A few sketches and color palette tests of Zelda and Erune (or Elne?  I’m never sure which spelling to use).

Zelda’s design I based mostly off the back cover of volume one, but I think I’m leaning toward making her a redhead, like she is in the Four Swords Adventures game.

As far as I know, there isn’t any canon full-color art for Erune, so I pretty much just had to wing it!  I’ve used the color teal to represent her in the past, so I went with that.


(Since I know this has the potential to be a controversial subject, I want to reiterate that these are just my headcanons, and I’m totally cool with other people thinking differently than I do.)

Okay so I’ve thought of this mostly in the context of the modern/college AU that I didn’t mean to create but accidentally ended up creating anyway.  The characters are members of the campus LGBT+ club, affectionately named “Alphabet Soup” because they didn’t want to use an acronym and end up leaving someone out by accident.

Zelda is the club founder.  She is genderfluid, but defaults to she/her pronouns most of the time.  While in “boy mode,” he goes by Sheik and uses he/him pronouns.

Green is a cis/straight ally (or so he thinks.  He’ll figure out he’s bi eventually.  The fact that his crush on Zelda persists just as strong with Sheik probably should have been a hint.)

Blue is a trans guy (in the modern AU, at least).  I haven’t decided whether I think he’s straight or bi yet.

Red prefers not to label himself.  He hasn’t got a problem with other people using labels, of course!  He just doesn’t for himself.  If he did try to classify himself, he’d probably come up with: some shade of non-binary (he/him pronouns, mostly, because they don’t bother him and they’re what he’s used to, but he also would be fine with they/them) and either aro-ace or gray-romantic and gray-ace.

Erune’s in the club, too, as a cis/straight ally.  She’s been friends with Red since they were children, and they hang out a lot and paint each others nails.

Vio and Shadow, as I mentioned here, are both asexual.  Vio’s homoromantic, Shadow’s panromantic.  They’re both cis, but Shadow likes to confound gender presentation sometimes regardless.  Occasionally, he’ll paint his nails or wear a skirt – he says it pisses off the sort of people who ought to be pissed off.

Unfortunately, the best answer I can give to this one is a gigantic *shrugs*

‘Cause Vio and Shadow are my OTP, and you’re correct in yourassumption that I generally figure Green and Zelda are together, but beyondthat I’m kinda a multishipper.  So, Redand Blue together?  Sure, why not?  Either one of them with Erune?   Sounds cute to me!  One of various OT3 arrangements, maybe?  Hey, as long as everyone’s communicating and in agreement, three cheers for healthy polyamory!  Or maybe Red’s aro-ace and just happy to love all his friends platonically?  Sounds legit, not everyone needs or wants romance.

(Also, @lightlady5, that probably answers your first question about whether or not Vio and Shadow are a couple (yes, they totally are in my headcanons), but don’t worry, I’ll post a further headcanon about them together soon (er… soon-ish) to answer the second part of your ask.)

Well, I talked here about how good I think each of them would be at singing, but I don’t have particular “they would sound like this person” ideas in mind.  Hm, that’s something to think about…

Oh!  Wait, there is one.  It’s not a perfect fit, but Broadway Karkat is actually pretty close to what I imagine for Shadow.

Going modern!AU for this one because I felt like it, and also putting it under a readmore because it’s a several-panel comic and therefore a little on the long side.

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92 truths

i was tagged by @guinea-pig-goddess 

What was your: 

Last drink:


Last phone call:

mom lol

Last text message:

well, i mostly snapchat so idk but my most recent other was “cuuute” ofc

Last song you listened to?:  

an edited version of over the rainbow by 21p to make tyler sound like a chipmunk again ofc

Have you ever: 

Dated someone twice: nope

Been cheated on: nope

Kissed someone & regretted it:

nopenopenope lol

Lost someone special:


Been depressed

not diagnosed but idk

Been drunk & thrown up:

no i dont drink enough @ once to get drunk

List three favorite colours:

teal, lavender, black

In the last year, have you:

Made a new friend:

yeah :D

Laughed until you cried:

maybe, i hope so

Met someone who changed you:


Found out who your true friends are:


Found someone was talking about you:

no i think

Kissed anyone on your FB list:



How many people on your FB friends list do you know irl?:


Do you have any pets?:

a dog and a beaded dragon

Do you want to change your name?:

not really

What did you do for your last birthday?:

movies and bowling

What time did you wake up today?:

umm, i think 9, im trying to get my life in order so im waking up earlier :D

What were you doing at midnight last night?: crying idk, maybe watching oitnb
Name one thing you cannot wait for: seeing friends back in az or escaping to college august 18
Last time your saw your mother in person: today
What’s one thing you wish you could change about your life?: be more open idk, i wish i was a person that felt comfortable being open
What are you listening to right now?: amber run
What’s getting on your nerves right now?: stress of everything feeling off without anything actually being wrong, like that pit in your stomach that makes no sense 
Most visited website: tumblr lol
Blood type: i should know this, im a blood donor… umm, maybe a+
Nicknames: one friend calles me rinrin every once in a while (shoutout 2 u darebear)
Relationship: single (probably forever) lol
Zodiac sign: virgo, the stuck up teachers pet of course lol
Pronouns: she/her
Favorite TV show: idk, lots, maybe steven universe
College: yeah this fall im a freshman as csu
Hair color: brown and blue
Long or short: supah short
Height: 5′9″ but i lie and say 5′10″ a lot
Do you have a crush on someone?: yeah, but supah lowkey kinda crush
What do you like about yourself?:ummm, idk, i like my hair. I like that I can draw
Tattoos: not yet
Righty or lefty: righty
First piercing: ears
First best friend: this girl in preschool named nicole that always helped me be a true rebel (we used to eat our fruitsnacks first even though its the desert TRUE REBELZ)
First sport you joined: tumbling i think
First vacation: probably to one of the great lakes in Michigan or smthn
First pair of sneakers: how am i supposed to know??????

Right now: 





I’m about to:

maybe netflix. probably netflix, or tumblr, sleep maybe

Waiting for:


Want kids:

idk, i think maybe yes

Get married:

yea, i wanna spend my life with a best friend/partner in marriage but finding someones a bit of a weak point


im a student now :(((  so no career. i wanna be a veterinarian tho. smthn with critical care maybe

Which is better: 

Lips or eyes:

ooooo, idk, probs eyes

Hugs or kisses:

hugs hella, i love hugs, i wanna hug someone rn

Shorter or taller:


Older or younger:

ummm, idk

Nice tummy or nice arms:

on me? tummy idk, on someone else? maybe arms, still idk 4sure tho

Sensitive or loud:  

eh im cool with either

Hook up or relationship:

relationship, im not the hookup type @all

Troublemaker or hesitant

i am hesitant but for other, idc

Have you ever:

Kissed a stranger:


Drank hard liquor:


Lost glasses/contacts:

yea, i think so

Broke someone’s heart:

idk maybe a small crush but never a heart

Had your heart broken:


Been arrested:


Turned someone down:

not really… i kinda do this shitty thing when i think someone has a crush on me i avoid them till they get the picture cuz im not good with that kind of thing

Fallen for a friend:

lowkey yes

Do you believe in: 


eh sometimes



Love at first sight:

not really, theoretically yes, but in reality i doubt it


yea, in a hopey kind of way



Kiss on first date:

ehhh not for me but u do u



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if i tagged u and u dont want to do it, idc, i just thought of u guys off the top of my head

In my modern AU, they aren’t all related.  With a few exceptions, they didn’t meet each other until starting college.  The exceptions being: Shadow, Green, and Zelda were all very close as children (Zelda’s family moved away when they were in highschool, though).  Green and Shadow went to the same highschool as Vaati and Gufuu.  And Red and Erune have been friends since they were kids, too.  Other than that, no one had met beforehand.

I haven’t decided on how all of them met yet.  I know Blue and Shadow were randomly assigned as roommates (yeah, that went about as well as you might expect).  Green and Red met because Red accidentally cut his hand pretty badly in an art class, and Green happens to carry first-aid with him at all times.  Possibly Vio and Zelda met at an archery range?  IDK.

( lightlady5 Thank you! :D)

I don’t know for sure how they eventually got together (and if I did, I probably wouldn’t say, because at some point, hopefully, I want to write a fic, and I wouldn’t want to spoil it).  What I can say is that this whole ‘verse is largely an excuse to smush as many of the cool modern AU prompts that come across my dash as possible into one AU, so there’s a lot of odd coincidences and randomly meeting each other repeatedly in strange situations.


cbearc2  asked:

So, in relation to that comic you posted a while ago, with Shadow and Vio trying to come up with a way to communicate while Shadow is in the shadow/dark world, we saw how Vio and Red could see Shadow. As a regular shadow, right? How does Shadow see them?? Are they shadowy blobs to him? Light blobs? I'm rather curious as to what you think!! :D thank you!!

[The comic in question]

My headcanon is that the boundary between the Dark World and the Light World isn’t exactly a hard-and-fast line.  If you are totally 100% in the Dark World, you cannot see or be seen in the Light World.  However, the boundaries can be fuzzy - certain places (like the woods outside Erune’s village) or certain circumstances (like the use of the Dark Mirror’s magic) can create a situation where a person could be not quite in one world or the other.

Depending on various factors, this could be minor (like Erune’s friend’s shadow being visible in the light world without his knowledge or conscious control) or major (like Shadow deliberately projecting into one of the Links’ shadows).  Being able to consciously control his appearance in the light world, and being able to see the light world, takes a lot of concentration and energy.  From the perspective of someone who is still completely in the Dark World, Shadow would appear to be meditating or sleeping.  When he’s doing this, he can see the Light World from the perspective of the shadow he’s projecting into.  It looks mostly normal, though maybe a little blurry or over-exposed.