HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 #olivia100

One of the more positive things to happen this year, it marked the 100th Birthday of our last surviving star of Hollywood’s Golden Age! Olivia de Havilland, a true living legend of cinema. I wish her the happiest New Year and I hope 2017 treats her kindly! Long live Melanie Hamilton, Jodi Norris, Virginia Cunningham, Catherine Sloper, Maid Marian and many more characters she bought to life for us on the big screen.


P: “- Wow, your hair… you look beautiful”
M: “- Thanks, I’m not reallly used to it yet…*nervous laugh*  So what are you doing here?”
P: “- Work actually, I’m working on an article for San M’s travel guide, about the town’s festivals? I have to visit them all! *chuckles*
M: “- Sounds fun!”
P: “- …but hey, what about you? You’re the new muse for DiAggro! That’s pretty amazing, Lacey is ecstatic back home!”
M: “- Yeah, I don’t really know how that happend! Hehe”
They all had a great time, but around 1am when the bar closed, they had to rush to jump on the last subway.
Paolo suddenly felt like 13 and quickly said:
P: “- I’ll be here for 2 weeks… would like to hang out one day?”
M: -” I’m free tomorrow?”
P: “- Tomorrow.. Uhm, yeah I can shuffle some stuff around. Can I call you at noon?”
M: “- Sure!”
P: “- I have to go, Erroll is waiting for me, he lives just two blocks from here but he’s an old man, haha”
He kissed Morgan on her forehead and said good night.