eruka the frog

Rules: Answer the questions, ask ten of your own, and tag ten people. I was tagged by @kitsunealchemy​ thank you so much!

1. Favorite place to travel to/place you want to travel to: I’ve loved both my trips to South America! I’ve been to Peru and Chile and I loved them each in different ways, and I’d love to go back. I’d love to travel to Brazil and Argentina, and also Japan. but I’d really like to travel anywhere in the world!  

2. Bowties or normal ties? Depends on the person!

3. What is a popular book/book series that you don’t quite like? : Ummm gosh I’m actually a big fan of most mainstream series? I guess Goosebumps? 50 shades? Idk!

4. Have you ever cosplayed (and as who, if you have)?: :,) Oh of course. I’ve cosplayed Diane from NNT, Eruka Frog from Soul Eater, Neliel from Bleach, Roxy, Dirk, Vriska, Meulin, and Cronus from Homestuck, Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2, Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki, Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, Starfire from Teen Titans, Poison Ivy from DC comics, Ty Lee from ATLA… I think that’s it! Though I’m working on a few more :,).

5. Do you/have you ever listened to Vocaloid? No! Maybe a song or two but nothing of note.

6. What is your least favorite day of the week? Probably tuesday.

7. Favorite holiday? Christmas! Or New Years!

8. If you could spend a whole day with one fiction character (with a minimal chance of death), who would it be? Elizabeth Liones and I’d just compliment her the entire time

9. On that topic, if you had to swap bodies with any fiction character for a day, who would it be? GOD THE SAME ^

10. What is your opinion of spiders? I try not to harm them as long as they arent…. too close

My Questions: 

1.) What’s one song you dissociate to (or in more normal people terms, feel really at peace when listening to)?

2.)  What’s the number one movie and/or show that you watch that makes you feel pleasantly nostalgic?

3.) What career would you dream to be if money/education/etc. were no issue? 

4.) What’s one fandom you love a lot but aren’t really involved in on tumblr?

5.) What was one of the first usernames for an account you made online on any site? 

6.) What’s one thing you genuinely like/appreciate about yourself? 

7.) Where’s one place you’ve been to that you felt emitted a particularly chaotic dark energy?

8.) What do you think your alignment is (On the good/neutral/evil true/neutral/chaotic scale) and why  

9.) What’s one aspect of yourself you are working to improve? 

10.)  How do you feel about Hawk from NNT?

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Tadpole Chain-chomp is one of my favourite things I have ever made. And he was super quick to make! I put his body together the day before the con and his face was finished in the hotel room >.< I need to stop bringing work to the con.

Photo and editing by: @hmcosplay
Costume and props by: Me! ✨


A collection of a few remaining sketch commissions I had pending from after conventions last month, including some etsy customer thank you cards.

The Black Widow sketch was an unused sketch commission example piece.

I’ll be starting those kind of commissions again over summer via my etsy.