erupting star


This is what is happening in the sun when it is too bright to see details.

nasa The magnetic field lines between a pair of active regions formed a beautiful set of swaying arches, seen in this footage captured by our Solar Dynamics Observatory on April 24-26, 2017.
These arches, which form a connection between regions of opposite magnetic polarity, are visible in exquisite detail in this wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light. Extreme ultraviolet light is typically invisible to our eyes, but is colorized here in gold. This video covers almost two days of activity.
Credits: NASA/SDO 

Mt. Etna has been erupting for hundreds of thousands of years. Located in Sicily, Italy, the volcano produces lava fountains over one kilometer high. Mt. Etna is not only one of the most active volcanoes on Earth, it is one of the largest, measuring over 50 kilometers at its base and rising nearly 3 kilometers high!!

Pictured in mid-March, a spectacular lava plume erupts upwards, dangerous molten volcanic bombs fly off to the sides, while hot lava flows down the volcano’s exterior. The Earth’s rotation is discernable on this carefully time, moon-lit, long duration image as star trails.

Image Credit & Copyright: Dario Giannobile


Star trails erupt over beach, Kauai, Hawaii


◦ pairing: reader x namjoon

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 1.3k

◦ a/n: I felt like I was slacking on the Joonie smut so here’s some to make up for it :D Also I suck at titles sorry lol

m a s t e r l i s t

Your hair clung annoyingly to your forehead as your hands scrambled frantically to find something –anything– to hold on to. The cold metal handle of the shower door was the only thing it found amidst your shallow, shaky breaths. His lips were soft, and slick under the running water. Namjoon’s hands stroked up and down your body, swiping bubbled layers of soapy water over you. The bar of soap pressed against your flesh, its subtle scent breathing through the plumes of steam growing in the shower. You could see the faint reflection of yourselves in the mirror through the thick coat of steam on the glass, and it was so fucking hot. His tall body stood behind yours, his long fingers lost in your cunt. He sighed with content and he brushed his thumb lightly over your already sensitive clit. “God, I love you so much,” he grunted, placing a kiss at the nape of your neck.

After spending over a year together, you had learned that the best way to some amazing sex was some highly provocative pictures while he was already sweaty at dance practice and a little audio recording right as he was on his way home. The result was always some exciting and very long-lasting sex trip through the rooms of your house. Needless to say, it never failed.

His lips travelled along your shoulder, leaving soft kisses as his hand grazed up and down your thigh. He was tracing your hip bones softly with the soap before he dropped it suddenly to the hard shower floor and slammed straight into you. “Namjoon, fuck!” You screamed out, the echo reverberating against the white porcelain and glass of the shower. “Shit, yes, yes, yes,” you sobbed, your chest trembling with the glorious sensation of his cock hitting your insides. It wasn’t the first time tonight.

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so what is she supposed to be? he asks, his gaze stalling on mine as he lights a cigarette in the bathroom stall of the city’s cheapest bar, his eyes like satellite discs, roaming the epicenter of a stretch of tidal wave girls, & me just happening to be a thorn in the midst of their saltwater hemmed limbs, their sugarplum lips, their laughs like molten gold.

she looks out of place, he adds. because it’s true. because i’m out of place wherever i go. i shrink into my coat. i pretend that i don’t see him, i gaze out at the crowd. a congregation of delirious devil-worshippers, boys & girls trading their merry-go-round brains for baits of ice, crystal, leaves. whatever’s taking souls on a sunday night. whatever kills the quickest. behind the chiseled bar, rows of wine glasses gleam like a selection of murder weapons. 

from somewhere, summoned like ghosts, an aggregate of disembodied voices reply: a woman, a god, an anthem of spokes. fine grains of desert sand. an endless alleyway. rain, rain, bloodshot sky. burnt roses littering funeral grounds.

the voices continue, even as his green eyes wander. lightning within the root. someone falling from the bannisters. poison ivy, seeping into a rotting mouth. trigger-happy hands, always going for the sharpest object within reach. bombs trickling off like- he loses interest.

i smile like, no worries, this isn’t embarrassing at all. i’ll create a story where you care. i’m a magician, didn’t you know? i can make things appear from out of my head! a story where you buy me flowers and we mouth off at the sunset. where you cook me eggs runnier than my thoughts, i wear something pink and we devour this town together.  

my mother used to say, loneliness is a bug, once you catch it, you can’t quite get rid of it. not without the hospital visits. not without the vaccinations. not without the nurses with sinister bobcat eyes stealing the blood from your body and storing it in little glass vials. not without losing bits of yourself. bits you never get to have back. bits you have to fight for to keep. 

as your sanity, that ever-slippery ice cap, floats farther & farther away from your burned, bludgeoned, berserk island of a body. 

ii. -

i miss gripping for power lines in my rain boots. finding solace in the neck of a stranger. three-hour long showers and gardening myself (here, chrysanthemums tucked into the ribs, and there, a daffodil beneath the knee) i miss what it’s all supposed to mean, back when everything still had a point & the world was somehow a kinder place, being human on a steady diet of dreams, creating a breach in a star-system, losing faith & pilfering it back from chapels. tumbling, always backwards, into the closest abyss. 


Elorcan Werewolf AU Part 3

Summary: Frankly, this is just a filler, but full of info. Elide’s gone and Lorcan’s a whipped bitch, so what can a male do?

“Everything I’ve ever let go

has claw marks on it”

Elorcan Werewolf 3

Elide hated that she loved how Lorcan fit against her chest. His entire body was a furnace, warming not just her body in this night cold, but her heart as her mate. His muscular arms and broad shoulders engulfed her small frame, wrapping around her. Never had she felt so safe and content.

She wondered how many other females he had comforted.

Lorcan noticed her abrupt stiffness. “Mate,” he growled. “Mine.”

Elide slowly inched away him as far as she could in the seat. “You damaged the car.”

He pulled her towards his chest, growling softly. “You ran away from me, little mate.”

Little, her ass. If anything, he had felt so little he had to fuck half of the she-wolf population so his cock wouldn’t feel so little.

Rather than risk capital punishment, she settled for slapping his hard arm, which did more damage to her knuckle. “Maybe because someone was going to whip me again?”

The male’s eyes turned pitch dark at again. “Who hurt you.” A command.

Her attempts to push him off her lap failed. His hulking size covered half her seat and the emergency brake. Clearly he had done more damaging in his life than healing.

He let out a low, guttural noise, a sound that resounded to her very core.

“Who touched you.”

When Elide remained silent, his claws slid out, slashing against the seats. She swallowed. Hopefully Aelin wouldn’t be too pissed. She wouldn’t mind if her Alpha set this male in front of her on fire. Her pyro tendencies earned her the pack name right from the start.

Elide started up at the male that shadowed her. She felt zero attraction other than the desire to reject him. This male had no more claim on her than any other dirty one. If he had truly treasured the mate bond, then he would have never laid a hand on any other female.

But here she was, looking straight into the dark eyes of the Lycan who had laid with half of the she-wolf population.

Disgust rippled through her.

Lorcan took it the wrong way, and let out a fearsome roar. “Who hurt you.” His actions caused the entire car to, goddess forbid, shake. Elide let out a whimper as he gripped the glove box with unnecessary force, leaving an indent.

He must have realized the Elide was shaking with fear because he immediately fell silent. Slowly, he reached out to touch her cheek. Her traitorous hands reached up and cupped his palm.

A purring noise erupted from Lorcan’s throat. Stars above, she was barely touching him. Had not one of his past lovers ever shown him affection?

Lorcan’s eyes dropped as she stroked his hand.

“Elide,” he murmured.

That was the last straw for Elide. How many other female’s names had he cooed and how many other females had he seduced that was not her, his mate?

She ripped Lorcan’s hand away from her, and yanked the gear violently on drive. She ignored Lorcan’s bark of protest as she slammed on the pedal as hard as her tiny body could manage, and jerked the wheel to the left, watching in satisfaction as Lorcan’s body flew out the hole where the door would have been.

Serves him right for tearing apart the door. From a rutting camaro.

Elide didn’t look back and she pushed the car to its limits. It was time for plan B. Flipping open the sunglasses container, she pressed her thumb against a button along the rim. After a beep, a second set of controls appeared on her right.

Without a blink, she slammed her palm on the red button. A vapor mask instantly dropped from the ceiling, and Elide quickly tied it around her face. Seconds later, smoke of wolfs-bane flooded from the car and erupted in the surrounding air.

A howl of pain and longing pierced the air as the car speed away, and a piece of Elide ripped away as she felt Lorcan losing distance on her.

She didn’t blame the horrified glances directed her way as she pulled up the to hotel. She chose the most the most run-down looking one as so much to not rouse suspicion, but humans were curious things.

The valet worker stuttered out his greetings as Elide parked the now three-door car into an empty slot. She ripped the mask off her face and dropped it into a trash bin. He quickly opened the door for her as she stalked in towards the front.

“No luggage, miss?” the clerk said, eyeing her almost suspiciously.

The only baggage I’m carrying is my mate, she thought bitterly to herself. 

Elide merely shook her head. “A room just for one night, is all.”

The clerk nervously entered the information into the computer. “I’m guessing you’re paying with cash.”

She pulled out the wad of bills she found stuffed from the glove container. The clerk’s eyes widened to saucers. 

Great, she felt like an assassin completing her assignment, rewarded with none other than hard cash. She almost felt compelled to add to the clerk that she had about two knives shoved down each boot and that Aelin’s ruined camara itself was a weapon with a nuke in the trunk. Aelin never did anything by halves, and Elide supposed it had its perks. 

The clerk eyed her grimy hands, and chipped nails. She wondered if he’d call the police for murder.

Well, you did just about reject our mate, running from him, her wolf scolded her. That’s as good as killing him.

Elide almost puked. Her wolf had long been absent ever since Vernon had chained her up.

He lost us as soon as he laid with the first female, Elide said firmly.

Her wolf had nothing to say after that.

The clerk took the bills quickly, and slid the key across the counter tops. He dismissed her with a quick glance, and before Elide headed up the stairs, she gave a quick glance back.

No one was on her tail. 

She made it out. 

A flood of relief poured through her. Lorcan couldn’t bother get her now in the human city. She belonged to no one without her permission, much less a higher force determining her chance of love.

The sound of the clerk loosing a dramatic sigh caught her attention. Elide turned around, watching with little amusement as he dabbed his head with a handkerchief.

I thought she was going to kill me!” he let out a tiny wail, fanning himself.

Good riddance, Elide thought to herself as she went up the stairs. Humans were so extra.

Elide couldn’t sleep. For once, no nightmares of her Uncle Vernon plagued her, nor the memory of pain and loneliness. No一she kept expecting the searing pain in her stomach that would occur whenever a mate cheated on his other significant other.

Surprisingly, none came.

Are you rutting alive? Manon blasted down the pack link. If Lorcan touched you in any way, I’ll chop off his tiny balls and feed it to the rats.

Aelin pitched in. Lorcan is sitting on his ass in your rutting room, waiting for you to return like a pathetic gods-damned dog.

Elide frowned. Why isn’t he going back to any of his female toys?

A pause. Then一

Maybe because you’re his mate? Aelin sighed.

Manon huffed. You don’t need a mate given by the moon goddess to determine love. If the boy loved you, he would have kept his cock in his pants and waited. I don’t care if he’s almost as old as I am by eons. If you love someone, you will wait an eternity.

Elide groaned into her pillow. What about Rowan?

Stop rutting setting the walls on fire! Manon roared, and Elide stifled laughter hearing Aelin’s protest. Rowan apparently hates Aelin as much as she does he. He thinks she’s too improper to be princess but Aelin keeps throwing into his face that he has consorts, another improper act. So they’re at a stalemate.

At least Aelin is loyal in every way, Elide said firmly. Please kick Lorcan out. I don’t want to see him when I get back.

This is what we have to talk to you about, Elide. Aelin let out a nervous sound Elide felt even through the bond. I think it’s best if you finish your medicinal studies in the human realm. If you come back, Lorcan will mark you. And then you can never escape him again.

Elide yanked the blankets off the bed. Are you kicking me out of the pack? Her heart beat faster. Stupid Lorcan for ruining her life. She wanted someone to love her without doubt, and make her feel like a queen not with materialistic things, but clear actions.

And Lorcan had already ruined that.

No, no. Aelin reassured her. Once you finish your studies, still see if you want Lorcan. Once you finish your studies, come back. Then decide if you want to reject Lorcan or accept him as your mate.

Elide looked out the window where glimpses of the sun’s rays were already rising. She had a future already planned out, one with hope and one without fear. She was no longer that naive girl that trusted and would give herself over wholeheartedly without a reason. Life in the dungeons of the Morath Pack taught her that. If that was even considered life.

Realizing that she wouldn’t be getting much sleep, she walked to the bathroom and splashed water on her face. Staring at her rugged reflection in mirror, she opened the pack link.

Relay the following message to Lorcan for me.

Lorcan had reached an all-time low. His once chance at happiness did not want to love him. He hated the Alpha bitch for feeding his precious, little mate Elide with barbed words for her to hate him even more. Then his gods-damned friend Rowan had to have his mate as none-other than the entitled bitch.

He felt the sympathy the others from the cadre shot down the bond. Gavriel had empathized with Lorcan the most.

Fenrhys, however, had been absolutely delighted. You have lost your charm! She probably finds another more manly than you! You and Rowan can chew on your own wolf dicks because now no one will want to!

Rowan had tackled Fenrhys, and Lorcan had tossed him out the window. Vaughan was wisely chosen to remain silent, merely shaking his head in distaste, and then went to the kitchen to search for food. Gavriel had mended Fenrhys’ shattered elbow.

Elide’s door banged open, and his heart soared.

And then sank.

The hybrid beta stalked him, snarling at him. “I am going to rip off your balls. And it’s not going to hurt you, because you’ve had other females touch your junior.”

“Junior?” Lorcan snarled.

The half-witch paced around the bed. “You don’t deserve her. None of you rutting Lycans do. Sticking your nasty stick wherever you can find a hole.”

It took all of Lorcan’s will to not crack Elide’s headboard. The audacity of this filth—

“Lycan’s urges are different from werewolves’, mutt. We have casual fucks because our Lycan side needs to be soothed that way if we don’t have a mate. You think we have a rutting choice? You think I like touching another female other than my little mate? Seek the moon goddess if you don’t believe me. You wouldn’t know only being half-Lycan.”

Manon cocked her head. “You better hope what you’re saying is true. Even then, you’re too late.”

He breathed in Elide’s scent permeating the room, calming down the murderous rage seeping through him. His Lycan side jerked around inside of him, demanding to cut off the half-witch’s tongue and hunt down his mate. Even if it broke down every law. “Too late for what?” he snapped.

“Elide’s gone to the mortal cities.” Lorcan’s heart stalled. He could not protect his mate within human infested cities lest he break Council laws. “So if you really want her, then you’re going to have to win her love not through the bond, but through love. And I don’t know how long she’s going to be there. It’s your move now, junior.

Elide inspected the cottage. It was on the outskirts of the city, but close enough that no Lycan could trespass. The landlord had agreed for Elide to rent it out without a set date as soon as she accidentally spilled a pouch of money across the table.

The place was dimly lit with comfy looking furniture. She lit the fireplace, soaking in the warmth. Manon and Aelin had promised to keep her updated with any pack new from small to urgent. Sorscha had instructed her to seek out the Terrance Dome Hospital, where other immortal or supernatural creatures worked. If she managed to acquire a degree there, then she’d be ranked as a Healer without a doubt.

Sighing, Elide slid the couch along the floor. She’d focus on re-decorating tomorrow and have to buy some more knick-knacks to liven up the place.

A thud against the door had Elide palming a knife. She slowly crept to the door, and peeked through the door. Seeing no one there, she uncertainly opened the door. If Manon was playing a prank on her—

A bark had the knife sliding out of her hand.

Elide looked down.

Sitting on her front porch was a massive, midnight pelted dog wagging his enormous tail. A coo went through Elide’s throat before she could help it and the dog’s tongue lolled out. A thick collar wrapped around his neck, and Elide hesitantly reached out for it.

When she bent down, the brutish dog licked her palm eagerly, settling onto its hind legs. Elide turned the collar over, scratching the soft skin between his ears, reading the letters engraved onto the leather.


Being Peter Parkers sidekick

  • You had known from day one that Peter was spiderman.
  • So you wanted in. Obviously.
  • You didn’t stop bugging him until he finally agreed with you, but only as his sidekick.
  • You happily obliged, and spent all night working on your own suit.
  • Your suit was a mix between dark blue and pale yellow, and instead of shooting spiderweb, tiny ninja stars erupted from the sleeve of your suit at your command.
  • Peter was quite impressed, although he tried his best not to show it.
  • It didn’t work. You saw right through him.
  • Let’s face it. You were a far better fighter than Peter. Whereas Peter was kind of really clumsy, you fought with grace and elegance, and Peter had multiple times told you looked like a deadly ballerina.
  • Even though you were a better fighter, Peter always insisted on fighting the big guy, because ‘he could handle it’.
  • You’d have to fix him up every time.
  • It has actually been so many times that you had taken a First Aid course.
  • You not minding fixing Peter up.
  • Laughing at all Peter’s one-liners.
  • “Stop, please stop,” you said in between giggles, “If you continue with your jokes I won’t be able to knock the teeth out of the bad guy’s mouth.”
  • Peter nodded his head as saying he’d stop.
  • He never did tho, which always caused in to have the two of you fighting a really tricky match.
  • “I swear to God Peter, if you joke one more time during our missions, I’m going to not-so-accidentally impale you with my ninja star.”
  • He shut up after that.
  • You’d give him knowing looks when you passed each other in the hallway.
  • And one-time, you had been sent out of class because you were laughing way too hard during a kid’s presentation. But come on, it was a presentation about spiders, and the sour look that settled across Peter’s face was enough to keep you laughing for days.
  • Always having each others backs.
  • And even though you might have been his sidekick, he was your best friend, and he was the best thing that had ever happened to you.
When we touch
We combust
As if Vesuvius
Were to erupt
Like the stars
In the sky,
Bright as day,
Dark as night
Your galaxies
Pour out light
Pulling me in,
Holding me tight,
As I orbit around
Your solar system
Belts of stars,
And constellations
Time will freeze
Then continue
You are my universe
I’ll explore space with you
—  J. DeLissio, day 153, “the universe within us”
An Indecent Proposal

A/N: So. I originally wanted to get this done yesterday but was so worried it was gonna turn out like shit. But after going over my notes and some encouragement from @arathewallflower, I’m releasing it into the tumblr void. Fair warning, there is SMUT within. It’s not too heavy (at least IMO) but it’s there so if that’s not your thing, go ahead and skip it. It conveniently fit between some asterisks so just keep scrolling and you’ll pass it. Also, this was inspired by this post. Saw it and just couldn’t help myself ;) Anyways. Hope you enjoy!

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An Indecent Proposal

Tonight was the biggest night of his life and she was late.

Finn glanced at the clock, fiddling with his tie. Okay, only by about 20 minutes…but the reservation was for 6 and she still needed to get ready and her advanced lit course always let out at 4:30 and it’s now 4:52 and oh god, where’s the box?

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Sherlock Dirty One-Shot: Dominance (Requested by Anon)

A/N: As a reminder, requests are still closed. Enjoy!

Sherlock angrily shoved you against the door of his apartment. His mouth was on yours in a rough, heated passion. Hands were balled into fists against the wood and bodies pressed were against each other so that every single body part somehow connected heatedly. 

This wasn’t like Sherlock. In fact, this was something that Sherlock would never do. It was strange, that he would suddenly become this needy for you and your body. Nevertheless, it was something new and the fact that you were finally acting out the naughty thoughts you thought about Sherlock every single day was a dream come true for you. 

Sherlock removed his lips from yours and kissed a trail that led from the corner of your mouth all the way down to your collarbone. Within seconds, Sherlock had found your weak spot and nibbled down on it the second his lips came in contact with it. 

You closed your eyes and let out a soft moan, to which he smirked against your skin and nibbled down on it harder. 

Sherlock released his mouth from your neck and towered over you. His six foot tall frame made him look somewhat of a giant, as you were in fact quite short. 

He was breathless as he stared down at you. His fists were still pressing themselves into the door on either side of your head and his pupils were dilated, so much that they almost turned his eyes completely black. 

You stared back up at him with the shyness of a mouse but the neediness and want of lustful virgin. 

Without speaking, Sherlock quickly opened his door and shoved you inside. He quickly slammed his mouth onto yours and led you all the way into his bedroom without once breaking the kiss. 

When the door to his bedroom was flown open and you were pushed inside, Sherlock pushed you onto his bed and positioned himself on top of you so that his knees were on either side of you.

He stopped for a minute, clearly taking his actions into consideration.

“I - I don’t know what’s going on with me.” Sherlock stammered indecisively, “I’m not supposed to feel like this, this isn’t natural - this isn’t right.”

You instinctively sat up and caressed his shoulders softly.

The words came out of your mouth as a murmur, “Sherlock. Just let it happen.”

You stared up at him with seductive, beady eyes as you softly attached his hands to your hips and pulled him on top of you.

“I know you want it.” you purred. Sherlock groaned lightly under his breath: the sound of your voice in bed suddenly became a major turn-on for him.

You leaned forward and let your lips caress his ear lightly, “Just try it. I promise you won’t regret it…”

Something in Sherlock immediately changed. As he pulled away to look at you, his mouth formed into a charming, devilish-like smile and he let out a low chuckle from the back of his throat. 


Suddenly, he leapt off of the bed and stared intensely at you with his built arms crossed over his flat chest. 

“Take your clothes off.”

You blinked and suddenly became shy again. Now your confidence slowly started to wither away.

“Go on. Strip for me. I want you naked. Now." 

His tone was smooth, like velvet - but demanding and assertive. Your core throbbed in anticipation as you obliged to his wishes and kneeled in front of him on the bed. But you didn’t move - suddenly you were scared, self-conscious.

Sherlock huffed impatiently. 

"If you’re worried about how I’ll react upon seeing your body, don’t be nervous. You’re beautiful with clothes on, who’s to say you won’t be beautiful with clothes off?”

You sucked in a tiny breath but obliged. As you discarded your clothing, Sherlock’s jaw tightened and he sucked in a sharp breath at the sight of your body in the dim lighting of his bedroom. 

“See?” he spoke breathlessly, letting his arms fall to his sides, “Beautiful. Just as I said.”

You just sat there, waiting for him to make the next move. Something inside of you was begging you to demand him to strip too, but there was another part of you that wanted to see what Sherlock would do upon finally seeing you naked. 

Within seconds, he had unbuttoned his shirt and thrown it across the room - along with his pants. 

He was breathing heavily as he walked forward and climbed on top of you, hovering over your body as he lay you down on his bed. 

Slowly, he reached down, firmly gripped your wrists in his hands, and raised them over your head. You gasped at his suddenly dominant action but said nothing. 

“Listen to me.”, Sherlock ordered, “Tonight, you’re going to do whatever I want. You’re going to come when I want you to come, and you’re going to beg when I want you to beg. Understood?”

You swallowed and nodded meekly, finally understanding where this was going.

“I will have my way with you.” he added, “And I promise you - you’ll love it.”

Sherlock didn’t even give you a chance to respond - for he had mercilessly shoved his mouth against yours and worked his tongue inside of it like it was a routine, everyday thing. You could only oblige; so you let him roughly kiss you incessantly. 

Sherlock suddenly broke away and watched your face as he slowly ran two fingers along your soaking heat. You let out a choppy breath and a quiet moan as he rubbed you almost expertly. 

“You like that, don’t you?” he rasped. 

When no answer came from your mouth, he decided to pick up the pace. 

He slid one finger into you, which quickly turned into two. You closed your eyes and moaned. Surprisingly, he was really good at this. Somehow, Sherlock knew exactly where to touch you and when. His fingers dove in and out of your throbbing pussy as they twisted and turned inside of you in ways you would never even expect would come out from him. He suddenly knew to give your clit some attention, and so he attached his thumb to it and rubbed soft circles on it. He wasn’t too rough, but he wasn’t too soft either - which was perfect. 

Sherlock released your wrists to let his hands run down your body. You squirmed under his hands and whimpered when he squeezed your breast and hit your g-spot with the tip of his fingers. 

“Mm..” Sherlock hummed, “You like that, don’t you (Y/N)?”

You tightly gripped the wrist that was forcing his fingers to plunge in and out of you and nodded weakly. 

“M-more, Sherlock.”

Sherlock raised his eyebrows and bit down softly on his lip. 

 "You want more?“

"Dear God, yes Sherlock!”

He chuckled darkly to himself. “Then beg.”

You whimpered and moaned loudly as he picked up the pace with his fingers and placed sloppy kisses on the undersides of your breasts - with the other hand still squeezing and pulling on the nipples of your breasts.

“Sherlock,” , you whined, “For the love of God, please give me more.”

He stayed silent and let you continue on, “I want your soft tongue on me. I want you to taste me. Please Sherlock, baby, please!”

Sherlock pulled out his fingers. “Okay.”

Within seconds, he had your legs wrapped around his neck and his face in front of your soaking pussy. 

He stared at it in a mixture of hunger and interest. Sherlock looked over at you with hooded eyes and smirked. Now was his chance. 

Sherlock kept eye contact with you as he kissed your clit softly once, making you shudder. He proceeded to continue on, only he intensified the pleasure by licking a long stripe up your slit and slowly working his way around your core. Sherlock’s tongue quickly learned how to maneuver itself around you and had you whimpering and squirming underneath his tongue. His fingernails dug into the skin as a command to stay still, but you ignored it. After all, you couldn’t. Sherlock was practically tongue-fucking you like his life depended on it and no matter how much you tried to oblige to his rules, you couldn’t. He was too good.

You grasped his hair and tugged on the strands roughly, emitting a low growl that came from his throat and rumbled onto your quivering pussy. You moaned loudly as you pushed your hips down on his tongue, which only shoved him inside of you even more. 

Your orgasm was on the brink of destruction and Sherlock was fully aware of it. 

“Come.” Sherlock grumbled into your skin, “Come now. I want to taste you.”

You obeyed his command and released all over his mouth. Some got on his lips, some got on his tongue. But it didn’t matter to him. Sherlock lapped up everything, leaving him and you virtually spotless. 

Sherlock gently put your legs down and lined his thickened shaft up with your entrance, earning another quivering moan from you.

“S-Sherlock,” you muttered helplessly, “I don’t know if I can take another one.”

He growled lowly in his throat to himself. “You can and you will.”

Sherlock softly pushed himself inside of you and let his mouth fall open. He threw his head back in complete and utter bliss - the loud moan that spilled from his lips was a sign of that. 

You moaned and gripped onto his biceps for dear life as he slid all the way inside of you. Sherlock filled you up and stretched you out in ways that you never thought could be humanly possible. Despite the man’s little care for human emotion, his huge cock made up for it. 

He pushed himself in so that his balls slapped against your skin softly and groaned at the feeling of his large cock inside of your tight, warm, pussy. His face watched yours; his eyes connected with yours as he pulled out and slammed himself inside of you again. Stars erupted in his eyes and the only thing he could see and feel was you.

You shut your eyes and whimpered and moaned as he thrusted in and out of you - slowly at first but as soon as he started to get the hang of it, he began picking up the pace and started to go faster. 

“O-oh God, Sherlock!” you whimpered, eyes still shut in complete bliss.

“Open your eyes.” he growled, “I want to watch you." 

You forced your eyes open and stared into Sherlock’s. They were seemingly full of pleasure yet tired. He was close - you could feel it, because you were too. 

Sherlock let out an animalistic moan as he pounded into you with everything he had, making euphoria wash over the both of you and letting you moan in his face - which only turned him on more.

Without warning, Sherlock had spilled inside of you and started to slow down. You followed shortly after and then, he slowly pulled out and sat in an upright position next to you. 

"Well then.” he murmured breathlessly, “That was fun, wouldn’t you say?" 

You smiled up at him and balanced yourself on your elbows, nodding quickly. "That was a lot of fun.”

Sherlock genuinely smiled back at you and gave your cheek a quick peck before getting up and slipping on his robe.

“I’m going to make tea.” he said abruptly, turning still smiling lightly at you, “Would you like some?”

You giggled and nodded immediately. 

As he left the room, you fell backwards on his bed again and smiled up at the ceiling. Finally, your fantasies had been fulfilled.

Now is not the time

Rebelcaptain appreciation week day 4 - Nerve

Three times Jyn and Cassian almost worked up the nerve and one time they finally did.

Read it on ao3.

Summary: Her heartbeat picks up again, with an adrenaline unlike anything she’s known in her years as a soldier and survivor. It doesn’t make her want to run, or fight. Instead she gets the urge to close the small distance between them, wrap her arms around him, lock her lips to his, leave no space between them.

Words: 1645

The beeping of the equipment is a steady point amid the chaos of Jyn’s mind. She tries to match her breath, her heartbeat to it. To calm herself, steady the panic that has lodged in her chest.

It doesn’t work.

Instead, with each beep, a new image flashes in her mind. The bolt flashing from the man in white’s blaster. Cassian falling. His body hitting the deck of the data vault. The way he leaned into her fully on the beach, unable to support himself. The echo as he dropped to the ground in the ship, safe from the Death Star’s blast but not from harm. His eyes looking up, trying to focus on her as they closed.

They haven’t opened since.

They made it back to Yavin IV, thanks to Bodhi. There were few survivors outside of the three of them. The medics and droids had seen to Cassian immediately, he had bacta treatment and a full work up. They said he would pull through, that she shouldn’t worry. That didn’t stop her.

It’s not until his eyes open, deep brown staring back at her once more, that she finally feels calm.

He smiles, and it overwhelms her.

“Jyn,” he whispers.

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Arranged Love Pt.18 | Jungkook

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 14.5 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Epilogue

Summary: When you and Jungkook are forced into an arranged marriage for publicity, you never expected to find yourself falling for him - even if you know it’s wrong.

Word Count: 4,093

Genre: Fluff/angst

A/N: Be warned that this is the second last chapter though I think I might write a small epilogue. :’) Also, if you really want to immerse yourself into these last few chapters, totally listen to Jungkook’s cover of Nothing Like Us and die softly with me. 

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