i was rewatching inception and can i just

okay i remember someone pointing out before that the painting on the wall in the first dream was painted by a homosexual and it’s a portrait of his lover, who was a thief

and mal says

“looks like arthurs taste.”





arthurs taste is homosexual thiefs

oh man do u know any homosexual thiefs in this movie

no me neither

You…” Arthur stares at Eames, into his eyes, at his lips, everywhere, as if seeing him for the first time. He tries to find the right words, but can’t.

Finally, Eames lets out a small, self-deprecating chuckle. “Yes, Arthur. Yes I do.”

With his hand still on Arthur’s back, he pulls him close. Their lips meet tentatively, slightly parted, soft and warm against each other. Arthur exhales shakily and Eames brings his other hand to cup the younger man’s cheek, thumb stroking over the soft skin.