levi being bad at apologizing

levi picking a fight with erwin and steaming about it for days afterward

levi refusing to give in because he swears up and down that he didn’t start it

levi missing erwin and starting to crumble

levi cleaning erwin’s shirts with the soap that he buys for himself, the kind that makes the fabric soft instead of scratchy

levi leaving little gifts at erwin’s door like a cat

levi asking hanji to apologize for him but they won’t do it

levi eventually crawling into erwin’s lap and mumbling something that sounds suspiciously like a ‘sorry’ into his tiddy

levi being bad at apologizing

Ok so I recently started a Society6 account here where i’m going to be selling the above design, along with (hopefully) several other SnK/anime/game themed things. Right now i’m working on getting this made into a tshirt (had to email the site because their upload system is being wonky) but if you want art prints/posters they should be up. Lemme know if you want a specific product and i’ll look into it, or if you have any suggestions for designs you’d like to see!

how do you guys pronounce eruri?  i almost got into a fistfight with my friend because i thought she started shipping ereri and we had been hardcore eruri shippers since forever.  she pronounces eruri like air-air-ree and i pronounce it like air-roo-ree.  is there some official pronunciation that i’m missing or do we all just say it and hope for the best 

districtsandwizards asked:

I love the whole Erwin and Levi being the shiganshina trio's parents thing like Eren, Armin, and Mikasa are all on their school's baseball team and Erwin and Levi are about to throw down with the coach because he keeps Armin on the bench without even giving him a chance to show his potential. And they swear that that Kirschtein kid on the other team is cheating. The coach tells them to stop backseat coaching and Levi's just like 'maybe if you got your head out of your ass we wouldn't have to' <3


Levi thinks he’s some baseball expert and Erwin is just in the background judging the coach and after the game they’re all like “Armin I’m so sorry that happened, but don’t worry you’ll never have to sit on the bench again!!!!”

and Armin’s just like “no i didN’T EVEN WANT TO PLAY??? ONLY MIKASA LIKES BASEBALL!!”

meanwhile Eren is getting into a fight with Jean because he’s convinced he was cheating.

They are banned from enrolling their kids in baseball now.

Spent a little time late last night fixing and refining my designs for a couple of hypothetical adopted kids for Erwin and Levi; Shai and Adi, respectively.
(They sure don’t look it, but they’re biological brothers.)

I’d do an actual fic if I where skilled enough and had enough time, but I don’t, so here’s the really condensed version: 

They’re not adopted in a conventional fashion;  Shai, who’s 11, decides to see if it’s really true that the great Commander Erwin lives at the top of the hill that overlooks the first human settlement outside the walls. Adi, about 6 years old, has no choice but to be dragged along with him. 

Instead of finding Erwin, they’re found sneaking around the property by a rather elderly and irate Levi. At first he assumes that they’re thieves, but quickly realizes that they’re just a couple of overly-curious orphans.
He’s not exactly pleased about having two very young children under his care until Erwin returns from his teaching job, but hey, shit happens. 

Shai, of course, immediately doubts that this Levi is the Levi, and shows zero respect as Adi, bless his heart, tries to warn him he’s being rude and going to get them into even more trouble.
When Levi splits his attention between them and preparing dinner, Shai figures it’s an excellent time to start insulting Levi in Hebrew under his breath, because he totally won’t understand a word he’s saying, except he does.
But all he gives him is, “I don’t appreciate the way you’re speaking about me”, since he’s too flabbergasted by the ridiculousness of the whole situation to be actually angry.
This shuts Shai up, but also pisses him off further. However, it absolutely thrills Adi, who then starts rapid-firing various questions at Levi, like any young child is liable to do.

Erwin finally gets his ass home, and is both shocked and overjoyed by the fact that there are two young children currently taking up residence in their home; it’s is a very welcome change of pace for that old man. 

Dinner is filled with questions directed mostly at Erwin, which he’s very happy to answer, but Levi still doesn’t really know how to feel about the situation until dinner is over.
Shai, valuing his freedom despite the risk of living homeless, wants to leave with Adi, but Adi wants to stay.
It culminates in Levi sternly telling him that his choice is his own, but Adi is his own person as well, and can choose what he wants. 

Their impasse results in Shai realizing that his love for his brother, and the security of a family far outweighs the familiarity and freedom of homelessness.
Thus, the two of them become a permanent fixture in Erwin and Levi’s lives.