Person A: *sobs all of a sudden*
Person C: oh, my god, what happened?
Person A: *points at B who’s ordering drinks*
Person C: did something happen between you guys?
Person A: *shakes head*
Person A: *whispers* he’s so pretty
Person C: what.
Person A: he’

Fanfic writers are the unsung heroes of the Internet

It always amazes me on how much effort and time fanfic writers will put into a story or even just a chapter. Just imagine writing an AU on something they know nothing about so they have to research the history of a different country, look up the rules and point system of a sport they have never played, or study and learn a subject they don’t know much about just because they wrote about a character who is good at marine biology or something.

It is amazing the amount of time and care that is put into writing each chapter just so other people can read their work for free. Fanfic authors don’t expect the readers to pay them for their work, all they would like is a comment and a like on their chapters to tell them that the reader likes their writing and story.

I wanted to write this as an appreciation post to all the amazing fanfic authors out there because without them people wouldn’t have countless hours of free entertainment.

snk fandom

me: it’s okay if people dislike my favorite ship i respect your opinion

person: *dislikes my fav ship*


Person A: I like you, y’know

Person B: *smiles* yeah, I know

Person A: what do you mean, “you know”?

Person B: why are you getting all worked up? we’re married. of course you like me. why would you marry someone if you didn’t like him?

Person A: well, i don’t know. but you could have said “thank you”! or maybe, “I like you too!” or “I like you more!” I can’t believe this.

Person B: *whispers* please save me