And with @Jakobsnake’s Afro bobbing music filling my ears, the rebirth of my Rurale Empire has commenced. So lets get started why don’t we?

Tonight promises to be fucking fantastic (rather crude of me I know - but AFDA isn’t teaching me to master linguistics is it, so I’m not going to hide behind pretty metaphors like my fellow bloggers.) With all this rain and wind staying in my rather sparse and freezing house would be mere suicide, thus taking shelter from the storm with hundreds of other drunk youths will be my only means of surviving. 

It being the end of the month, my debt card has had a rather good month of working out with regular visits to Woolies and the bottle store, its got a six pack to show for the all the swiping its gone through but its broken - and quite simply I have minimum cash to carry me through to payday (<- Hey I kinda used a metaphor there..)

As a student, I value the art that is pre-drinks (pre-matching, club warm-ups etc) so tonight will play host to such! Tonight i procrastinate on all the assignments, tonight I celebrate a friends birthday and tonight we celebrate this lil blog!

Big love**

Mr Rurale

Kaap Kid.

Alcohol and the City has really got to me people - the joys that are Southern Comfort, Gin, Mailbu, Hunters Dry and yes even Black Label have all added a lil unwanted meat to me and of course took me away from my blogging! 

But I have decided to put down my glass for a few minutes, sit down on those oh-so-comfy chairs in the clurb (club) for a few minutes, procastinate on my assignments for awhile longer and i’ve even put my days of pimping behind me so that I can hopefully give you a few minutes of joy through my blogs!  

So give me few days to get cosy in this new blogging environment (and to crack a bottle of bubbly and to tell CandyBaby she no longer works for me) and the posts will be as regular as @NICKIMINAJ’s tweets.