error control coding

Code a Day challenge. Part 1

I struggled to get this damn controller working.. but finally it’s done. 

it was bad.

The player strafes and rotates with the camera view also, which is super cool. I’m happy with it.

The next part of the challenge will be to add a Day/Night Cycle. I’m hoping to turn each of these challenges into a small game, so I’d like some form of shelter mechanic, but we’ll see how we go.

Glitch in the System

The GSR robot seemed to be rather hastily thrown together, heck, the first version exploded in alpha testing. While the great beings gave it a central AI (Mata Nui) to keep the systems regulated, there were probably a lot of glitches and bugs in the various systems, even after some systemwide patch updates by the Great Spirit. 

Matoran of each island know about special spots where the laws of nature and physics seem to break down. A waterfall that runs uphill, a meadow that is entirely devoid of plant life for no apparent reason, an abandoned village where fires refuse to light or burn. Certain stars wander aimlessly over the night sky in no apparent pattern and often switch colors, frequently interfering with the work of Ko-Matoran astrologers. 

The number of errors and glitches becomes greater the closer one gets to the complex inner workings of the Great Spirit. Matoran engineers learn workarounds through painstaking trial and error which doors will only open when approached backwards and how many kicks are needed to restart the circulating pump in Le-Metru Chute 23B. 

Metru Nui’s sky once failed to render correctly and everything was pixelated for several hours. 

Mata Nui does what he can, but every patch update seems to lead to new errors in the system control codes. Had anyone stood under Metru Nui before the cataclysm they might have heard Mata Nui desperately trying to find the source of the errors by explaining them to the helpful collection of rubber ducks left to him by the Great Beings. 

Legend speaks of these strange places as areas where the Great Spirit cannot see or that he has forgotten. Due to these rumors, these areas are hotbeds of criminal activity, as the Great Spirit clearly can’t call in his Toa servants to stop something he cannot see. 

Code a Day challenge. Part 2

After the FPS controller, I’ve added a basic Day Night Cycle and some placeholder props for the island, I want to create a small minigame out of each of these projects, and after some cool brainstorming with @main-screen-turn-on I think I may have an idea for part 3!