Currently, we’re in Nerull’s realm (3.5). It’s like hell, surrounded by lava and everything, and our party consists of a paladin of Heironeus, a rogue/Shadowdancer, a bard, a fighter/dwarven defender, a fighter, and a druid. Our DM plays a lot of Diablo 2, and created a monster after the “Poppers” from it.

DM: “In front of you, you see an undead deformed person, it’s ribs sticking out and about as tall as a dwarf.”

Rogue: “So it’s like an undead midget?”

DM: “Err… Sure.”

We kill one and it explodes and nearly kills the rogue, so the Paladin grapples another one to keep it from attacking us.

Paladin: “How much do they weigh?”

DM: “What?”

Paladin: “How much do they weigh?”

DM: “I dunno, like five pounds I guess?”

Paladin: “Can I throw it into the lava?”

DM: /starts laughing hysterically “Sure I guess.”


So we throw a couple into the lava and they explode far enough away to not hurt us, and our fighter remembers something.

Fighter: “Hey, I’m still wearing slippers.”

DM: “Slippers? What?”

Fighter: “They’re slippers of spider walk. I’ve literally never used that function, can I change my boots in combat?”

DM: “You have 6 seconds. You can’t change your boots in 6 seconds, not even in real life.”

Fighter: “Yes I can. I do it all the time!”

DM: “Prove it. If you can change your boots in 6 seconds, I’ll time it, then I’ll allow it.”

So the DM gets up and grabs a pair of his slippers and the fighter grabs his boots and he times it. In six seconds, he gets the slippers off and the boots on, but not laced up.

At this point, the DM is laughing so hard he’s crying. He intended us to fight the “Poppers” with our bows, not throw them into the lava, and he just imagined a big burly fighter sitting down in the middle of combat to change his boots.

A psa of sorts:

If you are ever considering drawing Shiro with the rising sun flag for whatever… Do not do it. It  has a horrible history regarding it.

For more information: this link can explain the problem (tw: there are graphic pictures of dead and decapitated bodies) 

edit: jahnny replied to your post: THIS. the flag still has strong implications to this day and it IS equivalent symbolically to the Nazi flag. for Asian/Pacific countries colonized by the Japanese Empire, it’s a shitty and grim reminder.

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" . . . a lot of older viewers stopped watching, but might pick it back up again since they’re going back to one of their original story lines." err, no. Since most older viewers were Sterek shippers. And fanservice doesn't automatically put up the ratings. Otherwise Olicity would have pushed Arrow's ratings higher. They're heading down. And the lowest rated series of TW (so far) is 5B, the one where they turned to stydia. Only one episode had over 1 million viewers. Enjoy season 6.

As a whole, season 4 had the lowest. 5b is still a part of 5. And season 4 is what started the downward trend of ratings.
And sure, a lot of older viewers are stereo shippers, but there are sterek shippers that appreciate Stydia as well, since it was a story that has been there since the beginning.
This isn’t fanservice. Jeff has been dropping hints since season 1. In interviews he’s always compared them to couples like Scully and Mulder and Holland compares them to Ross and Rachel. All couples that are slow burn and endgame.
You are accomplishing nothing by sending me these asks. Nothing is going to change my opinion, or the way the show is going.

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I love his mom. Like really. How could someone not love his mom O.O. It is so cute how Daniel is trying to defend himself XD Like he tries to explain why the door was closed and he stumbles over the same sentence ( I bei the thought of Louis did it)

LOL He has a good momma :’) who has a lot to put up with, with two teenage boys….rip Melina 8′’) ROFL and he’s trying!!! Err…it’s not really working, though!

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Top 5 pictures of Dani :)


Of course I start with one of mine!

This is saved on my computer as “dearsweetgod” which I think sums it up!

Happy Dani is the best Dani!

I, err, yeah. 

one for @veyaria and all our fellow worshippers of the Pedrosass! 

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Err I mean she called Jululu back. Yeah. 

Hibiki: Hello, it’s Hibiki.
Jululu: Ya-hho-! It’s Jululu~
Hibiki: Jululu, I think you will be a wonderful princess.
Jululu: Really? I wonder. I hope so~

When I first got this call, I got kinda worried that Jululu would get the princess treatment when Hibiki finally met her in the anime. Buuuut everyone is out of character on the cell phone toys as usual. 

Sok hosszu evet vartam erre: de tegnap ejjel megkaptam eletem ket leszebb bokjat

1. Hat rajtad ez a koncert 8 evet fiatalitott
2. Most ugy nezel ki mintha egy aerosmith klipbol leptel volna ki


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Would Tamla be capable of saving Ciel's life and soul, before the Earl's life is snuffed out like a blown out candle?

Err, do you mean Tanaka? Or Undertaker? Sorry, I don’t know who you mean by ‘Tamla’. ;^^

I think there might be many people who would wanna save Ciel if they knew the truth about Sebastian’s and Ciel’s contract. Lizzy being one of them but also the servants (even if they would be conflicted because they also like Sebastian), Tanaka and Soma. It’s another question, however, if they would be able to do something or if Ciel even wanted them to help him. They all have some exceptional fighting skills (Soma through Agni) but against a demon like Sebastian I think they probably can’t do much.

But maybe if Undertaker also wants to save Ciel (which I could see happening) he would be a more serious opponent for Sebastian as we’ve already seen in the Campania arc.

The contract isn’t complete yet and there might be things at work which might change the outcome of Ciel’s soul being eaten by Sebastian. But that surely isn’t easy because Sebastian has worked hard to get this soul and I’m sure he won’t let go of it easily. Also, maybe Ciel doesn’t want to be saved.