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im glad it’s gettin better at least. lemme know if there’s anything i can do ♥

Thanks Wib <3 I’m not sure there’s much rn; nik brought me my pillows out to the recliner, and i’m wrapped up in a small blanket as much as i can be without getting uncomfortably hot. tryin to just breath and ease it off.

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Dear Aleksander, how are you and your Nichevo'ya wife? Have you two had oddly horrifying yet beautiful, shadow children yet? My chickens make great company, but I still find myself checking dark corners for you (to no avail). If you have the time, I'd love to hear back from you to hear how you're doing to make sure you're safe and happy. If not, I will send a complaint to the committee. Signed with love, A Wistful Sun Summoner P.S. Recently discovered new macaron recipe. I think you'd like them.

Dearest Alina,

Nichevo'ya wife? Tsk tsk. I am not the one who married an abomination.

Reduced to the company of chickens, are we? Sad, that your husband doesn’t care to entertain you in their place. Do you remember you once were a rising queen? You could have been my queen. And I could have been more than a ghost, still beside you. But wishing won’t make it so, now, will it?

How am I doing? Same as you, I suppose. Counting the days. Living in the past. Haunting the world I’m in, and others. Hoping I’m haunting yours. I know you, Alina. Are you lonely? So lonely you might die? I understand. I always understood.

But you didn’t. You wouldn’t have me.

Signed, Your Wounded Victim

P.S: Send me some macarons. They sound delectable.


Naruto: I actually don’t remember all that much from that night…

((happy new year everyone, thank you for all the support through 2013! looking forward to shipping sasunarusasu with you cool peeps this new year and keep this blog going strong~ have some messy chibis for now))

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Suitors reacting to princess having an all girls slumber party-no guys allowed 😛

This is cute, lol…

Uh you know Mama Giles will not let you have a slumber party without him… he would tell you he has to be there for adult supervision…. he’s more excited than you are.

Sid would say, “That’s dumb,” but totally spy on you the whole time! He’s sooo jealous. He’d climb the balcony and be totally creepy peeking through the windows.

Nico would bring you a snack and all the girls would be like, “Oh he’s so cheeky and charming!” And he’d end up getting a makeover, lol.

Alyn wouldn’t know what to do so he’d just keep making up reasons to come knock on the door and ask you random questions.

Louis would be suuuper pouty about it and then when he sees Sid spying he would too, when they get caught he blames it all on Sid, “Err, I was trying to stop Sid, such a creeper.”

Byron would just be confused about it, “You put on facial masks and do your toenails, and gossip? What is the purpose of this?”

Leo would come “looking for Giles,” who happens to be supervising and then he just wouldn’t leave. What a dork.

Rayvis knows you won’t let him in the room, he’s gotta have a good ploy, so he brings his little lovable ball of fluff, Luke. He is immediately allowed entrance to the slumber party.

Albert would just shake his head, he wants no part of your nonsense.

Robert would just smile and say something to the fact that ladies need their girl time. Meanwhile, he introduces a confused Byron to facials and romance novels, cuz girl time isn’t just for girls.


ciel-bandomhive I love all the requests you send me :)

My Student (Patrick Stump - Fall Out Boy) (SMUT)

Word Count: 1,942


There was really only one class you paid attention to in college and that was Intro to Music 101 taught by the extremely attractive Professor Stump. Every girl in the class swooned at his every word but he never gave them any attention. You started taking the class because you were interested in music theory but quickly developed a little crush on Patrick; he only let you call him by his first name when no one else was around. He couldn’t possibly find you attractive because no guy had ever shown you any attention throughout high school and now in college.

You sit at the front of the class and try to concentrate on taking notes but every now and then Patrick would shoot you little flirtatious winks when the rest of the class would be working on their projects, and he’d sit on your desk and do little things like biting his lip and rubbing his thigh to get your attention. And it worked.

One day he made an excuse to keep you behind because he felt like your project wasn’t developing fast enough. Once the room was empty he ordered you to sit at the piano and play the piece you’d written. With shaky hands you started to play the notes feeling his presence behind you standing over you, which was hard considering the fact he was the same height as you.

“No, you’re not playing it right y/n. Here let me show you.”

Patrick places his hands over yours and guides your fingers to the right keys, he leans down so that when he speaks you feel his breath on your ear making you shiver. If you turned your face slightly you’d come face to face with his.

“You need to let the music guide you y/n. Feel it flow through your body to your core.”

He removes his hands and you let out the breath you’d been holding. You hear him retreat backwards from you and when you turn on the stool he’s sitting on the edge of his desk smirking at you.

“Do you want me y/n?”

You shake your head but bite your lip, he knows the effect he has on you but this is the first time any guy has ever paid you attention so you decide it’s better to play hard to get.

“Not really Patrick, I mean what does a 31 year old man see in a girl my age? Surely you can get women your age to fall for you, or do you like leading on college girls because it makes you feel powerful?”

By this point you’re standing in front of him, he pulls you between his legs and you gasp before slapping his hand away.

“My professor Stump someone’s eager.”

You match his smirk and start to rub your hand along his thigh never once breaking eye contact. His cockiness falters for a second as he drops his facade and let’s out a small moan, were you really turning him on?

“I think the better question is do you want me Patrick?”

He nods and closes his eyes as your hand lingers on his zipper. Little did he know what you had planned next. You quickly remove your hand and dash back to your seat grabbing your bag before walking towards the classroom door. Patrick opens his eyes at the loss of contact and scowls at you.

“It’s not nice to lead people on y/n.”

You shrug your shoulders and blow him a kiss.

“See you tomorrow Patrick.”


“See you tomorrow Patrick.”

Just the way y/n said my name was enough for me to want to bend her over one of the tables and fuck her; there was both innocence and knowing in her tone which intrigued me from day one. y/n wasn’t like the other girls in my class that swooned over me, sure she blushed when I winked at her but she’d never really show me any attention.

I walk over to the window and lean my head against the glass, getting involved with a student was bad but y/n was such a tease earlier and I knew she wanted me just as much as I wanted her. In the courtyard below y/n flew out of the door and nearly collided with another student who caught her before she could fall, I scowled again knowing the jock who was now flirting with her.

He was in my second year class and he was a player and a jerk who used girls and discarded of them when he got bored. y/n looked flustered as he most likely cracked one of his lame jokes. I clench my fist as y/n laughs and he loops his arm through hers before they walk together across the quad. She needed to learn that she was mine and only mine.


You didn’t have class with Patrick until three days after your little encounter. You’d bumped into a jock after you fled his classroom and even though this guy was handsome you couldn’t get Patrick off your mind. He had consumed your thoughts and you’d even dreamt about him sexually where he made you call him daddy and you enjoyed it, would it be so bad if something was to happen between the two of you? You shook the thought from your head as you enter his classroom.

It was odd but the entire class he ignored you, no little winks and he chose to sit on another girl’s desk next to yours so his back was to you. Had you done something wrong the other day? If he was going to ignore you then you could do the same to him.

At the end of class you were packing your notebook away when you heard someone clear their throat behind you. Expecting it to be another student you turn around but jump at how close Patrick is to you, he grins as you back against your desk.

“Err hi Patrick.”

You try to edge around him feeling slightly nervous as his change in behaviour, he’d been ignoring you five minutes earlier. But he mirrors your move trapping you at your desk.

“Do you want to know what I did three days ago after your pretty little ass fled my classroom y/n?”

You chew your lip and he chuckles deeply before continuing.

“After your little tease I went back to my apartment and masturbated to your image, but there was one little problem y/n. I wanted it to be your hand pumping my length.”

He grabs one of your hands and places it on his crotch where you can feel a slight bulge. You want to tell him to stop but something’s stopping you. He starts to guide your hand in circles while never breaking eye contact, you gulp and go to speak but he silences you with a finger.

“But then I remembered seeing you with that jock out of the window, you were laughing at his god awful jokes and you let him touch you. I didn’t think I wanted you that badly y/n but then and there I knew that I needed to show you that you’re mine and only mine baby girl.”

Part of your mind flashes back to your dream where Patrick called you baby girl before he made you call him daddy and he fucked you. You shiver at the memory and remember the amount of pleasure you felt as his fingers trailed across your body and he planted little love bites all over your body marking you as his.

When you zone back in you realise that Patrick had removed his hand from yours and that your body had acted on its own and you’d somehow unzipped his trousers and was palming his now visible boner.

“What exactly is it that you want your baby girl to do daddy.”

The second the d word left your lips something dark flashes behind Patrick’s eyes before he crashes his lips down on yours roughly. You find yourself matching the kiss as he picks you up and places you on the desk.

“Daddy wants his baby girl to suck him, then daddy will pleasure and claim baby girl as his own.”

He detaches his lips from yours and you grin knowingly before sliding off the table and get on your knees in front of him. You pull down his pants and take his length in your hand before you start to pump him slowly, he moans and throws his head back. You open your mouth and take him inside you; you feel his fingers tangle in your hair forcing you to take all of him. You bob up and down quickening the pace while keeping your hand quite slow.

“Fuck y/n. Swallow for me baby girl.”

You taste liquid in your mouth and you swallow before he releases your hair allowing you to pull back and glance up at him. He smirks and scoops you up before positioning you back on the table. You let him slide down your skirt and remove your wet panties exposing you to him.

“Now it’s time to return the favour baby girl, but first we need to take a precaution. We wouldn’t want any students or professors hearing your pretty little moans and screams now would we?”

You shake your head and watch as he removes his tie before he places it in your mouth and ties it around the back of your head gagging you. All you can do is mumble against the gag as Patrick pushes your hair over one shoulder leaving one side of your neck exposed.

“Now I can think of two ways to mark you y/n. One I can do in this very classroom, but the other will require more private quarters.”

You quirk an eyebrow at him in confusion before he brings his lips to your throat and starts kissing you gently, and just like in your dream you feel him bite down on your tender skin no doubt leaving love bites that will remain for days.

“You have no idea how much I want to fuck you baby girl, hear you scream my name over and over again. But for now I’ll settle for a little foreplay before the main event.”

You moan loudly as he slides two fingers inside your clit and starts to pump in and out, if the gag wasn’t there you were pretty sure everyone would be able to hear you. He continues his attack adding a third finger making your thighs buckle. Upon finding your G-Spot it didn’t take Patrick too long to take you to the edge, you continue to moan against the gag.

“Come for me baby girl.”

You feel the build up and unable to hold it in anymore you release onto his fingers. He slides them out and removes the gag from your mouth before motioning for you to open your mouth. You oblige and lick your juices off his fingers.

“If that’s foreplay daddy then when’s the main event?”

You lean forward and wrap your arms around his shoulders and he wraps his arms around your waist before smirking.

“My place, tonight 9pm. Don’t be late or I might just have to punish you baby girl.”

You nod once before kissing him, he jolts but quickly composes himself before kissing you back. This time more gentle than before. You had a feeling you knew what was going to happen tonight and if Patrick could work you into a mess in the classroom, you could only imagine what he was able to do in his bedroom.

Robin: Babe you need to go a little easier on the grilled cheese sandwiches

Dominick: Well about that I’m…..

Robin: OMG you’re finally asking for my advice on exercising!

Dominick: Err no I’m trying to tell you that I’m…

Robin: did you want another demonstration of physical exertion?

Dominick: no…that’s how I got like this. We forgot a step

Robin: no I don’t think so…

Dominick: I’m pregnant

Robin: …. begins to sweat and emit green stench 


Casal: [It’s] the joy of vocal warmups with Busta Rhymes shit, to learn how your tongue is supposed to move. It’s not that he can just say anything fast, he chooses words that have the right alliterations, so that he can do that. And that’s the art of it, is picking the words specifically that take your tongue from the top of your your mouth to the bottom of your mouth and the next word takes it back to the top, so you can do these fast cadences.

Diggs: There are technical aspects that are skill sets that you can learn. You can learn how to talk faster, how to listen closely rhythmically, how to enunciate better and get words out that both maintain tempo and cadence and convey emotion. The hardest thing to teach is the swag—your personal set of biorhythms. For actors, this is something you do for every part. Every part I’ve ever done is a process of figuring out what naturally occurring in myself I can use for that part and what are the things I really need to work on, trying to err more on the side of things that come easy. You don’t want to feel like you’re acting; you want to feel like you’re living. That’s the same thing for rap music.

Read the rest of Genius’s interview with Rafa & Daveed after the Bars Workshop here.


“It is a nice haircut!!”

Congrats on the 8 million subs!!
I also loved the Tales from the Borderlands playthrough, I can’t wait to see more of it!!!

Executive dysfunction and teachers

we-aint-borntypical asked: Sorry if this is late, but how do I tell my teachers about my executive dysfunction and how it affects my ability to do assignments?

realsocialskills said:

I think the most important thing you can do is accept that the problem is real, and that it’s ok to need help.

It can be hard to accept that executive dysfunction is real. It can be very tempting to feel like if we just try harder or wait long enough, it will somehow work out. And some percentage of the time that does work — which can make it seems like it will *always* work if we try hard enough. But it doesn’t work that way, and expecting it to causes a lot of problems.

Executive dysfunction means that sometimes there are insurmountable barriers to doing things completely independently. Sometimes this can happen with things that our culture says are easy and that you may not have heard of anyone having trouble with. It can be hard to come to terms with that. It gets easier with practice.

More directly about managing relationships with teachers, I’ve found two things helpful: I try to err heavily on the side of asking for help as soon as I’m feeling stuck, and I also try to select instructors based on understanding and/or cognitive compatibility.

If you’re facing an assignment and can’t figure out how to make progress on it, it’s good to err on the side of asking for help immediately. This can be hard to do, especially if you feel ashamed or like you don’t have a good reason. It’s actually ok though, and it gets easier with practice.

It’s normal to need help sometimes, even if the reasons you need it are unusual. All teachers have students who need help. Good teachers understand this and consider needing help normal. (Not all teachers are good, but many are). A lot of teachers care about helping their students, and it’s usually a lot easier for them to do that if you ask sooner rather than later. (It also saves you the time you’d waste trying to do something impossible through sheer force of will.)

If you can, it helps to explain in concrete terms what you are having trouble with, and what you think would help. (If you don’t know what would help, the concrete request might be “Can we meet to talk about this assignment?”). I think that it usually helps to err on the side of talking about concrete problems rather than abstract concepts like executive dysfunction.

For instance, I think “I’m having trouble getting started on this assignment. Could you help me narrow down my topic?” is usually more effective than “Executive dysfunction makes this assignment hard for me, what should I do?”. That said, if the latter is the only way you can ask for help in a particular situation, don’t wait until you know a better way. It’s ok to ask for help imperfectly; it’s ok to need help even if you’re not sure what help you need.

Not all teachers will be good at helping you. Some won’t be willing, some some won’t know how. Some will be inconsistent. But a good percentage of teachers *are* skilled at helping. If you have a choice about who your teachers are, it’s good to err on the side of picking teachers who are good at helping.

Also, some teachers are going to be inherently more cognitively compatible with you than others. Different teachers do instruction and assessment differently. If you have a choice, it can be good to err on the side of taking classes with teachers who give assignments that are more reliably possible for you.

Aside from attributes of teachers — asking for help effectively is a set of skills. One of those skills is the emotional skill of feeling ok about the fact that you need help. Another is assessing what’s going on and figuring out what your needs are. Another is expressing it to teachers in a way that they can understand and act on readily. And there are other skills I’m not sure how to explain. No one is born knowing how to do these things, and they all get easier with practice.

tl;dr Executive dysfunction makes school complicated. Taking classes with teachers who teach in a way that makes cognitive sense to you can help, when you have a choice. It can be hard to ask for help, and hard to feel ok about needing help. That’s a set of skills, and it gets a lot easier with practice.

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I just read your post about how to help out the Black Lives Matter movement and I am fully interested. But I am only 14 years old and not really sure how I can help, especially with the donations. I just want to know what I can do that will affect my community and peers around me. Thank you!

Dear anon!

Firstly, I’d suggest writing a letter to your congressperson. The post has a link to contact every senator - no matter your age, you can express your frustration to our government and demand change. Youth engagement in politics is always horribly low and is really important.

If you can, join a march or a rally!

Regarding your community and your peers? Dialogue. If someone you know says something like, “Whyyy is the race card being pulled?” etc., don’t let them slide. Ask why they feel that way and start a conversation, one that’s as respectful but insistent as possible. It’s up to ally engagement to help these conversations penetrate white & non-black PoC spaces. If someone posts an All Lives Matter derailment on Facebook, don’t just block them; respond with articles or studies they can read to understand why BLM is an important movement.

The vital thing in all this is to be educated about the issues and feel the responsibility to educate others, and not to scorn or attack or dismiss people showing racist or biased behaviors. A lot of the time, the burden of education falls on marginalized communities themselves. You see this all the time, e.g. LGBT+ people being drilled about the gay agenda or why trans people really need bathrooms. This interrogation can be really draining and disheartening for the people just trying to live their lives without discrimination. Want to be an ally? Take that burden off them. Step in and give answers to the people demanding answers from the marginalized.

(edit: fine line here between trying to help/share the burden & talking over people discussing their own oppression; handle with care. i try to err on the side of directing people to either scientific studies or what black voices have already said, not trying to megaphone personal opinions)

It’s also part of privilege that people are going to respond to voices outside marginalized communities more favorably than voices inside.

Regarding BLM, here’s some derailments you’re going to see/hear often, and some things you can post or discuss in reply.

  1. Point: More white people than black people are killed annually by police.
    Counterpoint: This is technically true, but statistically misleading. Black people are killed at a disproportionate rate considering that they’re a minority demographic. This study, showing that unarmed black men are shot at rates up to 7 times that of unarmed white men, is one I cite often for this argument.

  2. Point: What about black-on-black crime?
    Counterpoint: All crime rates are higher within a racial community than between racial communities, and black-on-black crime is not significantly higher than violence within other communities. Here’s a Twitter thread explaining this, terminology-wise, and an article with statistical facts describing the phenomenon.

  3. Point: “All lives matter!”
    Counterpoint: Yep. All lives matter equally, and black lives are treated unequally, and until the profiling and disproportionate violence stops, there’s no reason for the Black Lives Matter movement to be questioned.

  4. Point: “The race card”: what if [X specific victim] wasn’t complying with the police/was actually threatening/etc. etc.? Not every incident is race-related!
    Counterpoint: Because motivations are silent and invisible, this is something people love to bring up, whether something was ‘race-motivated.’ The important thing with this type of conversation is to take it out of the context of specifics and broaden the focus.

    It can be infuriating to see people try and argue that a murder victim somehow deserved their fate. But the thing about systemic racism is that it’s bigger than any one case. If the person you’re talking to tries to vilify a victim, pull back and speak statistically. Debating emotions and assumptions is twice as hard and half as productive, because the other person can always just decide they’re right. In statistics, this movement has a definitive edge, because statistics SHOW black lives being targeted.

    So no, okay, we can’t know any one motivation; unless the murderer’s been really explicit in their racism before, it’ll be hard to get past the people crying ‘self-defense!’ But between 1968 and 2011, a black person was on average 4.2 times as likely to get shot and killed by a cop than a white person. The disparity was 2-to-1 from 2003-2009, and that’s the best it’s been - black people being statistically twice as likely to be shot by police.

    Use more studies to prove systemic racism:

    Outside the police brutality issue, there’s a racial empathy gap where white people neurologically don’t recognize black pain; there’s a study showing that participants were more likely to assume black children (five-year-olds) were carrying weaponry than toys; hiring discrimination persists against black people (yes, this study corrects for college education!), black-associated names are viewed with less respect than white-associated names, and people across racial groups were more likely to misread an image of a knife-carrying white man fighting an unarmed black man as the black man carrying the knife.

    So, inside the police brutality issue, which is a situational thing and therefore impossible to test in a controlled environment … given all this, given everything we’ve been told about the pernicious and persistent existence of racism against black people, even from an age as young as five, can anyone really, in good faith, genuinely believe that it’s possible to parse away race as a subconscious motivation?

    I would argue it’s impossible to dismiss.

I hope these resources are of some help. (edit: friend of mine compiled a great doc with more links to debunk myths.)