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Prisoners Keep Dying in Winnipeg’s Jails
Five people have died in less than seven months.

The death penalty is illegal in Canada. But that doesn’t mean prisoners aren’t dying in Manitoba.

Since March, five people have died in custody at the Winnipeg Remand Centre, including two in October. Four of the five were Indigenous men. That includes Errol Greene, a 26-year-old man who was killed on May 1 after being denied epilepsy medication, and handcuffed and shackled on his stomach after the first of two successive seizures.

Most were in remand for breaching court orders while awaiting trial, including drinking alcohol while on probation.

“The fact we’ve had five people die in the Winnipeg Remand Centre, right in the middle of downtown Winnipeg and all in the span of seven months, is really shocking,” Corey Shefman, associate with Boudreau Law and former president of the Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties, told VICE. “It is as much of a crisis as there can be.”

Manitoba has by far the highest per-capita incarceration rate of all provinces, almost three times the national average. Seventy per cent of Manitoba’s inmates are Indigenous.

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Happy Birthday to Errol Flynn! | June 20, 1909 – October 14, 1959

> He was an enchanting creature. I had more fun with Errol than everybody else put together. It was never ending fun.
- David Niven

> Surely no actor could impersonate so splendidly Robin Hood, Don Juan, Captain Blood and the rest, unless he had some of their potential within himself. - Greer Garson

> He had the charm of a mischievous small boy, humorous and impossible to dislike. - Arthur Hiller

> He was one of the most poetic men I have ever met, and he could describe trees and flowers and the wonders of the ocean in the most beautiful language. - Earl Conrad

> Errol Flynn was one of the most charming and tragic men I have known. - Jack Warner

> Errol had the capacity to make everything an adventure - Even a quiet stroll through a simple country lane came alive either through a quick remembrance or a philosophical thought or a simple observation of the ecological patterns of the earth trees and flowers and their support system. His was a mind relentlessly searching. - Patrice Wymore Flynn

> When I met Errol Flynn I actually gasped. He was as beautiful as I could have possibly have imagined, and as charming, and as lovable… and as naughty. He was such a gentleman - except when he played his practical jokes. - Janet Leigh