Imagine being a science geek. Being a smartie got you a job in the Stark tower, working in the lab with Bruce and Tony all the time. With spending most of your time in the lab, you hardly go anywhere else in the building, so you’re hardly spoken to the rest of the Avengers. One day while you’re entering the building, books and papers in your arms and your hair tied back with your glasses on that make you feel like a nerd, Loki accidentally bumps into you, dropping everything out your arms. He immediately apologies to you while helping you pick up your books and papers, your eyes meeting his and you notice your cheeks are hot from blushing and embarrassment. Loki starts making daily visits at the lab just to flirt with you, Tony and Bruce take notice of his flirting with you so they ban Loki from the lab. With developed feelings for Loki, you begin telling Tony that you have to run errands, but you’re really going to see Loki. And Loki gets so happy when you tell him that you came just to see him.

Please fire me. My boss sends me out for his personal errands such as laundry, shopping, and even taking his kids to soccer games. When I try to quit, he just says “Why aren’t you working? Get back to work.” Then shoves me out of his office.