look into my eyes by Jelena Jovanovic

luke0maker  asked:

How abou Blank!CharaxEpic!Frisk ship? heh

Also, they even manage an askblog together–isn’t that cute? <3

I might be shipping them haha. =) Totally didn’t add in those hearts for nothing.

roki mun:
ohhh shiattt i lost track of time… welp, time to study!! chEM!!! aUGH.
Epictale belongs to it’s respective owner @yugogeer12
eughh im dying here son–i don’t wanna study…


Ahsoka in Rebels // Space

I haven’t done any image editing in a long time so I did some GIMP warm-up by making icons feat. my main lady Ahsoka. Feel free to use, I don’t really need credit but if you use it I’d love if you reblog.  ♥︎