EruMikeRi / Eruri / Erumike / Mikeri Height Comparison


As you can see Levi’s head would reach above Erwin’s shoulder, but below Mike’s shoulder. The top of Erwin’s head reaches about the top of Mike’s ears & eyebrows. 

                                         ERUMIKE / MIKERU 

The top of Erwin’s head reaches about the top of Mike’s ears & eyebrows.

                                           MIKERI / RIVAMIKE

Levi’s head barely reaches / is level with the top of Mike’s shoulders. 

                                           ERURI / RIVAWIN

As you can see the top of Levi’s head goes above Erwin’s shoulder, probably about collarbone / bottom of the neck line. 

Fanfic Appreciation Day

Sorry I’m rather late to the day >_<;;

So this list actually going to be just mikeri and erumikeri fics. Eruri is my number 1 otp but mikeri is a close second and who doesn’t love it when both ships come together ;) I’m sticking with mikeri (and erumikeri) because it’s still a relatively small ship so I want to give these fics as much encouragement as I can! bolded usernames for a high recommendation of the authors other works.


  •   To Hate An Alpha by FairyLights101
  • A/B/O dynamics with Alpha!Mike and Omega!Levi. Deals with past abuse/rape and is full of sweet hurt/comfort fluff! I love this fic and highly recommend it, it updates regularly and is already past the 52k word mark

  • At the End of All Your Lines by wispmother                
  • modern magic AU. Levi and Mike are the sons of witches, Levi down on his luck happens to get on a bus with Mike and their connection draws them to each other. Mike offers Levi a place to stay on the top floor of his apartment where other familiar snk people who are part of the craft show up. Slower to update but well worth the wait

  • Desk Work by naomin                
  • oneshot cannonverse PWP with alllll the right kinks ;)

  • To Love a Blind Man by ChaosAngel1111 
  • Oneshot modern AU. Levi meets Mike after becoming blind, their life together and Levi finding someone to keep him safe in the dark.

  • Another World by foxysquid               
  • Modern AU reincarnation fic with a twist, oneshot.Another one I highly recommend!

  • Always by SP00K               
  • A lot of you are probably already familiar with SP00K but this one is a bit different from their normal stuff. oneshot cannonverse about how Mike and Levi’s relationship progresses.

erumikeri or eruri and mikeri

  • The Human Touch by Cherry                
  • New from cherry, a futuristic AU, only one chapter long at the moment but that chapter is 10k so there’s plenty to go though.

  • Cat’s Cradle by Leech                
  • An Asylum AU with doctor!Erwin, husband!Levi and patient!Mike. Hasn’t updated in a bit but is a really good read!

  • Battle Royal by SP00K                
  • Cannonverse PWP but sneaky Mike and Levi