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The Silmarillion Alphabet

A is for Argon, most forgotten of all;

B is for Bauglir, you jerk;

C is for Celegorm, Curufin, Caranthir;

D is for Daeron, the lost; 

E is for Eru Iluvatar;

F is for Finwe and his sons: FeanorFingolfin and Finarfin;

G is for Gil-Galad (who’s your dad anyway?);

H is for Helcaraxë, very cold; 

I is for Ingwë and Ingwion and Indis;

J is for John Ronald Reuel;

K is for Khîm of the dwarves;

L is for Luthein, most beautiful of all, 

M is for Maedhros and Maglor;

N is for Nope what you all should have said;

O is for Osse, the Maia;

P is Penlod the Lord of two houses;

Q is Quennar the Lore Master;

R is for Rumil and his Runes;

S is Saeros and Salgant (the misfits)

T is for Turin Turambar;

U is Ulfang and his sons;

V is Varda who lit the sky;

W is for the Waters and Ulmo their lord;

X is for -itë (which means ‘having x’)

Y is Yavanna, the mother of ents;

Z is for ze end.

"Who is Who?" Valar Edition

Here’s a quick list of some of the characters of the Silmarillion with brief (silly) descriptions. Ilúvatar & Valar only. All of them have like 800 names, so I’m just going to use the ones I prefer to use for them.

Eru Ilúvatar God of Gods. Mega-God. Super-God. He made … basically everything and anything you can think of.

Ainu/Ainur “The Holy Ones;” For clarification, this just means all the Valar and Maiar (who will get their own Who is Who).

Vala/Valar So Super-God made all these Gods. They’re like your middle-Gods. Wicked powerful, but ESSENTIALLY Eru is the only one that can create beings and give them life.

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Eru Ilúvatar

look at him  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

the first time i drew him was here, and i decided to experiment with his design more

I got a bunch of noise brushes, which is basically brushes that scatter, and iv been having way too much fun with them

First time i actually sat my butt down and didnt rush through a painting, *pats self on the back*

To Have and To Hold

As Thorin huffed and strained against Azog’s sword, he realized there was only one way this could end; he could either die alone, or he could take the Orc scum with him. 

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Summarizing "Ainulindalë"

Ilúvatar: Hey guys, I know Melkor is a dick, but I’m gonna send you all to Earth anyway. Have fun.

Ilúvatar: …. look at them go, how neat is that. Doing music and everything.

Ilúvatar: Everyone, Melkor is kind of shitty - you should watch out for him. He’ll start wars and shit with you. Look, he’s ruining stuff right now.

Ilúvatar: Seriously, guys, Melkor -
Melkor: *ruining shit*
Ilúvatar: GUYS …

Ilúvatar: omg Melkor stop
Melkor: Make me.
Ilúvatar: Stahp.
Melkor: Nope.

Ilúvatar: Ulmo, Melkor is literally ruining everything.
Ulmo: Gotta save that water. *Allies with Manwë*
Melkor: *continues to ruin everything*
Ilúvatar: This was a terrible idea.


Eru Illúvatar drafts

- Eru with the Valar and the main Maiar

1.) Eonwë 2.) Arien 3.) Tilion 4.) Vána 5.) Oromë 6.) Eru 7.) Melian 8.) Aulë 9.) Yavanna 10.) Melkor 11.) Manwë 12.) Mairon 13.) Irmo 14.) Este 15.) Námo 16.) Vairë 17.) Curumo 18.) Pallando 19.) Alatar 20.) Aiwendil 21.) Olorin 22.) Nessa 23.) Tulkas 24.) Ossë 25.) Uinen 26.) Nienna 27.) Ulmo 28.) Varda 29.) Ilmarë 

FUCK I JUST REALIZED i didn’t draw Salmar…I will add him later.

- Eru condemning Númenor


Since Melkor is holding Manwë in the first picture there was a discussion about Melkor getting hugs from his dad and brother, and I said that he thought those were the best. But then this happened:


Women of Númenor
Númenor was a huge island located in the Sundering Seas to the west of Middle-earth and was the greatest realm of Men. It was brought up from the sea as a gift from the Valar to the Edain, the Fathers of Men who had stood with the Elves of Beleriand against Morgoth in the War of Wrath. However, the inhabitants’ rebellion against the Valar led to the downfall of the island and death of the majority of its population. -J.R.R. Tolkien

One day Morgoth will return from Void to fight in the final battle and the world will be destroyed. And Eru Iluvatar will create a new, better one.

…but what if Melkor already saw end of previous worlds made by Eru Iluvatar? And during Great Music his “alien thoughts” wove into his music were memories of previous creations? The things he wanted to keep from being forever forgotten - maybe his own creations he was found of? But only Melkor remembers about those worlds, so no one understand why so stubbornly he disturbed Great Music three times… and because his music sound somehow familiar, some of Maiars tried join him in his “visions” and after that became his servants.

Now Melkor is waiting in Void and he knows that sooner or later Arda will be destroyed with his help. And after that Eru is going to make a new world with next Great Music and everything will be repeat.

…and Melkor will again sing about all those worlds that were once created and destroyed and again no one will remember about their past lifes, except him and Eru.

…and Aule will again make dwarves… because he always make them, no matter how many worlds were created and destroyed… Melkor is not even amused anymore.

Reading the chapter "Of Aule and Yavanna". For fans of Ents and dwarves.

I was actually very fascinated and entertained. I shall summarize in my words what this part was all about.

So Aule [you can pretty much say he’s the god/creator of things of the earth and a skillful craftsman who lays the very foundations of land and under] is married to Yavanna [you could say she’s a goddess of trees and living things]

All the Valar [gods, you may call them] are waiting for the coming of Eru Iluvatar’s “firstborn” [aka the elves, the first beings to inhabit Arda. Keep in mind middle-earth is only but a part of Arda. And Eru Iluvatar is pretty much the supreme God, aka Jehovah in tolkien’s universe]. So Aule gets impatient waiting for these “God’s firstborn” to come by, so he decides to secretly make some living beings of his own.

Since he did not know what the “firstborn” beings will look like, he ends up creating these seven short statured creatures underground. Hence, the dwarves were born! But Eru Iluvatar, the supreme God, saw this with his omnipotent eyes, and was like, “not cool man. You’re supposed to wait for my firstborn beings to come by. I’m pretty mad.” So Aule is all regretful and doesn’t want to get on Eru’s bad side so he apologizes and is about to destroy his seven frightened dwarves. But Eru took compassion on Aule and his sincerity and his little dwarves so he allowed to let them live before Aule could smite his own beloved creation. But this was at a cost for the dwarves, that they should live though, because the elves would still be counted as firstborn children of Eru Iluvatar even though the dwarves were already there before the elves would come by. Hence, dwarves and elves would always not get along very well [a note to those noobs who only know about lord of the rings: Yes, this is why legolas and gimli’s awesome friendship is so adorable and significant]

So remember Yavanna? Aule’s tree-lovin wife? She gets mad that her hubby made these underground creatures without telling her. And she also gets upset when Aule spills the truth which is all creatures will one way or another have to cut down her beautiful creations [trees] for their own use. Yavanna bitches about this to Manwe [another valar or “god” like Aule and Yavanna. He rules the skies and hears all and is the appointed ruler of all the other valar]. Manwe suddenly gets spoken to by Eru who tells him that in the creation of the world when they all sung the world into being, a little voice was heard by Yavanna and Eru. That little sound would constitute the creation of Yavanna’s personal little shepherds of her forests. Thus, the Ents were there to guard the forests!!!!! Hooray

The best part though, is the last part of the chapter, which I will quote here: “‘Eru is bountiful,’ she [yavanna] said. ‘Now let thy children beware! For there shall walk a power in the forests whose wrath they will arouse at their peril.’ ‘Nonetheless they will have need of wood,’ said Aule, and he went on with his smith-work.” OWNED