DreamSwap Error one love XD

I love this cinnamon bun ^^ And a nice bug too~

I drew this picture on July 31, but at that time I was not registered in the Tumbler, and it lay on VKontakte(Russian social yaaaay) XD
Kai, I adore your creativity, you are one of those artists that inspired me to my drawings after the departure of my author! Never give up, we are love you!
Tomorrow I will send another drawing with Error, only I will find it among my posts …

And yes, I have long wanted to know - How do the characters of DreamSwap relate to Core! Frisk?
I hope you enjoyed it

DreamSwap, DS!Error and DS!Blue by @onebizarrekai

Error!Sans and Errortale @loverofpiggies
UnderSwap and Blueberry/Swap! Sans by Undertale  Community

 Обожаю этого коричную булочку ^^ И милого глюка тоже

Этот рисунок я еще нарисовал 31 июля, но на тот момент я не был зарегестрирован в Тумблер, и она валялась в ВКонтакте (русские социальные, урааа )XD
Кай, я обожаю твое творчество, ты один из тех художников, что меня вдохновлял на свои рисунки после ухода моего автора! Продолжай в том же духе!
Завтра отправлю еще один рисунок с Эррором, только найду его среди своих постов…

И да, давно хотел узнать - Как относятся персонажи DreamSwap к Core!Фриск?
Надеюсь, тебе понравилось

Whew, doodle dump time! I’ve been drawing a lot lately, so don’t mind all of the sketches.

The first three boys, Vanille, Pascal, and Beni, all belong to @underfart-snas

Then the boi splat belongs to @xenon-draws-undertale

Finally, Flat, Abbadon, and NoVerse all belong to me!!

Curve translation:

Ink: Oh, come on, are you still mad at me?
This was just a joke!

Error: You have a disgusting sense of humor, Ink …

Ink: C'mon! Don’t be so mean, Glitchy!

Error: You know, your jokes don’t really help.
We are still in the ass, if you have not forgotten …


After a couple of days of working on this, I’m finally done and I can say I don’t regret a thing XD

This was based off of this scene from “The Lion King”!! I was also inspired by @the-red-matter with this amazing comic that they made!! But instead I used @lunnar-chan ‘s Empireverse because I absolutely adore this AU and the designs s o m u c h !!!!!

I had a lot of fun making this and I really hope you enjoy it!!! Have an amazing day!! <3 <3

Empireverse - @lunnar-chan

Ink - @myebi

Dream - @jokublog

Underswap Sans - Community 

Error - @loverofpiggies

Underfell Sans - Community 


I finally finished the second part. Here are all the guys from Empire of the Moon. 

I’ll tell you the story a little later, because I need to work something out. Thank you to everyone who supports this idea, because It’s really nice! Also special thanks to the creators of these characters.  

I love you all.

MCQ Ink And Error Apartment (censored version)

i saw this on my feed from @thegrinningkitten and i just couldn’t resist making a audio of it XD

and i will be uploading a uncensored version a little later for those who wanna hear the s-word^^

the artist that made this comic is @thegrinningkitten

link to the comic: http://thegrinningkitten.tumblr.com/post/176309921695/i-really-like-the-idea-of-mcq-error-and-ink

MommaCQ belongs to @alainaprana

Voice of ink and error done by me @mramazingva