HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS?? This friday on How It Really Happened on HLN, there’s NEW special on jeff, with interviews with Errol Lindsey’s sister, and extended interview clips from lionel’s appearance on larry david. 

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earthquakefox  asked:

HLN(cnn) has a new series called "How it really happened" and on March 31, they will feature Jeffrey Dahmer. I saw the preview and I didn't like what I was seeing so far. It seemed to paint Jeffrey Dahmer out as this cunning, calculating sadistic person and like his apartment was a torture chamber. I can't help but feel very frustrated and annoyed at that. At the same time, I don't want to take away from those acts and the families' grief, but I can't help that it irritates me?

I watched this trailer: and while the host seemed a little dramatic, I don’t think that he was portrayed as especially sadistic or in any way that he shouldn’t have been. It basically says that Errol Lindsey’s sister is still very mistrusting of the means by which her brother came into Dahmer’s trust because he was not a gay man (even though she admits he hustled); it seems she either hasn’t really attempted to understand Dahmer’s psychology/motive or she hasn’t come to terms with it because Dahmer did not care about the sexuality of his victims.

Then, it goes on to say Dahmer did not want to kill his victims (true), he wanted his victims to remain with him - preferably living (true), he attempted to create sex zombies (true), he lacked empathy (true), and that he had very little emotion (true), and that he really disliked disposing of the bodies and sometimes this was the worst part for him (very true - because this is the part that would leave him feeling like the experience was a waste, and eventually going to get another man for company).

The only thing I found unnerving was the repeated “you can’t make this stuff up”, but I think that’s just because I already know the story and am kinda desensitized to the real grittiness of it, but when I think back to when I first read The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer, which was my first book about him, it puts things into perspective for me. I remember reading so much of the more surreal stuff upfront and thinking to myself just how MUCH it was, how unbelievable it all was. The idea that this lonely chocolate maker drugged men from bath houses so that he could have sex with their unconscious bodies only to escalate to the point of murder and keeping genitals or hands, eating their hearts or arms, creating a shrine to himself with their remains, masturbating with intestines - you really can’t make this stuff up. Yeah, it’s easier to see the meaning behind all of that with some help from psychology and a childhood analysis, etc, but one can only imagine how intense it would’ve been for someone hearing it all for the first time, especially in the context of the 1990’s. It is still a very shocking case in its entirety, even if we acknowledge his lack of sadism or hatred for his victims.

At any rate, thanks for making me aware there would be something about him on television, I’ll have to watch it!


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