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Tim Burton Dismisses Diversity Concerns

Tim Burton spoke to about the lack of diversity in the upcoming children’s film, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, which stars Franco-English actress, Eva Green, and Samuel L. Jackson.

 When asked about the lack of diversity in his films in general (Edward Scissorhands, Coraline, Alice in Wonderland,etc.), Burton responded with a dismissive ramble:

Nowadays, people are talking about it [diversity] more. But things either call for things, or they don’t.

  Burton went on to use the Brady Bunch TV series to illustrate his dismissal; though, it’s unclear if he knows the difference between tokenism and diversity.

I remember back when I was a child watching The Brady Bunch and they started to get all politically correct, like, OK, let’s have an Asian child and a black — I used to get more offended by that….

Burton, a noted director of Gothic-themed films, erroneously used “Blaxploitation” films from the 1970s in a false equivalence argument.

 I grew up watching blaxploitation movies, right? And I said, that’s great. I didn’t go like, OK, there should be more white people in these movies. 

Miss Peregrine is based on a popular children’s novel about a home for children with peculiar or unusual abilities, whose  lives are threatened by a villain named Barron (played by Samuel L. Jackson). noted Burton has 36 film credits, and excluding Jackson, only two include PoC characters: Planet of the Apes, 2001, and Batman, 1989, with Michael Clarke Duncan and Billie Dee Williams respectively. also noted that Jackson is the first ‘lead actor’ of color to be cast in one of Burton’s films. Burton’s casting track record includes long time collaborating partner, Johnny Depp with whom he made eight films.

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Sorry, for bothering you but I have this crazy idea. Jesse McCree and Erron Black switching boyfriends for a week. I know. Crazy idea.

No, you’re not bothering me at all, hun. :)

*Slams fist on table* YES. I can imagine EB and McCree complaining about Jin and Hanzo (who always complain about them as well), so they decide to see whose boyfriend is the worst/least hectic to deal with. Jin’s pretty miffed at first about the swap, but hey, McCree’s pretty charming, and the little harmless pick-up lines that the cowboy has up his sleeves are nice to hear, and soon they’re getting on like a house on fire.

Meanwhile, Erron and Hanzo just sit and stew in total jealousy when they hear that their men are having a good time with each other, and then they get on each other’s nerves because Hanzo doesn’t appreciate Erron calling McCree “a dirtbag cowboy wannabee and outrageous flirt who can’t keep his paws to himself”, and sure as heck Erron ain’t happy about Hanzo labeling Jin as “a pathetic excuse for an archer and an easily persuadable harlot.”

Like, I’m ready for this to be a soap opera. I wanna see EB and Hanzo getting incredibly jealous because of how close Jin and McCree are getting. And I’d laugh if Hanzo and Erron pretend to be in love just so that they can get their boyfriends back. Gimme!

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0k Equius: Start fleet robot fighting league

(There’s an erroneous assumption in this prompt…)


“What is that?” Zahhak asks.

“It’s a prototype standard full-support torso sleeve,” Komlee says, sounding huffy. “Who do you think you are, Naspar?”

“…Those are robot torsos,” Zahhak says.

Uh-oh. You go to back Komlee up. “And you’re concluding that because…?” Zahhak was – understandably – thoroughly distracted by his colonel-shaped problem until recently, he shouldn’t have any idea what your hobbies are.

“I made fighting robots for sweeps, I know what a robot torso looks like,” he insists.

Well. Did he now.

Komlee is apparently thinking along similar lines. “I don’t believe you. Bet you can’t make one now.”

“Yes, I can!” he insists.

“Prove it,” Komlee challenges. Zahhak puffs up.

Rayshe is going to be so sorry he missed this. His own fault for leaving that claw around where anyone could see it, though.


hot dresses AU/spyAU inspired by that incredi-drawing by gabzy + Neji is too floored by how killer Tenten looks to properly touch her (for a while, anyways). based off of convo with gabzilla-z & matchaball and

this AU is gonna be the death of me my god 


As @yuunabai-whisper2 and I determined, when it comes to cowboys like McCree and Erron Black, archers like Hanzo and Kung Jin are indeed straight as arrows … as in very helluva bent arrows.