err not sure how i like it :


Rhys walked Thalia outside and they stopped outside in front of his bike. 

“can you teach me how to ride this?” 

Rhys laughed and stopped when he realised she was serious

“Err yeah if you’re sure you wanna learn.” 

“Yeah i love riding on the back of it with you but i’d like to learn.” 

Rhys stepped in and gently grazed her cheek with his rough hand as she leaned into his touch.

“You are full of surprises princess.” 

Rhys kissed her a gentle kiss, gentle that quickly turned passionate as he deepened it. Nothing ever prepared Thalia for heat she felt when he kissed her. He pulled away and they said their goodbyes. 

True blood son...and daughter - Damian Wayne x Sister!Reader

Summary : Your first meeting with your half-brother didn’t really went well, both of you being quite hot headed…Slowly but surely however, you guys warm up to each other. 

It’s meh, I’m so dissatisfied with my writing lately…hope you’ll still enjoy it :

(My masterlist blog here :


-Don’t forget I’m the true blood son ! 

-Oh yeah ? That’s funny because you know what ? I’m the true blood daughter ! So your argument is invalid. Do you think before you speak ?

Your father looked between you and Damian, not knowing what to do…This wasn’t going how he wanted it to go at all. 


Your first encounter with your half-brother Damian was…tense, to say the least. One day your dad came home with the boy, and boom, I guess you had a new brother. You were super excited. At least at first. You quickly realized that he wasn’t really…the nicest. 

Even before your father explained where he came from and all, you knew he was definitely your brother. He looked almost exactly like your dad when he was a kid. Almost exactly, because his eyes weren’t blue but green, and his skin was way darker than your father’s pale complexion. Other than that…it was like seeing a mini-Bruce. You hoped he wasn’t like your dad mentally too, because that was gonna be a nightmare…And he wasn’t. He was worst. Oh my god so much worst. 

The first words he uttered to you were full of disdain : 

-You look weak. 

Your father stiffened, ready to intervene. He knew that with you, this could go only two ways : you’d loose all control and fight Damian, or ignore him completely, much like your mother would. Your mother, Catwoman, champion in ignoring people that annoy her since the day she was born. You took the second option, and with a little smile that made Damian fumed, you turned away from him, going back to the work you were doing on the bat mobile before your dad emerged with your brother. Hum. Half-brother. 

But Damian wouldn’t have it. He already met the other batboys, and he made sure they knew that Batman’s TRUE son was home. He went too you, under your father’s gaze. Your dad was still ready to lunge forward between you two. 

-Did you hear me ? 


Damian was confused. Even Dick, who seemed like the most collected one, reacted to his provocations. And here you were, kinda ignoring him, a smug look on your face. He had to assure his superiority on you, and you had to react for it to work !! 

-You look very weak. 

-You already said that. Redundant. 

-You look like you…

-Hey, listen, I know what you did to Dick, Jay and Tim ok ? Won’t work with me, I don’t care about your little need to feel better than us. So here we go, I’m gonna tell you know : hey, you’re better than me. Cool right ? I bet you feel great now. 

-Well at least you know your place. 

Oh damn. You were doing such a good job. You were being so calm and collected, like your father taught you. You should have kept ignoring him, just like your mom did to people she didn’t like…You knew he was eventually going to say something that’d make you mad. And here. “Know your place” ? “KNOW YOUR PLACE” ? How dare he ?!  

You stood up to face him. He was almost as tall as you, even though he was definitely years younger, no more than 10, and you were already (your age). You were kinda short. Like your mom. In the corner of your eyes, you could see your father coming towards you, but you made him understand with your eyes that he shouldn’t intervene. You needed to do this. And so he stopped, and looked at you two. 

-Do you want me to teach you your place ? 

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iamonlyatiger  asked:

I wanna hear about the confession! It sounds like a cute story!!


Let‘s go back in time, about 3 years ago, where I joined a new group of friends
I don’t wanna name anyone and since I like distributing an animal to my close friends, let’s call them this

Pinguin <- pretty pale, used to look like he’s never gotten any warmth on his skin ever, the soon to be significant otter (at that time)
Frog <- always jumping around, annoying but tolerable, Pinguin’s best friend
Hamster <- my friend, cinnamon roll but can actually kill you, independent and badass as heck
Panda <- actually a unsocial turd who spent most time eating and doing weird but lovable shit, the victim, me

there were actually two more dudes in the group (Koala & Fisch), but they don’t really contributed much to this weird love story HAHA

Anyway, like I said, I joined this group with Hamster when we changed schools together.
I’ve pretty much only talked to Koala in the beginning, bc we used to go to the same elementary school, and I felt like the other douches weren’t much amused by the “newbies”. With time, Frog started to warm up to me and we were soon good friends. But Fish and Pinguin were always pretty quiet and barely said a thing to me. (Fish was kind of worse he only nodded, but never answered when I asked sth lol).
So a year passed with me hardly knowing anything about Pinguin.
In the next year, we got some classes where we were sitting pretty close together and we gradually came on better terms. But it was all just friendly chit chat and nothing more, except some group projects n’ other school stuff we worked together for.
But there were already rumors amongst the others, saying that we were “so into eachother” n’ shit and I was like YEAH RIGHT I WOULDN’T DATE THAT IMMATURE MIDGET and Pinguin would be like shUT UP (btw he was about 6″ at that time and I was like 5,3″ LMAO)
Even though I was only a year older than him, I definitely felt more mature (although I kept doing shit, like doodling piles and piles of poop with arms and legs everywhere while calling them Mr/Mrs Plop- do not judge me ok)

I honestly don’t know what the FRICK happened then (maybe puberty hit late), but there was a year where we HATED each other and I literally wanted to stab him every day I saw him bc he’s been so pissy and rude towards me. ANd I’m sure he wished nothing more than to throw me off the building sometimes.
And of course, since I am the older one, I made the wise decision to annoy him even more. (looking back at it i still think that I was a dumb thing to do but it was hella funny ok)

Even the others where like YOOOOOO WTF CHILL U 2 and we both just continued fighting day after day lol

After this pretty everyone stopped making comments about our “love”, even after we both calmed down again and acted as if it never even happened HAHA

AND SUDDENLY PINGUIN STARTED TO BEHAVE REALLY DIFFERENT TOWARDS ME. He kept asking me to meet up with him and was rlly persistent about it. The abrupt change was kind of awkward af for me bc all we talked about before, was star wars, school and more star wars. XD So I always kind of avoided it and dodged his questions. I kind of assumed that he wanted me to be like his best friend so I was really confused and insecure lmao.
That went on for quite a time, and I started to grumble about it almost every day.
In April I got the possibility to enter an 1 week exchange programm to france, bc someone else bailed out and I joined. But guess who was also already taking part?
Frog and friggin’ Pinguin.
So of course i started to worry, that it could get awkward between us but in the end went the drive pretty well since another friend asked me to sit by her (faaaar away from Frog and Pinguin lol).
On the 3rd or 4th day my mind was almost bursting so I couldn’t hold back and asked for the favor, if Frog couldn’t ask Pinguin if he actually had something for me when they are alone, bc i was way too scared to do it.
Little did i know that Frog actually CANNOT KEEP A SINGLE SECRET TO HIMSELF. So he RAN to PINGUIN and YELLED REALLY LOUD the question if he has a crush on Panda aka me.

He got startled, looked at me, then back at Frog and said No.

I got really angry, embarrassed, ashamed and sad at the same time.
Maybe because Frog did that, or maybe because of sth else..
We stopped talking much after that, and he started always being with another girl from the other school.
As if that wasn’t the worst, on our drive home, I had to sit next to him bc everyone started switching seats. so ofc I was like -_____________-
I swore to myself not to sleep but after 3h or so I started to nod off. I kind of woke up and found myself leaning my head against Pinguin’s shoulder and his head on top. I was like !!!!! and wanted to get up quick but he put a jacket over us both and he TOOK MY HAND UNDER THE JACKET.
Now I was like ?????????? bOI. So I couldn’t bring myself to say anything nor get away from him. I had to admit, even if I didn’t want to, that I liked his warmth. So we stayed the whole 10h drive like that, basically cuddling.
(I got kind of embarrassed writing this part omg)

After this trip we never mentioned it again and went back to our old antics.
But I have never stopped thinking about it, no it just made me think even more and harder.

Winter, in the following year, Hamster started to get more aggressive, pushing me to ask me about all this stuff that happened. (she knew ofc lol)
I always rejected this bc HOW WAS I EVEN SUPPOSED TO DO IT.
In the end I gave in when she said, she would beat my whiny ass, and finally chose a day where we could meet up and “TALK”.
It was on a November day, and we met up at a bus stop, where he picked me up. (He was at his dad’s place and I was unfamiliar with the village)
He was being very cute, showing me his room, where he spent most of his childhood, and pictures of him. I couldn’t concentrate though. Ofc he asked me then what exactly I wanted to talk about.

I was SO ANXIOUS, I BARELY got any words out until I forced myself to ask, while throwing his pillows around x’D: SO UM- PLEASE ANSWER TRUTHFULLY. DO YOU OR DO YOU NOT HAVE A THING FOR ME?! (yes I legit asked like this lmfao).

He looked at me like this (☉_☉)

And I was like ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

then he answered WELL- and started talking about how he used to be in love with me but it has gotten “less” with the time.
I got kind of disappointed when he said that.
But we discussed about other things openly by then, and cleared everything up.I still asked him if he intended to enter a relationship with me. And he thought a bit and said: Maybe. But now’s not the time.
Sooo no one actually really confessed but I think we both knew that this was the first stone set for our future together. We talked longer than I expected and he also said a lot of cute shit which made me hella shy and blablabla, I was a emotioal mess (*/ω\*)

We started having dates for a while, and after we finished watching a movie at my place, it went:

“Can I ask you sth?”

“Ya sure, what’s up.”
“Err if I kissed you now…would you kiss me back?”

Inside I was like ASDGGJLSIJIUDHIUHWUHIFIUFH)O but outside I was, again, like: ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) umm-


/realizes how much I already wrote

oh gosh and w-well we kind of continued doing this for a month after he asked me out officially in december.
Also, he admitted that he was lying about loving me “less” at that time, bc he was anxious. He even said that he has been in love with me for more than 2 YEARS and I went W H A T but anyway, that’s how the Panda ended up with the annoying Pinguin.

And they all lived happily even after.


(also I realized soon after that he is not immature at all and has his life more together than I do btw /cries).

Harry groaned, rubbing his face. “What do I do? How do you let someone down gently?”

“Err, are you sure you want to? Let him down, I mean?” Hermione said. She seemed calm but her knuckles were white from gripping Ron’s hand.

Harry spluttered incoherently, turning to Ron for support, but Ron was looking thoughtful.

“You know, I think Hermione has a point. You, like, you comment on what he’s doing or how he’s doing it all the time. You notice everything about him.”

“I do not.” Harry protested.

“What shoes was Draco wearing last Saturday?” Hermione asked.

“His Quidditch boots, obviously. Gryffindor vs Slytherin. They were the emerald green leather ones.”

Hermione and Ron looked triumphant.
—  The Enchantment of Snow by indyonblue
To those anxiety-riddled future SDiT owners...

To all of you out there looking for a prospective service dog. This is something I wish I had thought about before getting my own SDiT, and please keep in mind it doesn’t apply to everyone. Again I stress: this is not the case for everyone! It does apply to me personally, so I thought maybe it would help someone else. So here we go:

Consider your dog’s colour. This is a super controversial sentence but bear with me. This is under a certain set of circumstances, and it’s really not something you consider would ever be a problem. But it is. Okay, problem is too big a word. I like complication better. Moving on.

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Attached | CH 2

Originally posted by gayjikookadi

Plot: You are secretly in love with your best friend and ashamed to admit it. You have known Jungkook for many years, the both of you grew up in the same neighborhood. You know everything about him, from his small quirks to strange humor. He gradually became your medicine and laughter – you fell in love with him during the last couple months of high school and could not stop thinking about him since. The both of you get accepted to the same university and you are unable to handle the tension.  

Pairing: Jungkook | Female Reader

Chapters Link

Genre: Romance, Drama

Word Count: 1279

Author’s Note: I’m really sorry if you find any writing errors! Also, gif is not mine, credit to rightful owner!

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alalunastuff  asked:

Hey Jen, you trully are a rare gem for any fandom worthy to have you! Beyond happy you're part of the Olicity fandom! Only one thing I would like you to address, esp given your knowledge of TV and how the business works. So, what is your view on ratings for Arrow Season 5? The decline in ratings goes ofc accross shows and channels as a general trend nowadays. But specifically how do you feel about Arrow ratings this year? TY!

What a sweet thing to say. I am but one among many, but you are so incredibly kind. Thank you. Hope you don’t mind that I’m publishing this ask because I always like ratings questions. I think they are fun. Yes. I am weird. I don’t know if it’s knowledge. It’s more a weird obsession combined with some (hopefully) educated guesses. (Some of this will be a repeat for those who’ve read my thoughts on ratings before).

Stumbled on this article today. Vulture always takes a look at returning/aging dramas and writes an article on rating trends every year. It’s a good read. The take away is it’s been a rough year for everyone. Most returning/aging dramas saw a significant drop in their live ratings. This was The CW:

31% drop is… well… ouch. 

I agree with Vulture. I don’t know a network executive that would be happy with any of these drops because they like money. Loss of revenue is not good. Networks ain’t never gonna be a fan of that. A live ratings decrease = a loss of ad based revenue. 

But am I worried about Arrow? NOPE. The single most important question any fan of a television show that airs on The CW should ask is…

How in sweet holy heaven does The CW make money?

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LEGAL :  Ethan Gombos

NICK :  Buttons


here take a whole series


1. Buttons is naturally a pretty good sharpshooter but the reason he knows how to shoot a gun at all is because Mac let him practice with his BB gun back in the vault. Buttons would go downstairs to Jonas (whom he liked a lot) and shoot at cans and radroaches under his supervision.

2. err NSFW I guess? (and I’m sure some of you know this but) he’s circumcised, according to Vault 101 standards. They stopped doing that after James went missing. Didn’t want Andy butchering babies. :|


1.  playing with Dogmeat

2.  reading comic books with Meg

3.  dancing to rock’n’roll on top of his coffee table in his underwear


1. Meg and her family, especially her mom
2. Alexis (his sister)
3. Randy (@bryborg)
4. Jimmy (@jimmy-exodus)
5. Sellbot 4000 (@thesellbot4000)
6. Hauser (@cameronaugust)
7. Curie


1. Not killing Mac

2.  Leaving the Vault (both of these things evoke dual sets of emotions in him tbh)


1. Getting choked out, being tied-up too tightly

2.  Turning into a Trog

idk mang I got contacted by a bunch of new Fallout RP-ers in the recent weeks so consider yourself tagged if you want to meet people and their OC-s and fill this out to find each other :)

TAGGED BY: @cajuncur


(Part 7 to Insomnia)

Flug sat in his lab for a moment, processing everything that had happened. He shook his head, clearing his thoughts and stood, grabbing the empty glass.

Walking to the kitchen he passed 5.0.5, giving him a pat on the tummy and receiving a happy chirp in return.

He washed the glass and put it away, leaning against the counter for a moment to reflect on the past few days.

Black hat… his boss, has fallen for him. Him. Dr. Flug Slys. And he returned those feelings. Why? He didn’t know.

He did know that Black Hat had never loved before, and he was confused. He knew that Black Hat had no idea what the feelings were. But he also knew that Black Hat would figure it out. He knew Black Hat was intelligent enough to know what love was, he just didn’t know what it felt like.

All Flug had to do was wait.

Glancing at the clock he walked to his room to get ready for bed. Once ready, he roamed to halls towards Black Hat’s room.

He knocked a couple times and waited. After a few seconds the door cracked opened, Black Hat standing there to see who it was. Upon seeing Flug he opened the door all the way, letting him in.

They walked to the bed and Black Hat removed his coat and shoes as Flug got into a comfortable laying position. Once finished he layed next to Flug, spooning him as usual.

Flug was about to question him, but chose not to and stretched his body, using it as an excuse to scoot closer to his boss.

Black Hat was already half asleep, not noticing Flug’s actions and instinctively nuzzling into his shoulder.

Flug covered his mouth, hiding a squeak of excitement and blushed bright pink. He heard soft snoring behind him and blushed more, shifting even closer to the creature behind him.

Black Hat responded by hugging Flug closer in his sleep, exhaling deeply. Flug turned his head a bit to catch his boss blushing in his sleep.

“Aww, Jefecito!” He whispers to himself, overjoyed at the scene in front of him. He cooed slightly in response and put his head back down, closing his eyes and relaxing.

After a short time passed Flug had fallen into a deep sleep, dreams filling his mind.

Bad dreams.


“No! No! No! No-aaAAHHH!!!”

Flug woke up screaming, sweating profusely. Black Hat sat above him, gripping his shoulders.

“Flug, what are you screaming about? Are you in pain?” Black Hat asked.

“No, no I’m not hurt. I-I just had a nightmare…” Flug responds, shyly looking to the side.

“A… nightmare?” He pauses for a moment, thinking for a moment. “Nightmares are when humans have bad sleep hallucinations, correct?”

Flug blinks at him, staring for a moment before chuckling to himself. “They’re called dreams, sir. And yes, they are when we have bad dreams.”

Black Hat slowly let’s go of his shoulders and sits next to him. “What was the nightmare about?”

Flug sits up, surprised at Black Hat’s concern and interest. “Well…” He pauses, “dreams are a little weird. So this may sound weird…”

He proceeds to tell his boss his nightmare in great detail, telling tales of failed experiments killing everyone in Black Hat Inc. and plane accidents that were his fault.

Black Hat sat there and listened, perplexed that dreams could be so harsh. Why would his mind come up with something like this?

Flug finished his story and looked at Black Hat, seeming slightly upset.

Black Hat wasn’t sure of how to comfort him so he just gave him a pat on the shoulder. “Err…” He started, not knowing what to say.

Flug chuckled, amused at his confusion. “I feel better now, can we go back to sleep?”

Black Hat’s eyes widened at hearing “we” and was about to get angry, but decided against it. “Yes. You humans need sleep.”

Flug and Black Hat lied back down, getting comfortable. Flug rolled over to face his boss and snuggled into his chest, sighing to himself pleasantly.

Black Hat felt warmth fill his chest that prevented him from recoiling, or reacting all together. Grumbling to himself he draped an arm over Flug’s waist, mumbling about how humans were weak and useless animals who needed comfort at the silliest things.

Flug smiled, letting himself drift off to the sound of his boss grumbling and complaining.

Black Hat stayed awake for another few hours, watching Flug sleep and mentally hitting himself for finding it cute.

He scooted away to admire Flug’s sleeping form and felt fluttering in his stomach when Flug unconsciously reached out to find him in his sleep.

Black Hat stayed still and allowed Flug to feel around the bed for a minute. Eventually Flug found him and curled up against his chest, mumbling to himself in his sleep and clutching his boss tightly.

Growling to himself he held Flug in return, letting the feeling in his gut take charge for the moment.

He stopped to think for a moment. He enjoyed this closeness. He enjoyed holding and hugging onto Flug. Why? Why did he like this? He hated physical contact and now here he was, latched on to this human, wishing they were closer. Wishing he was awake so he could consciously return the hug.

Why was he felling like this? It must be one of those pesky human emotions, ugh. He will deal with it tomorrow.

Letting his eyelids go heavy he too fell asleep, knowing full well he might get caught cuddling onto Flug.

But he didn’t care if he got caught.




matues13  asked:

Do you have any recommendations for rules light systems that are good for running quick games without much set up? (Preferably ones that don't assume you'll be slowly increasing in power over several sessions or something.) I'm looking to run a game for some friends over the upcoming spring break; I was wondering what I could muster. Thematically, I'm sure they'd be fine with anything as long as we can have running jokes.

You know, I’m never quite sure how to respond to requests like this - “rules light” means different things to different people. Some folks think Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is “rules light”, while for others, any game-mechanical operation more demanding than single-digit addition is a disqualifier.

To err on the side of caution, then:

Lasers & Feelings

A one-shot-friendly game whose rules, setting, and sample adventure literally fit on one page. It’s basically a masterwork of minimalist game design. It does Star Trek pastiche by default, though it’s quite easy to adapt to a variety of other settings, provided you’re willing to work within very specific genre constraints. You’ll find a free download on the linked page.

Lady Blackbird

A slightly more involved game from the same creators as the previous entry, this sixteen-page pamphlet is another system and scenario in one, in which players take on the roles of one of five pregenerated characters and help the eponymous Lady Blackbird escape an arranged marriage in a spacefaring fantasy milieu. It’s designed to run 1-3 sessions, with the bulk of the setting details filled in by the players; the GM is instructed to ask the players a series of leading questions in a particular format, and incorporate their answers into the established fiction. As above, free download on the linked page.

Die For You

Previously name-checked in the RPGs by female creators thread, this one’s about the personal and romantic dramas of socially dysfunctional supernatural critters (e.g., vamipres, werewolves, etc.). It’s very slice-of-life - your stats are literally Feels, Weirdness, and Real Life, and there are no specific combat rules. Its dozen pages set forth a much more traditional you-roll-and-the-GM-tells-you-what-happened deal than the previous two entries, if that’s a selling point for you. Pay-what-you-want PDF available here.

#84 & #94 - Hedwig

Sorry, anon - I somehow deleted your request and couldn’t answer you! Hope you enjoy this [and the other readers too!]

Pairing: none
Warnings: I don’t know; cuteness overload maybe ?
Drabble challenge: #84 “Show me what’s behind your back.”; #94 “I had a bad dream again.”

You let out a deep sigh as you stared at the ceiling of your room. It was dark, but you could still make out the silhouettes of the furniture surrounding you.

You were deep in thoughts and thinking about the previous fight between you and Kevin – and how he had suddenly grabbed his pillow and stormed off to sleep on the couch in the living room.

Thinking about the reason why the fight had ensured in the first place made you groan internally.

“Stupid.”, you huffed and crossed your arms behind your head.            

Your ears perked up when you heard a soft knock on your door all the sudden – and you clicked your tongue, expecting to hear Kevin asking you to talk it over again; but nothing happened.

With one eyebrow arched up in curiosity, you listened intently. Another soft knock.


You relaxed again and closed your eyes at the sound of his voice. “(Y/N), are you sleeping?”, he asked, unsure.

You took a deep breath before you answered Hedwig. “No, you can come in.”

You sat up in your bed, turned on the bedside lamp on your nightstand and waited as the door slowly swung open a moment later. He stood in the doorframe, his hands behind his back and a gloomy look on his face.

It was no surprise to you that Hedwig had taken over the light after Kevin fell asleep. He did that a lot lately whenever you had a fight – probably because he knew that you were most likely to be extra nice and forgive Kevin afterwards.

“Why are you still awake?”, you asked and watched as his body tensed up. Something was wrong. You waited for a response, but another moment passed before you finally got one.

“I just had a bad dream again – etcetera.”, he told you and kept standing in the doorframe, looking all sad and insecure. It broke your heart – so you patted the free space next to you.

In the beginning of your relationship with Kevin, it had been odd to you to deal with Hedwig, but as time went by you managed to see him as what he was – just a boy, and you were okay with your motherly instincts that were triggered by that.

You suddenly noticed that he was hiding something behind his back as he slowly made his way towards the bed.

“Hedwig – show me what’s behind your back.”, you demanded and instantly felt guilty as you saw him stop and flinch.

“Err”, he started and avoided your look as he showed you the book he had been hiding behind his back.

“It’s Harry Potter.”, he confessed and hugged it to his chest. “I was wondering, if you would read it to me.”, he said and shrugged innocently. “Etcetera.”

You stifled your smile and nodded. “If that makes you feel better, sure.”

You watched how his eyes lit up again as he crawled into the bed with you and handed the book over.

“I didn’t know you like Harry Potter.”, you said as you flipped through the pages and felt how he snuggled up to you. “Kevin told me you like it and that there’s someone named after me, so –“ He shrugged. You snickered to yourself and turned to the first page.

Not Just a Number in a Book

Zayn distracts Liam, Liam makes an arse of himself, and Zayn can’t speak Spanish. (Chapter Two of So Take Me to the Paradise in Your Eyes, a Fetus Uni AU) (one[read it on ao3]

(Thank you @starboyhaz for helping me with what to put in this chapter when I was needing a bit of inspiration)

“Sooooo,” Zayn starts, a half smile forming on his lips as he sits on one side of the picnic table. “Liam, it’s nice to meet you. Officially, I guess.”

Liam jerks his hand out awkwardly, all too aware as Zayn’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise at the motion. Still, he shakes his hand, gripping tightly for a moment. “Same to you,” Liam responds, still feeling too formal, not acting like he should be. He closes his eyes for half a second to mentally set himself up to try again. “Not just a number in a book anymore.” Or a wrong picture in a book, either.

They both nod at each other for a moment, a heavy silence between the two of them. Zayn stares at Liam, obviously trying to size him up while Liam does the same to Zayn. He must be alright with what he sees, because, well, he doesn’t run away screaming. In fact, after a moment,  Zayn even laughs before he says, “No, I’m a real person in the flesh.” He grins at Liam, waiting to make sure that Liam will grin back before he adds, “That is, unless I’m just a hologram here from the future.” Zayn raises one eyebrow mysteriously, and Liam can’t help it: he leans down, moving his arm forward to attempt to swipe at him.

And, yeah, that’s one way to break the ice. It’s like Liam only has two modes: thinking too much, or not thinking at all. He’s apparently switched from the first to the second before he can even blink. Thanks, Zayn.

“Hey!” Zayn wriggles away from Liam, looking shocked but laughing nonetheless.

“I don’t know,” Liam chuckles, looking amused. “You seem pretty solid to me.”

Zayn crosses his arms. “Fine,” he faux pouts. “But I can still help you. I just won’t have Google programmed into me or anything.” He watches Liam’s reaction, making sure he laughs before asking, “So, you’re only one day in and you’re already needing help?”

Before Liam can respond, he’s continuing quickly, eyebrows furrowing in worry as if just realizing what he’s doing. “Also, is it alright to sit outside? Or do you want me to try to find a spot inside the building? Sorry, I should’ve asked before I just sat somewhere and–” Zayn forces himself to trail off.

In response, Liam nods quietly, already moving his hand to the back of his neck to rub at it. He sits down on the opposite side quickly so that he can avoid eye contact with the other boy. “This is fine.” He forces a smile. “Good, I mean.” He breathes out, knowing he should also respond to the first part of Zayn’s question, but all the same not wanting to. “And, I–err–umm…” He gulps, trying not to say the truth: that his roommate thought he should text him, because he was–well, he thought–was someone else. “I’ve always been really bad at geography.”

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The Right to Rock Steady

@dashingicecream asked for some angsty Elderburn with hurt/comfort, so here’s something set in her RWBY!Rock universe, same continuity as @keena-kapu‘s various fics. Also, thank you to the members of the Dash server for their invaluable assistance.

Yang stared at the stage, absently twirling a stick in one hand. It usually helped her think but the motion brought nothing but annoyance now, feeling awkward and sluggish. She usually twirled with her right hand. Yeah, she could do either, but she preferred the right.

Now… it just didn’t feel right.

“That was a pun,” she said to no one in particular and without a trace of mirth in her voice. Not even her own sense of humor could distract her from the thoughts swirling through her mind, disjointed memories playing in a loop. She thought coming and seeing the stage before they played, visualizing herself behind the kit, would help, but she couldn’t see it, couldn’t begin to imagine the screaming fans and the lights and sitting behind the set- she could get part of the visual, but not all of it. Not like before.

Her fingers spasmed, the muscles still not used to doing the majority of the work, day in and day out. Switching dominant hands- it wasn’t something she’d ever thought she’d have to do, yet here she was, dropping a drumstick like some newbie sitting at their first kit. She didn’t even look down as it clattered to the ground, just kept staring at the stage, the very one they would be playing on tomorrow night. The starting point for RWBY’s come back tour.

That’s when it hit her like a ton of bricks. “I can’t do this.”

Even after months of physical therapy to adapt to the prosthetic.

Even after months of physical therapy to make the phantom pain go away.

Even after months of healing and fighting and breaking and healing again.

She couldn’t go back to being Yang Xiao Long. That wasn’t her anymore. The loud drummer who would take on the world and keep swinging, go out on a bender and play the next night- there would be alcohol backstage, of course there would be, and she couldn’t, no, that wasn’t her, it wasn’t-

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Thoughts (Hanzo x Reader Soulmate AU)

(Thank you, nice anon. “hear their thoughts in your head” was on their list and gave me this idea)

I’m not really proud of this one but decided to post it anyway because it took a while and it’s more that 1200 words

Y/C = Your country
H/C = Hair colour
E/C = Eye colour

Soulmate AU where you hear your soulmate’s thoughts during certain feelings. 

For you, you could hear your soulmate’s thoughts when they felt any kind of sadness. It started at a young age for you - you were barely six! It was a language you didn’t understand, but the voice sounded sad.The voice was male, too.

When you told your parents, they smiled, “That’s your soulmate!”.

Then they explained everything to you. How you’d sometimes hear your soulmate’s thought when they felt a certain emotion and how they heard your thoughts too.

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MAGI 349 Full Spoiler Translation.

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump.Netabare’s texts ^^

@maumauxmau @sayakakat2012

UPDATE: I added the jump-Netabare info that was missing. I checked it while looking at the korean scans so i would be able order it as if the texts were the in word balloons ( you can read it that way if you want to, while you look at the pics on the korean scans) ^^

Page 1


The Battle to decide the fate of the world… There is something abnormal in Alibaba’s bright idea?

* On the left side of the page it says: volume 33 now on sale! ( i already have my copy, i love the vepar!sin back cover)

Sinbad’s Thoughts: What’s your plan, Alibaba-kun?

Alibaba: With my “great magic that connect dimensions” I will take down both the vertical and horizontal walls of the world.

Arba: In other words, will that be the abolition of God’s multilayered structure and the complete integration of the Rukh?

Aladdin: Doing both never came to my mind.

Alibaba: really?

Sinbad: ….

Night 349 “Involved Human Beings”

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A Fair Trade

you guys know how i feel about the underfell!bros. i’m gonna cry. this one was kind of tough because i haven’t written very much for them, but i hope you like it regardless!

read me before following! / request a fic from me!

Pairing: UF!Sans/Reader, UF!Papyrus/Reader

Summary: You have a great idea to bring some much-needed warmth Underground. You just didn’t think any of it would be returned full force.

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Moth Drawn to the Flame (Part 4--Finale)

Title: Moth Drawn to the Flame

 Prompt: @asnowwhitedreams :  ***Keeping that a secret because of spoilers ;p  I want to give credit to this amazing person, especially since the plot and all the twists and turns was their idea! ^^

 Summary: When you are called in to help the Winchesters on a case, you suddenly find yourself thrown into a middle of a hunt.  But what you learn is shocking, and only you can find a way to stop the disappearances.  

 Warnings: Violence. Injury.  Angst. Fluff.

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Part 4—Finale

Dean woke suddenly, the memories from the previous night rushing back as he sprung up on his bed. He looked around the room and saw he was back in the motel room.  Sam was still passed out on his bed, and …woah… Dean clutched his head as the room seemed to spin for a moment.  The dizziness was something he was used to in the hunting life, so he just pushed through and rose.  

The blood written note from the day before was dried on the wall, but now there was something new, a little piece of paper stuck in the wall with one of his knives. He quickly walked over and ripped it off the wall, reading over it.

The words weren’t the first thing he noticed, the first thing he noticed was that it was in your handwriting.  He knew that handwriting anywhere.  And it made him angry.  If you were writing them notes, why couldn’t you just come back?  Why were you still out there?!  

He looked down, focusing on the words to keep the anger at bay.

Wendigo keeping me as bait.  And mothman.  Help us, please!

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23 May 2017

[Outside the Woolpack with Robert, Aaron, Victoria, and Rebecca]

ROBERT: You do remember your last party don’t you? Rebecca got invited for the Plot and we ended up with a life size Zayn cutout.

AARON: Yeah…right. I also punched you in the face. I’ll try not to do that this time around. That thirty seconds of counseling I had before our holiday really helped me out.

ROBERT: Well that’s reassuring.

AARON: Hey, Vic! We’re having a party at our house that’s totally finished even though we haven’t been here to work on it. It’s on a Thursday so there’s sure to be drama of some kind. What do you say?

VICTORIA: I say Adam’s probably going to be there so…

AARON: *well yeah he’s my best mate even if we haven’t had scenes together in ages face*

ROBERT: *Guilty ‘why do our stories have to mirror each other’s so much and you mentioning Adam makes me remember my own mistake as if I needed reminding’ Face*

VICTORIA: But that’s my problem, not yours, because even though we’re family we don’t talk about the things that really matter like the potential end of my marriage. So…yeah…of course I’ll come.

AARON: *Great glad that worked out face*

ROBERT: *Sorry Vic it’s not like I don’t care I’m just dealing with the potential end of my own marriage but I’m trying to look like nothing’s wrong face*

*Rebecca walks by*

VICTORIA: Plot! Plot! Plot! Hey, what are you doing on Thursday?

AARON: *Vic she doesn’t need to be in all of our scenes face*  #Relatable

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To the people that message me encouraging things in my inbox or in my asks:

I see you. I don’t know how to respond to you, but I see you there, and I appreciate you. I’m afraid of absorbing too much praise– err– not sure if that’s the word I want to use– too many kind words because there is a lot more that I would like to accomplish in my life, and I’ve only just begun. Big-headed…ness is a really unappealing quality in my personal opinion, and I don’t want to adopt it. I feel like replying to those asks publicly, or even replying to every individual message with something nice to say about me would feed into my ego and I don’t want that. I don’t want to flaunt the compliments that I’ve been paid. Do you know who does shit like that? Our Cheeto-in-Chief (I’m referring to my reprehensible, American president, if that was at all unclear). I don’t want to be a narcissist.

On the other hand, you don’t deserve to be ignored. We live in the 21st century, and communication has evolved. I made the decision to have an online presence which always had the potential to expose me to more people than I would’ve been exposed to if I had stayed off of social media, but that also means that paying someone a compliment in a way that’s more personal and intimate isn’t always an option anymore. If someone walked up to me and said something kind to me, I can’t just ignore them– that’s incredibly rude. This is me trying to acknowledge you. This is my attempt at acknowledging all of the incredibly kind things that have been said to me, or about me by people that I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting in person.

I don’t know that I deserve your attention or care– I kind of think I don’t– but I’m going to try to earn it in time. Thanks for being kinder to me than I deserve.

anonymous asked:

hey did you hear what Liam said about zayn in the radio interview?

Hi anon,

I did and i posted about it.

I’ve kind of done a rough transcript of what was said - may have got a couple of words wrong but this was the general gist.

Interview is here + 

Liam: Coming out the band it was strange, not in a bad way, but I wasn’t really sure I wanted to do the solo thing, not in a bad way but i wasn’t really sure if I was ready to step back into the fame cycle  One direction got hectic at a certain point and I lost my head with it a little bit, I was like..

Interviewer: How so

Liam: Err, just not in a good place we were hotel rooms and cars every single day. Not to say anything cause its been the most fantastic journey I’ve ever been on. Looking back on it now at the times (or there were times) there were points where i was like I just don’t know if this is for me.  I think Zayn felt that a lot as well. Obviously, that’s probably why he left. We were on the road 24/7 and you couldn’t go outside because of how many people.  I mean we were in a hotel in peru with 10,000 people outside from morning till night singing songs and it was just the most amazing thing ever because you would never not want the fans there but at the same time it was just that you were stuck in the room

I’ve not caught it all re what he said about Peru but he does close that part of it all by saying that it was amazing but he needed to regroup before deciding to do it again.