Rashaida Tribe Woman Near Massawa, Eritrea by Eric Lafforgue Photography
Via Flickr:
The Rashaida tribe came to Eritrea from Saudi Arabia about 200 years ago, they live in the desert along the coastline of the Red Sea, are muslim, and their homeland extends from Massawa, Eritrea, to Port Sudan, Sudan; they are nomadic, the men are excellent camel traders and some even go to Emirates to take care of the rich people’s animals; Rashaida women always wear veils to cover their nose and their mouth, but not the hair, Rashaida live in isolated communities, preferring not to live with people of other tribes.

@ ethiopia-and-eritrea Agree with your note and made the needed changes from Eric Lafforgue comment. Thanks for pointing it out.

Just some characters of mine that I’m planning on using for a series. The series (which I’ve called, “The King’s Match” and is based off of a card game I’ve made up) covers a variety of timelines and stories and characters. Right now, all it is is just a bunch of ideas floating around in my head and as sketches. Hopefully, I can string them together to form a proper series.

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