errantgoat art


Basically what I’ve been doing these last couple of days: replaying DA 2 and living Carver appreciation life. Also trying to learn how to draw his face structure. Sweet rectangle head, words cannot express how much I love Hawke’s lil’ bro. I guess these are my favourite sketches so far?


* rates above depend on the complexity of the character (bust/waist up/full body), background + general difficulty of the piece, any price adjustments are negotiated before I start working on the piece

* I’ll draw things I consider tasteful and am comfortable with; canon or original characters - I can work both with written and visual references;

* for illustrations I can send you a general composition sketch, awaiting your approval

*I accept Paypal and Euro

*I can send you the finished piece to your e-mail address

*if you’re interested or have any questions, send me an ask or e-mail me at:


Next batch of sketches! We are slowly nearing the end here!

1) Mac © miranthia

2) Adrienne ©  blueberry-me

3) Leonora ©  limhinel (deviantart)

4) A little shaggy Guy Pearce for illithiar

5) Lee Pace for emedeme *throws herself into the Sun*

That’s it for now, I’ll try to post the final batch on Sunday. :)