Just some characters of mine that I’m planning on using for a series. The series (which I’ve called, “The King’s Match” and is based off of a card game I’ve made up) covers a variety of timelines and stories and characters. Right now, all it is is just a bunch of ideas floating around in my head and as sketches. Hopefully, I can string them together to form a proper series.

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I should be washing dishes before my boyfriend comes over, but I got super distracted. I think I could sit at home and watch Wedi-Shawl videos all day.

Edit: I feel pretty bad for everyone who follows this blog because I can’t spell or type or do anything as of late. College broke my brain. Sorry. I am almost done with that shit.  

I had a rugged experience with mobile service in #Eritrea. People always missed me and I barely stayed inside to answer the home phone. Reception is hard to pin and so is battery life as a result of the daily blackouts. This calling card cost a friend 110 #Nakfa which runs for roughly $2.00 on the black market. #ertra #asmara #silky #telefonekard

On a whim yesterday I decided to look up nhnan elamanan which Isaias hand-wrote in 1971. I found the PDF (as always, if you want it just ask). I then found the translation.

So like sorry rest of the semester. I am just about to dissect this shit line by line. 

My life is wonderful.