It is not easy keeping one reality intact, especially when it is up to yourself to make it and make it right.

Of course you make your Genesis Frog right eventually in order to have brought yourself into existence up to the point of ensuring your own, but… how long did it take?
How many Frogs did you have to cross-clone along the way to make the right one?
How many times were they so close, but were still missing bits and pieces of the correct ectogenetic code?
How many of those codes needed replacement entirely?
How many times did it take to get it right?
How could your ectobiology have been flawless if you are not omniscient beings, if you were brought into this world in mortal bodies, if you cannot even fully comprehend the mechanics of the forces you are toying with?

How can you be so sure you did not make other almost-stable realities along the way…?

You can’t.

And there they sit, both Server and Client, located tauntingly in the watering hole of the Lalonde household. 
The kitchen is the one place where the two of you are more likely to cross paths than anywhere else, and both mother and daughter know this. As of such, your mother likes to hang around here, while you try to avoid it like the plague. After all, a girl needs some time to herself sometimes.

Your mother certainly is a coy one, using the Betas to lure you out of your room.

> Rose: Check doll with blonde hair and blue eyes for any symbols

Strider's Lament
tacentDisease, grisailleTimbre
Strider's Lament

“Strider’s Lament”

I didn’t add much, but I think I can officially call this finished! While I didn’t actually add anything new onto the original track, save for a quiet ending, I spent most of my time working on the little details. Things like fixing notes that clashed, making a better ticking beat, retiming parts of the piano so it flowed better, and just overall exporting it at a higher quality.

I’m not going to lie; for one of my first songs, I’m actually quite proud of this.

As per usual, please listen with headphones for a better quality!


There are a lot of people asking why ERR0RBOUND was discontinued, and whether or not I plan on bringing it back as a comic. So I’m going to answer these two questions publicly.

ERR0RBOUND was officially discontinued when I went through a nasty breakup in March. It had sent me into a really horrible, really deep depression that I couldn’t climb out of, and I could barely focus on anything aside from my own self pity.
But it wasn’t just the breakup alone that had knocked me for a loop. It always seemed that whenever I tried bringing the comic back from its hiatus, some kind of tragedy would befall me with each getting progressively worse. Things like pets dying, family members getting very sick, bad things happening to me in general, and of course, the break up. Eventually, it made me afraid. I ended up associating the comic with disaster. And it stopped being fun to work on thanks to superstitious paranoia.

However, I’ve now reached a very stable point in my life. I feel safe where I am. I’m comfortable and healthy. I can’t think of much that could go wrong. So there is a strong possibility of me putting aside my fear to continue the adventure.

I know I’ve said ‘I’m going to start this comic again’ a lot, and then stopped for reasons I have no control over. And I know me expressing interest in revisiting the story probably doesn’t mean much, because if another poorly timed disaster happens, it’s very likely I’m going to go running. But this is something I really want to try. And I’m willing to face a very deep fear of mine to do it.

ERR0RBOUND might be coming back, but I’m not making any promises right now. If it turns out I am strong enough, and that nothing bad begins to happen, then I’m going to do it.

I just need some time first.

anonymous asked:

if you could choose between finishing errorbound and making a new fan comic, whch would you pick?

Honestly, I think I’d rather start a new one…

I love ERR0RBOUND and all, don’t get me wrong, but there’s another fanventure-esque story I’m way more into. I feel like the characters are more developed there, as well as the story, the scenes, etc. It feels like it has more substance, I guess? Though admittedly, it would be harder, since it has more characters…

If I wind up continuing ERR0RBOUND, I think I’d like to sit down and do a lot of replanning for its story and characters. Because now that I think about it, I didn’t have nearly enough key events planned, and had barely any idea for filler content.

I’d also want to redraw the sprites. Make them look nicer… You know?