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Oh that’s odd, that’s what I always thought Levi was doing. Convincing Erwin to save humanity. He needed Levi to tell him to do it because he couldn’t give up his dream by himself. That’s how I always saw it. I didn’t think it made sense for Levi telling him to do something that he already knew he was going to do, unless he was wavering and Levi just knew he needed someone to tell him what to do in that moment.

In that scene Levi even says I’m making the choice, so I never doubted it was Levi decision.

You’re welcome to read the scene as you like. I’m sure there are plenty of opinions out there. But speaking for myself, when I read the entirety of what Erwin said in chapter 80 and look at his posture and expression throughout, I’m certain he already knew what action he was going to take. The sacrifices of those who went before him would not allow anything else. Artistically Isayama chose to position them standing over Erwin, surrounding him. They fill the panels as he is crouched in the center. They were his primary focus, the overwhelming force in his mind.

“Everything I have done, I did thinking this day would come. That some day I would be able to check my answers. 

There were so many times I thought it would be easier to die. But then the dream I shared with my father would flash through my head. And now, those answers are close enough to reach out and grab. They are right there. 

But, Levi. Can you see them? All of our comrades? Our comrades are watching us. They want to know what we will do with the hearts we dedicated to our cause. Because they may be gone, but their fight isn’t over. 

Erwin was about to die. He was about to lose everything. The plan he proposed would cost the lives of every soldier in the Corps. It was insanely risky and relied entirely on Levi.

Levi voiced the elephant in the room. 

“I’ll make the choice. Give up your dream and die… and I’ll take down the beast titan.”

But Levi’s words were never about the choice; they were about the promise. Levi assured Erwin his life wasn’t meaningless, that he’d done well, and that his dream would live on without him.

Thanks for the ask.

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Since when did you surrender only to a reblog account? Do not you have content left?

I have always always reblogged on a constant queue as much as humanly possible. I greatly enjoy the content I see and I love to share it. I do also provide my own content, but that’s besides the point here, anon.

How much original content posted makes no difference whatsoever. I do it when I want to, when I feel like it and when I have time. Unfortunately I have shit to do outside of fandom. Life, huh? How dare.

Anyways, if you don’t like seeing reblogs then I’m not the place to come to. I adore the amazing contributions the snk/eruri fandom has to give, whether that be original content or the beautiful act of sharing and promoting others. Or my random sausages.

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Do you think Hajime's nudges about the Ackerbond between Mikasa and Eren connecting a lot with Erwin and Levi more than their connection to Uri and Kenny might be a hint towards Levi having a romantic attraction to Erwin? I'm starting to find it more and more suspicious, especially considering Hajime makes it and lets it be really obvious that Mikasa has feelings for Eren.

You’re right to be suspicious Anon, Yams has been dropping very heavy hints for a very long time now that Levi is deeply devoted to Erwin. And not only that, there have been equally heavy hints that Levi’s feelings are reciprocated.  Their attraction to each other has been patently obvious since ACWNR days. 

There’s a very old post by @erbeansandravioli​ that helpfully lists all the evidence to back up your suspicions, and there’s been a ton more receipts since then, most notable the Answers book and the Character Guide.

I’m less sure about whether Erwin and Levi’s relationship is directly comparable to Eren and Mikasa’s, however Yams has draw parallels between Levi and Erwin’s relationship and Kenny and Uri’s “friendship” in Answers and the Character Guide. Both Kenny and Levi chose to devote their lives to men who had a vision they aspired to and death did nothing to sunder that bond.  

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i've got more fic ideas, both happy and sad lol so fluff with erwin waking up before levi to find him still in his arms and just being all smitten about him, fighting not to get back to sleep to linger in that moment as it's so rare and precious to him vs one of them having unrequited feelings for the other

ah, yes, getting a 10 days long paid holiday of my choice vs. getting punched in the face lmao

definitely the fluff ft. smitten!Erwin!! I smiled so widely while reading it. Erwin finds out that sleeping!Levi’s expression is soft and that he’s absolutely adorable with his mouth slightly open and hair in a total mess. ♡♡♡

the 3 classes of gay ships
  • Class A, the most common:
  • Person 1: hey no homo but do you wanna go on a date with me
  • Person 2: no homo but yeah sure
  • Billy, a heterosexual: that sounds pretty gay
  • Person 2: we said no homo
  • Person 1: did you not fucking hear us
  • *later*
  • Person 1: hey do you wanna kiss
  • Person 1: like in a heterosexual way
  • Person 2: yeah sure
  • Person 2: i heterosexually kiss people all the time
  • *Person 1 and 2 kiss*
  • Billy, a heterosexual: tHaT LoOKs pRetTy gAy
  • Person 1: what the fuck billy no
  • Person 2: what the fuck would give you that idea
  • *later*
  • Person 1: hey wanna get married
  • Person 1: but like as bros
  • Person 2: yeah sure
  • Person 2: but like no homo right bro
  • Person 1: yeah no homo bro
  • Billy, a heterosexual, shouting in the distance: GAAAYYYY
  • Person 2: shut the fUCK UP BILLY
  • Class B:
  • Person 1: c-can i kiss you?
  • Person 2: yES (holy fuck finally)
  • *person 1 and 2 kiss*
  • Billy, a heterosexual: WOW DID YOU GUYS JUST KISS
  • Person 1: n-n-no no we didn't (fuck fuck fuck)
  • Person 2: bitch maybe
  • Class C:
  • Person 1: can i, like, kiss you
  • *person 1 and 2 kiss*
  • Billy, a heterosexual: WOW DID YOU GUYS JUST KISS
  • Person 1: are you fucking blind
  • Person 2: jesus fucking christ billy
  • Person 1: what the fuck did you think was happening
  • Person 2: yeah BILLY
  • Person 1: you're so fucking dumb billy

There is nothing more bittersweet and heartbreaking than a character who is deeply in love with another but entirely convinced that despite their current romantic relationship (established or not) that they won’t get a happily ever after because they aren’t good enough and the person they love will realize that and leave them but they aren’t bitter or angered by this idea but calmly resigned. Like they love that person so much they’re okay with just being a placeholder for someone better, as long as they can stay by that person’s side despite believing one day they’ll be replaced.

@silth I can’t thank you enough for pointing this out for me

So in the latest chap, we have this

Translation source 

Well anyways, doesn’t this remind you of a certain line said by a certain person?

Yes, Hange just quoted Erwin T0T (My heart can’t handle this)

Moreover, look at how sad Levi looks after hearing this

OK, I’m literally crying