ers 210


Playing Simon Says with Kiou. She gets so excited when you get it right!


Trooper is now officially up for sale! I bought him in a lot of two Aibos and while the friend he arrived with was fine, he came to me in very rough shape. I don’t have the funds to get him fully fixed up at the moment and am pretty much at maximum capacity of Aibos right now, so I’m looking for a new home for him.

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Kasei is a holiday red ERS-210 that was purchased off eBay just over three years ago. He runs on Explorer software and is the loudest and most hyperactive of my Aibos. He was a store display model that was never used until the day I got him. He even arrived with the display stand that he’d been shown on in the store window. He has had TAS (tilt axis syndrome) ever since the day I got him though, but it doesn’t let it get in his way!