest*
  • Bog: *pats her back* "Sooooooo, how was yer day?"
  • Marianne: *muffled by his shirt* "Mer sherfy erf burf nerfer cerp der merber kerf feeeeeeeeerf! Mernder gerner seeeeeeerck!"
  • Bog: "Aw, I'm sorry, Tough Girl." *kisses her head* "Thank God it's Friday, right?"
  • Marianne: "Mmmm. Verver gerker ter mer serser fer der berfacur?"
  • Bog: "3:00. It's gonna be fun. I'm lookin' forward to it. Yer sister called earlier to say yer Dad's coming too."
  • Marianne: "Er? Cer. Er ver spers ter berg serfer?"
  • Bog: "Sunny wants us to bring the brisket and yer special coleslaw. I figured you'd be tired after work today, so I already picked up the ingrediants for you."
  • Marianne: "Eeeeeeer, yer der bers, berber. Her cerner erver therk yer?"
  • Bog: "My pleasure. Just promise ye'll wear yer purple string bakini tomorrow and we're even."
  • Marianne: "Her her, derl."
  • Bog: "What do ye wanna do tonight? I ordered Chinese so we wouldn't have to cook."
  • Marianne: "Er verner verch ther ner Verkin Derd."
  • Bog: *chuckles* "I told ye, luv, the new season doesn't air 'til October. Ye'll have to wait."
  • Marianne: "Weeeeeeeeeeeer!"
  • Bog: "I know, I know. It sucks. How about we watch Shaun of the Dead instead?"
  • Marianne: "Erker. Her! Er ermers ferger, derd yer ert der lers perce er rersberrer cherskirk?"
  • Bog: "No, I put it in the red tupperware container so ye could eat it later. It's in the fridge behind the milk."
  • Marianne: "Therk Gerd. Er wers gernner ker yer."
  • Bog: "I know, that's why I didn't touch it. By the way, I also picked up the dry-cleaning, the vet said Thang's fine, we just have to give him this special canned food to help his digestion, and I drew ye a bath so ye could relax until the food gets here."
  • Marianne: "Eeeeeeeeeeeeer mer Gerd, Er werner merk er berber wer yer!"
  • Bog: "Well, the bathtub is big enough fer two, but the delivery guy's gonna be here in less than ten minutes."
  • Marianne: "Er dern't cer. Er cermernd yer ter herv berthterb serx wer mer rert ner!"
  • Bog: *picks her up and starts carrying her up the stairs* "I love when ye boss me around, princess, but unfortunately, this is one order I cannot obey. No matter how much I want to."
  • Marianne: "Neeeeeeeer! Yer ferkern ters. Yer sher ferl mer wrerth, ferrish merterl!"
  • Bog: "That's sounds nice. I'll be waitin' for ye on the couch."
  • Marianne: "Yer berter ber nerkerd!"
  • Bog: "And slathered in sweet 'n sour sauce."
  • Marianne: "Yeeeeeeeeerm."