Relishing Bernie’s Return - A symphony in pictures

A story I was looking forward to telling with lots of words … but illness and room painting and a large lump of tedious freelance work preclude lavishing the time they deserve, so getting my favourite pics of our waaaaaaaaay-too-long-anticipated return of the BMAM up now. Sorry for being crap!

The where-the-hell’s-Serena-let’s-get-this-over-with-before-I-revert-to-angry-rabbit-in-the-headlights-mode pic

The flirting-over-perforated-ulcers pic

The I-know-how-to-hit-a-target-like-a-laser-beam-and-eliminate-it-without-a-trace-from-100-yards-while-I’m-quietly-expiring-inside pic

The Very-Much-The-One pic (rooftop-wind-composes-symphonies-with-my-errant-fringe edition)

The damn-we’re-gorgeous-and-we-don’t-smell pic (you’ve-missed-my-cheekbones,-haven’t-you? edition)

The would-you-consider-turning-yes-I’m-a-canon-screaming-queer pic

The oh-fuck-bad-gift-choices-come-back-to-haunt-me pic (rabbit-in-the-headlights, mark II)

The how’s-that-playing-out-for-him?-almost-impossible-to-capture-even-on-quarter-speed millisecond (but-Oh-SO-Worth-It edition)

The however-crunched-my-emotions-get-I-can-still-slay-dragons-with-my-flirtgame, give-me-a-reason-to-stay headtilt 

The you-thought-you-knew-just-how-alluring-my-neck-could-look.-You-were-wrong pic. (Bloody Hell !!!!)

The-damn-there-just-are-not-enough-hands-to-be-in-all-the-places-that-hands-need-to-be-right-now pic

The Submitting-To-The-Law-Of-Campbell-just-you-wait,-you-don’t-know-what’s-hit-you pic

Okay, I feel a bit better now. 

Cathy Brennan’s claim that her comment wishing death on trans women was edited is errant bullshit. She claims that she said she wasn’t cis and not to misgender her, but it was changed to smear her. No trans woman would do that, though, because what she claims she said is actually FAR MORE inflammatory than merely wishing death on us. TERFs wishing death on us is a typical Tuesday, but it’s a special kind of assholeishness to dedicate your life to using your cis privilege as a club against us, then not only claim not to be cis, but to spuriously claim misgendering, an act of verbal violence that can be legitimately triggering.

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Borges aveva un tumblr. Di Angelo Ricci. Errant Editions.

Quasi un booktrailer

Io e Martine stiamo lavorando da molto tempo su Chagall.

L'eBook uscirà presto e sarà il primo di un progetto di Errant Editions

Ci è piaciuta molto questa frase, scritta da Giovanni Arpino, riferita all'artista

“Una casa coi tetti di legno a Vitebsk, e poi una soffitta a Parigi sono il mondo intero, il massimo paradiso possibile, la felicità e la malinconia indimenticabile, il vero e il sognato, ciò che  è e ciò che è passato, e sempre senza rimedio”
Noi, la pensiamo così, e le tracce di Chagall che seguiamo, sono sospese fra queste felicità e malinconie, sognate, vibranti, vere, impalpabili.

m0usie  asked:

As a wicked librarian and collector of Mephistophelian manuscripts, I was wondering if you had any plans for creating bookplates? Try as I might to keep my cursed collection cataloged, often an errant edition will wander from my shelves. A notice to the poor soul currently in possession of the doomed document would be a phenomenal tool for those of us inclined to circulating our villainous volumes!

By the end of 2016 (or possibly early 2017 if things get crinkled), we will be introducing a suite of customized projects including bookplates, yes.

Among other things, the eventual goal is to have a whole line of items for your accursed library – customized bookplates, a registry of what is leant to whom, bookmarks, small prints similar to the shelving signs found in bookstores, etc.