errrr i guess he's an oc

soda-slosher  asked:


01. Full name: Galaxy Knight (hgskltheghsgghh im funny)
02. Best friend: errrr Matsu I guess? s/o’s count as best friends right-
03. Sexuality: Pansexual
04. Favorite color: Yellow
05. Relationship status: Taken by Axl-Fox’s Matsu
06. Ideal mate: Someone who doesn’t mind his rambling about different space things, and is someone that is usually positive and loves constant interaction.
07. Turn-ons: eH??? uhhhhh blankets and pillows, he likes those i guess
08. Favorite food: Chocolate chip cookies
09. Crushes: I mean he had a crush but now he has a boifriend s o-
10. Favorite music: Chiptune
11. Biggest fear: Being alone with nobody to help him.
12. Biggest fantasy: Growing up to be an astronomer at one of the biggest space exploring companies (aka splatoon’s Nasa)
13. Bad habits: He has a habit of chewing on pencils and pens when he’s thinking.
14. Biggest regret: Yelling at his parents for grounding him once because he didn’t do his homework-
15. Best kept secrets: He once broke the tv in their living room by banging on it after it wouldn’t co-operate and he hasn’t told a soul.
16. Last thought: “…How many sparkles should I add to this selfie? One? No…Two?? Yeah, two.”
17. Worst romantic experience: None! :0c
18. Biggest insecurity: His bubbly hair.
19. Weapon of choice: Splatterscope.
20. Role Model: hmmMMM a famous astronomer i guess