eruaias sunsinger

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Eruaias will often bring somewhat unnecessary items with him while traveling to make his bedding times more comfortable, such as a few candles, a throw blanket, and a usually a fragrant plant. Whether he gets them out or not depends on the sleeping arrangements, however.


Part of my resolution this year is to practice and incorporate more animation techniques: unique silhouette, squash and stretch, simplified detail and shapes in the figure, ect. Though I don’t suspect I’ll go into animation, I’m of the opinion that they have the best grasp of tight, fluid characters and since I’m such an OC junkie and really like drawing characters, I should try to understand that.
Featuring Eru and his glorious mane.


Character: Eruaias Sunsinger

Faceclaim: Iwan Rheon

Literally, this took me ages to find, so it’s a lil late. I needed someone who had a fairly short face, big nose, and more than one picture of. While Iwan Rheon originally looked a little too square-faced than I had imagined, but his mannerisms quickly grew on me for Eru. Firstly and namely the eyes. Eruaias is exceptionally expressive with his eyes- as it makes up for his size- and often gets this pretty intense stare that can look, really, almost owlish. But he also looks down a lot, and searches things, whereas his mouth rarely moves more than a little. Little smiles, little frowns. It’s rare that he smiles very much around people he’s not particularly close to.

A large part of his character also is that he’s really quite serious and tries to be purposeful in what he does, since he is very self conscious about his small stature and young-looking face. I really like how Iwan walks in the two gifs above, with a large shoulder-swing and solid gait. Like his walk, Eru’s pretty solid. And usually pretty reliable/predictable.

However, Eru still manages to care a lot about people, and is actually pretty gentle and sweet when he’s not trying to prove that he actually is just as capable as everyone else. Ok i’m done now <3