error ! design


Rough sketches of Commander Clarke and some of her tattoos for In the Shallows because I know a few people expressed interest in seeing them a while ago. 

A small Dieselpunk-inspired Shiro that I needed to get out of my system

Bonus mask thingy for maximum aesthetic:


So, I decided to make a new avatar. :D The second picture was my first attempt; halfway through drawing it, I decided it wasn’t working the way I wanted, so I finished up Error, forwent adding Geno, and tried something else. They still turned out cute so I’ll post them anyway.

(I also made a new header image! I’m considering turning it into a wallpaper for myself, and if people show interest, maybe I’ll share it.)



A while ago people asked if I’d maybe make a drawing about Death mistaking Fatal for Geno because I like the AfterDeath ship so here we are :)

The mug slap frame is gonna be my Christmas card next year I swear

A big thanks to all the lovely folks who provided me with fun and dirty pickup lines for this, but an especially big thanks to @a3s0p, @winglessmoonstone, @daydreamingtomatos, and @ignatttt, since I used a mix of theirs :D

Reaper!Sans belongs to @renrink, Geno!Sans and CPAU belong to @loverofpiggies, and Goth belongs to @nekophy!

EDIT: I got so jazzed about posting this I forgot to include Geno’s cut mark and mouth lines! Thanks @lucky-leafeon for pointing it out to me :3 It’s been updated!

Ok…I made human designs for Ink and Error because yesterday was really stressful for me and I struggled so much. I really enjoyed it to and since I really liked the actual human design for ink I kept a little bit of it but at the same time made my own little style. Error on the other hand I just went all out and wasted a couple of hours (specifically on his hair) before deciding long hair is good because I feel like he wouldn’t manage it properly and just use string to hold it together (which fails btw).

Don’t ask what happened as the back ground. maybe they painted a rainbow and then drew all over it. I don’t know I was bored and it looked super cute so I kept it. but yeah, I’ll eventually post the front of my little human designs for them. I have Error’s complete but I messed up his hair and now either have to redo it or post it as it is.

Error belongs to @loverofpiggies 

Ink belongs to @comyet

designs belong to me, @tiaisabutt

Code a Day challenge. Part 1

I struggled to get this damn controller working.. but finally it’s done. 

it was bad.

The player strafes and rotates with the camera view also, which is super cool. I’m happy with it.

The next part of the challenge will be to add a Day/Night Cycle. I’m hoping to turn each of these challenges into a small game, so I’d like some form of shelter mechanic, but we’ll see how we go.


i wanted to animate more so i did! this is the most advanced one i’ve done. at first i had no idea what i did, then in the middle i sort of… sort of… got an idea. i just went with it. i don’t know what the scenario is. but i wanted to make a scene of some sort

my goal was actually to make a perspective change and that’s my first time doing that. it’s really hard i have no idea how you animators know these stuff

in total it’s 31 frames (the idea sketch — the most frames i’ve done so far!) and i’ll add more to the end to kind of.. balance out the mood/movement?? maybe. i don’t want to be lazy with this one

second one is only 7 frames, very slow and jaggy because it’s unfinished. it’s a rough sketch but i want to get the details down before i clean it and fix errors

animation is so hard whoa and i really wanted to give up after just like nine frames but i pushed myself to make an actual scenario. again, no idea what’s actually going on tho. or why he’s smiling upon seeing the knife. i don’t even know if that’s a thing he’d do in any scenario?? la ughs either way it was fun to animate!