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Happy Birthday to Errol Flynn! | June 20, 1909 – October 14, 1959

> He was an enchanting creature. I had more fun with Errol than everybody else put together. It was never ending fun.
- David Niven

> Surely no actor could impersonate so splendidly Robin Hood, Don Juan, Captain Blood and the rest, unless he had some of their potential within himself. - Greer Garson

> He had the charm of a mischievous small boy, humorous and impossible to dislike. - Arthur Hiller

> He was one of the most poetic men I have ever met, and he could describe trees and flowers and the wonders of the ocean in the most beautiful language. - Earl Conrad

> Errol Flynn was one of the most charming and tragic men I have known. - Jack Warner

> Errol had the capacity to make everything an adventure - Even a quiet stroll through a simple country lane came alive either through a quick remembrance or a philosophical thought or a simple observation of the ecological patterns of the earth trees and flowers and their support system. His was a mind relentlessly searching. - Patrice Wymore Flynn

> When I met Errol Flynn I actually gasped. He was as beautiful as I could have possibly have imagined, and as charming, and as lovable… and as naughty. He was such a gentleman - except when he played his practical jokes. - Janet Leigh