errr spoilers

It Could’ve been Great...

now let’s agree to disagree, like the mature gems we are.


Apparently not. 

Am I alone in feeling like the Crystal Gems over-reacted to Peridot thinking the gem colony would have been awesome? I mean, she’s literally only been with them a few weeks. Homeworld thinking has been ingrained in her for her entire existence; she’s not going to understand the importance of other species on ANOTHER PLANET that has had absolutely no meaning for her.

I understand she straight up insulted Rose Quartz. And the whole concept of the rebellion/Crystal Gems. But in a way, she is right. At this point in time, now no one is going to be living on earth. yeesh. I think she’s a little justified in saying this, even. And considering where she came from and her current development, this is a reasonable statement. Not good, not right, just reasonable. I would think the gems would be more understanding; she’s immature, and while gems can’t be kids/adults/whatever, she is, in a way, a kid. In thinking. The best thing to do here, honestly, would have been to not say anything to her, and explain things later. I mean, sooo much is already going on. They’ve just finished building a drill they need to use to get to the center of the earth and destroy a giant mutant gem that will kill them all if not stopped.


And this part:

What hell was that all about? I mean, she was genuinely scared. Garnet poofed her by squeezing her midsection to dust. Again, SHE’S ONLY BEEN THERE A FEW WEEKS. She has a right to be skittish. Laugh? I didn’t think it was funny. Neither did Steven (but Steven is always the one who is reasonable…)

ALSO: when the gems are leaving the control room thingie after Garnet destroys it, Peridot says “What did I say?” She actually, truly, does not understand. She doesn’t know who Rose Quartz was personally. She wasn’t there during the war or rebellion. Note that, Peridot also says “What did I say?” in Too Far after Garnet ties her up on the fence. SHE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND, SO CAN SOMEBODY MAYBE EXPLAIN THINGS TO HER INSTEAD OF GETTING MAD.

Everyone was hatin’ on her in this episode, and I just thought… wow… chill everyone… Like… I was super bothered.