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Care of Magical Creatures
  • Draco: I'm dying! I'm dying, look at me! It's killed me!
  • Hagrid: Yer not dyin'!
  • Draco: *dramatic moan*
  • Hagrid: Someone help me, gotta get him outta here-
  • Draco: No, I know what will help. *grabs Harry*
  • Harry: Err... Malfoy, I really don't see how me lying on top of you is going to help.
  • Draco: Shhh, don't contradict a dying man.
To Own A Hybrid P.3

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff (eventual smut) Hybrid!AU Cat!AU

Summary: The hybrid world was one y/n never really involved herself in; however, after certain events, she is tossed into a world of uncertainty in the company of a particularly rude hybrid.

Word Count: 5k +

WARNING: Mentions of abuse, emotional torment, and prostitution

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“I like this one”

You sighed as you shoved more red liquorice in your mouth. It had been three hours of you and Jungkook surfing the store sites to try and find clothing style.

“stop sighing! You said we had to do this” he said defensively as he crossed his arms with a pout.

“yer but I didn’t expect you to be so picky” you shot back as you passed him the bag of heavenly goods.

Jungkook hissed at you as he rolled his eyes and started angrily eating.

“how about we just go to the mall? That way we can see what size you are and get the clothes in person! It’ll also be way quicker” you suggested as you closed your laptop.

A small whine emitted from his throat as his ears flattened against his head.

“I hate the mall” he mumbled before silently agreeing to go.


You sat in your car staring at the large crowd joyfully entering the mall.

“Let’ s just go back, I can wait” Jungkook stated quickly as he stared at them in disgusted.

You were really tempted to just agree and go back home. The bright colours and possibility of running into people you know was turning you off but you knew it would be better this way.

“I don’t even have a collar!” Jungkook chirped up excitedly “guess we have to go back, or I have to stay in here…aw what a shame” he said sarcastically.

You smiled devilishly before turning towards him.

“good thing there’s a collar stand here! We’ll get it first!” you said matching his previous tone.

His small smirk dropped as you jumped out of the car, staring at him through the window expectantly.

As the two of you shuffled through the crowds of people you continuously looked behind you to check that Jungkook hadn’t gotten lost or into a fight with anyone.

Your eyes scanned the big signs on top of the shops, finally landing on your much-needed destination.

“there!” You exclaimed as you pointed to the collar shop “I’m not really a fan of the whole collar thing so let’s just try to find one that’s subtle and comfortable”.

There was a range of collars in the shop. A shocking range to be honest.

“hi! Do you need any assistance!”

you turned around in shock as the perky female employee smiled widely at you.

“er…hi” you said backing up a little before tapping an intrigued and confused Jungkook on the shoulder.

“were just here to find a collar for him” you said pointing towards him as he turned to face the both of you.

“sure! What were you thinking! We have some fashionable leather ones is you like!” she said pulling a black leather collar from underneath a draw.

The collar had long black spikes sticking out of it and a tightening device on the back…if anything…it was a little…kinky.

You and Jungkook exchanged looks before the both of you shook your heads.

“that’s okay! What about a stylish silky one” she said pulling a long pink silk ribbon.

“pink isn’t really my colour” Jungkook said coldly as the lady swayed the material in front of his face.

“oh come on! Don’t you think it’ll be nice!” she squeaked before trying to tie the ribbon around his neck.

It was almost as if everything was happening in slow motion, you remembered what happened last time someone had tried to touch Jungkook without his approval…it didn’t go so well.

Before you knew it you had grabbed the ladies hands harshly causing both her and Jungkook to look at you in shock.

“err…he doesn’t really like to be touched” you said awkwardly as you retracted your hands from hers.

You felt Jungkook’s eyes watch you intensely as your eyes searched the shop. In one of their display windows you saw a black earring, something you had never seen in a collar shop before.

“what’s that?” you asked softly causing the excitement to refill the sales lady. Her dark brown hair swept of her shoulder as she jumped happily.

“it’s the newest design for collars. The black and simple earrings act as a collar and sends the hybrids information to any device that swipes past it. It’s great isn’t it! No suffocating material around the neck, no itchiness! It’s even waterproof!” she exclaimed.

You turned to Jungkook who seemed just as interested as you were.

“what do you think?” you asked him as he looked back at you.

“I’m down” he shrugged non-chalantly before scratching his head.

The employee yipped happily before motioning for the tow of you to follow her into a back room.

As she told Jungkook to take a seat and ran him through the protocols you looked at all the cool designs of tattoos and piercings on the wall.

“you guys do tattoos here?” you asked in amazement as you flipped through drawing books.

“yep, we do all kinds of things here, mainly for hybrids as they can’t get the same ink tats as human do” she said as she prepared jungkooks ear for the piercing.

“interesting” you whispered as a certain picture caught your eye.

The tattoo on the man’s arm was a singular circle with a line going straight through it, the ends sticking out slightly.

You don’t know where you’ve seen the tattoo but your brain started fogging up as it dug through folders of your memory.

‘shhh, it’s going to be alright. Your mothers going to take care of you now okay?’

“all done!”

You shook your head as the ladies chirpy voice broke your concentration.

“alright! Just put your hybrid number in here, pay here and your good to go!” she stated as she brought you back to the front desk.

You smiled at her warmly before filling out the details needed for his piercing to be activated and using pay pass to finish it off.

You waved goodbye as you and Jungkook made a hasty escape from the way to happy employee.

“I didn’t think I would last” Jungkook said with a sigh of relief.

Due to lunch being over the crowd had dwindled, but that still didn’t stop the uncomfortable pushing of people.

“to the clothes we go” you stated as Jungkook played with his new earrings. You had to admit it did add to his whole ‘I hate everything’ vibe but in a good attractive way.

“Revival!” he exclaimed excitedly, spotting the shop he had liked so much.

You rolled your eyes before following the excited kitten through the doors of what would be your hell.

“Jungkook I’m dying” you whined as you added another pair of pants to the over flowing basket on the floor.

“you’ve actually tried on everything in the shop” you added as he continued to move around in the changing room.

“help” he said opening the curtain to reveal another white shirt…

“oh wow, doesn’t look like any of the other 40 white shirts were buying” you said sarcastically as you shook your head in disbelief.

“you’re useless, I’m going to get a different colour” he stated before making a b-line for the racks.

You sighed tiredly as you decided to look through different hats he could get.

“Don’t touch me!”

You recognised that pissed off voice anywhere. You instantly dropped the hats before rushing to where Jungkook had gone, it had only been like a minute! What could possibly happen in a minute!

“filthy dog!” Jungkook spat at the equally angered dog in front of him. The two of them held onto the only black shirt that you could see on the rack, both determined to get it.

“pesty cat!” the dog growled back. The dog’s turquoise hair and pale skin were quite the contrast compared to Jungkook.

The dog was noticeably shorter than Jungkook but gave the same ‘I hate everything’ vibe with his ice-cold gaze and leather pants.

“oh god! Jungkook please stop!” you said as you hovered behind him not exactly sure how to intervene.

“I had it first!” he hissed, his eyes still connected with the other hybrids.


You were too busy hissing at Jungkook to let go to notice the other hybrids owner join in.

“Yoongi! We’ve talked about th- y/n?”

Your head shot in his direction as you stopped your arguing with Jungkook to see who had called your name.

“namjoon?” you asked in shock as you took in the appearance of your co-worker, his hands trying to tear the hybrid away from the black shirt.

“your y/n?” yoongi asked as he dropped the shirt to take a better look at you. As yoongi’s eyes scanned over you Jungkook hissed loudly before stepping in front of you, shielding you with his body.

“jungkook, it’s okay. This is namjoon!” you said stepping away from his shield.

Namjoon smiled widely at Jungkook who just hissed as he proceeded to hide behind you.

“hey, I’m really sorry about my whole robot incident” he said nervously before scratching the back of his head in embarrassment.

“just almost killed us, but whatever” Jungkook sassed as you rolled your eyes.

“its fine, were alive” you stated causing namjoon to chuckle.

“so, this is the hybrid you were talking about? What was your name? Jungkook?” he asked sweetly as he tried to connect gazes with Jungkook who just continued to look away.

“mhm, and this is yoongi?” you asked as you smiled at the dog hybrid who gave you a smirk and a head nod in response.

“yep and…taehyung!?” namjoon called out as he turned beside him to find a missing hybrid.

You heard a small yelp of fear before arms were wrapped around you and you were being used as a human shield.

Little did either you or namjoon know, as you were conversating taehyung had approached Jungkook like a predator would his prey, only to get violently shoved away.

“miss y/n, your hybrids mean” he whispered softly in your ear before joyfully sniffing your face.

Jungkook looked lost and confused. He watched in panic as the dog hybrid continued to remember your scent.

“okay taehyung that enough” namjoon said pulling him away by the collar leading taehyung to whine in disapproval.

“are you on night shift?” he asked you as yoongi held the hyper boy tightly.

“yer! Will I see you there?” you asked as you fixed your hair that had been messed up. He nodded happily and picked up his shopping bags he had to drop earlier.

“great, see ya!” he said before vanishing off with the two hybrids.

As you sighed as turned to Jungkook you watched happily as he hugged his new black shirt.

“Alright, let’s go pay for these. Go put one on so you don’t have to wear these anymore” you said as you pointed to the shirt and sweatpants he was currently wearing.

He nodded his head before quickly making his way to the changing rooms as you made your way to the till.


“fuck, fuck, fuck” you chanted as you waddled your way to the car, Jungkook lifted the boot and chucked his bags in with ease whereas you struggled to hold them.

Jungkook wore one of his new outfits, the white shirt, blue jeans and tim’s simple but stylish.

“that…was exhausting” he whispered more to himself but you hummed in agreement.

“Oh! Before I forget!” you said searching through the many bags residing in your boot.

“here, I got you a phone so we could communicate whenever I’m not there” you smiled as you passed him the box.

“my..own phone?” he asked as he stared at it in amazement.

“yep! Now come on, I don’t know about you but I’m starving” you groaned grabbing your stomach.

As you started the car Jungkook was strangely quiet.

“you’re leaving tonight…what time are you coming back?” he asked softly. You took a moment to glance at him. His eyes glued to the phone you had just given him.

“I’ll leave around 8 and be back at around midnight, it’s a short shift and don’t worry ill cook your dinner before I leave” you smiled cheekily at him.

He hummed as an answer but you could tell something else was worrying him. Not wanting to press him any further you rode in a comfortable silence.

“were here” you said drawing jungkook’s attention to the little café you had just parked in front of.

“question” you said as you handed the menus back to the waitress after the both of you had finished ordering your food.

“are you by chance allergic to anything? Or like do certain scents irritate your senses?” you asked seriously as you played with your hands.

“other than that wretched perfume you wear, nothing really” he sassed.  

You gasped before scoffing and letting out a small chuckle at his snide remarks

“well, id rather smell like this than wet dog” you snapped back causing him to have the same reaction as you did.

“I am a cat! That was just rude” he hissed causing you to laugh at his angered yet cute state.

“sorry kitty” you teased with a pout, angering him even more.

“now I know why your single” he said shaking his head in disbelief.

You took a breath of refreshing air as your eyes traveled to outside of the glass window. You watched with joy as an older looking hybrid got on his knee and proposed to his owner, or so you thought.

“aw, Jungkook isn’t that sweet” you swooned as you watched on with gleaming eyes, Jungkook, however, did not share your enthusiasm.

“it’s not going to work out” he said bluntly, crushing all your hopes and dreams for the two lovebirds.

“what. Why not?!” you asked clearly upset at his sudden declaration.

“just watch” he said softly, his eyes never tearing from the scene.

Your heart broke into two as an angry female marched up to the two of them and broke them from their kiss. The girl proceeded to scowled the hybrid and gave him a harsh smack on the cheek before storming away.

The human girl was a sobbing mess as she watched the love of her life follow the angered female away. that’s when it clicked. He wasn’t prosing to his owner…

“owners are usually very possessive of their hybrids and don’t allow them to pursue relationships outside of the house. It’s fine when a hybrid and their owner fall in love but it’s a completely different story if that’s not the case” Jungkook shrugged before the waitress arrived with the drinks you had ordered.

As you thanked her Jungkook sighed and returned his attention back to you, but your eyes were still glued on the broken-hearted girl who remained in her spot.

“I’m going to go see if she’s okay” you said as you grabbed your drink and tried to figure out how you were going to approach her.

As you walked towards her, you noticed she still held the ring on her finger.

“hi” you said sweetly as you sat yourself next to her “look I’m not going to ask if you’re okay, cause clearly, you’re not…here drink this” you said passing her your cola.

“I’m sorry” the girl cried as she took your drink without hesitation.

“why are you apologizing? Dude that was rough” you said as you looked off in the direction they left in.

“I’m solar, by the way …that..that was my boyfriend jin…well, I guess ex-boyfriend” she explained as you nodded your head.

“I’m y/n and don’t you mean fiancé?” you asked happily trying to cheer her up.

She looked at you in shock before shaking her head “didn’t you see what happened?” she asked in confusion.

You smiled before giving her a friendly slap on the shoulder. “don’t let some bitchy owner get in between you and your lover!” you chirped enthusiastically, solar looked at you in utter shock as you ruffled her hair caringly.

“you love him, right?” you asked.

“of course…we’ve been together for 5 years actually. Always dodging and diving and avoiding his owner. I… I just want to be together…that’s all I want” she sighed as a couple more tears rolled down her face.

“I’m not really a believer in if the world wants it to happen it’ll happen. I’m more of a ‘you have to do it yourself if you want it done’ type of person. So, what I’m about to say to you really contradicts my beliefs but…don’t give up if it’s meant to work out, it will. Let’s look at your odds, she didn’t look that rich so she can’t just up and leave with him, she can make him not leave the house but surely she has a life and can’t watch him 24/7, she could always kill one of you but she doesn’t strike me as a murderer” you stated.

Solar wiped her tears as her eyes turned from sad to determined.

“your right! This relationship is five years of my life! I can’t imagine it with anybody else…” she exclaimed, her voice growing stronger than before.

“that’s the spirit, try your hardest…ya’ll know when its time to give up, but now isn’t that time girl, go get your man!” you whooped encouragingly.

She shot up from her seat with a sudden energy boost.

“I hope we met again y/n” she smiled at you as she started walking backward.

“me too, and you better have that guy on your arm when we do!” you shouted out to her. She laughed before nodding her head and running in the direction that they left.

You smiled happily as you rested your head backward at stared at the blue sky above you.

You closed your eyes as you enjoyed the warmth of the sun mixing with the cool breeze.

Oh, to be young and in love.

“filling people with false hope is a bad thing”

You opened your eyes to see Jungkook leaning over you, he’s ears standing upright and a plastic bag in his hand.

“oh, you pessimist” you said as you lifted your head forward and motioned for him to take a seat.

“I prefer the term realist” he replied as he took a seat next to you.

“you took too long so I got our food to go. So…lets go” he said plainly as he looked around.

“Jesus Christ Jungkook, not everything has to be so rushed. Take a minute to enjoy the scenery” you stated before resting your head back into its previous position.

You could literally hear jungkook’s protest but instead, he just copied you and took a long breath of relaxation.

Suddenly feeling jungkooks relaxed state beside you, you took the opportunity to peek an eye open and enjoy it while it’ll last.

You almost drooled at how beautiful he looked. His skin was glowing underneath the suns beams and his soft hair ruffled in the wind, his lips were parted slightly and were a welcoming shade of pink.

“I can feel you staring at me”

“it’s not my fault seeing you like this is as rare as seeing a shooting star”

“jungkook!! Dinners ready!” you shouted out as you tided your hair ready for work.

“I cooked four steaks just in case, I know how hungry you can get. Do you remember how to use your phone?” you asked as he sat himself down at the dinner table.

“where did you put the iron man 2 disk?” he asked as you grabbed your bag off the table.

“it’s under the first one in the lower drawer. Call me If you need anything! Bye be careful!” you shouted as you ran to the door. You heard a soft goodbye before you shut the door.

You were hesitant to leave Jungkook by himself but you knew he could handle himself, he’d been doing it for a long time before you met after all.

As you entered the building you wondered how long Jungkook had been alone before you stormed into his life…

“Y/n? you okay?”

You snapped out of your thoughts as you sheepishly locked eyes with jimin.

“Hey! yer sorry I’m okay I promise, just…a lot on my mind” you giggled nervously.

“mmm I can see that” he chuckled before passing you a folder “here, this will help you with that new assignment Mr. So gave you” he smiled.

“oh my god! I totally forgot about that! Jimin I don’t know what I would do without you! Thank you so freaking much” you thanked him before frantically typing away on your computer.

Jimin let out another hearty laugh before going back to his desk.

The assignment was a strange one. You were to organise a route through the cities center in order to keep the transaction private and away from the public eye. You had to take into consideration things like security cameras, closing times of shops and police activity.

You didn’t even know what was being transported and the whole ordeal was weird but Mr. So is high up the power chain so it must be important.

You continued your work but couldn’t shake the feeling of being stared at.

You turned next to you to see jimin staring at you with an extremely worrisome look but as soon as he saw you had caught him he smiled nervously and continued with what he was doing.

You decided to shake it off and continue your work.

“y/n! just the person I was looking for!” namjoon chirped as he rolled over on his chair from his desk.

“you say it like I’m not here behind you every time we have a shift together…which is literally all the time” you chuckled at his strange choice of words.

He ruffled his hair in confusion at his own sentence but shook it off when he remembered why he came over.

“I’m glad Jungkook is settling in nicely” he stated as you continued to type away.

“you think? He’s still a little hostile. Then again, I think that’s just his personality. Not sure yet” you said as you swapped eye connect between namjoon and your computer.

“he’s become more territorial, it means he’s becoming used to things being his” he answered causing you to scrunch your eyebrows in confusion.

“you didn’t notice? When tae and yoongi got a little too close for his liking he started getting protective and unsure of the situation. It means he’s starting to settle” he smiled at you.

You stared at namjoon in shock before punching the air enthusiastically. “yer boy!” you exclaimed but quietly due to your professional atmosphere.

“but be careful, I don’t think you should have come to work. Due to his sudden change of safety, he may be a little paranoid and get scared easier” namjoon stated worriedly.

Instantly your mood dropped to a sudden sense of sickening worry.

Before you could ask what, he meant by that your phone started ringing and the pop up of jungkooks name almost gave you a heart attack.

“hello? Jungkook what’s wrong?” you asked worriedly, your stomach dreading the answer.

“y-y/n, I think sh-hes here to get m-me” a panicked hybrid on the other side of the phone whispered. You could hear the silently sobbing he was trying to hide.

Your heart broke as you stood up immediately.

“where are you now I’m on my way” you said as namjoon started saving all your work. You grabbed your bag and ran as quickly as you could to the elevator.

“I-I’m in your room, i-i-n your closet” he stuttered pure fear seeping through his voice.

“okay, I’m in the car right now, whose there Jungkook? Are they knocking on the door? What’s happening?” you asked worriedly as you almost sped down the streets.

You tried to stay focused but the shaky breaths and sobs that you heard were not just terrifying but hurt your heart.

“they keep knocking, t-t-they won’t go away. it’s her, she found me!” he said sacredly.

“Jungkook I’m in the elevator, I’m going to hang up now okay, don’t worry I won’t let anyone hurt you” you reassured as the elevator moved painfully slow.

As the doors opened you were ready to fight a bitch but instead were met with a persistent Krystal banging at your door.

You sighed in relief before grabbing her hand, stopping her from traumatizing your poor hybrid anymore.

“Oh! There you are! Hey I was thinking we could all watch the new-“ she started but you stopped her kindly.

“Actually, I was going to suggest that we all go to the movies next Thursday! We can’t do tonight sorry” you said as quickly as possible.

Thankfully she noticed your rushed pace and moved out the way of the door nodding. “sounds like a plan” she said before turning to walk back to her apartment door.

You ran inside, turning on all the lights you possibly could.

“Jungkook!” you called as you ran into your room. The darkness leaving an eerie and sad feeling. You turned on the lights and followed the sounds of whimpering as you approached your closet.

“Jungkook? Sweetie its y/n” you said slowly opening the doors.

You gasped as the tortured hybrid pulled you in a massive hug. “what happened!? I thought s-s-she got to y-y-ou!” he cried as you shuffled to the bed.

“shhh it’s okay it was just Krystal, no one’s coming to get you” you soothed quietly as you managed to lay him on the bed.

You sat up as his body tucked closely too yours, his hands clutching the material of your work pants as he continued to cry.

You hesitantly brought your hand up and trialed a stroke of his hair. Before you could pull away he nuzzled his head into your hand letting you know it was okay.

With that, you soothingly stroked his hair earning soft hums as his crying softened to a few sniffles.

“would you like to sleep in here tonight? We can watch the new Spiderman movie?” you asked softly as you moved to play with his ears.

A soft meowl escaped his lips before he nodded his head and moved his head closer to your lap.

“yes please…don’t leave me” he whispered. His voice vulnerable and weak, a state you had never seen Jungkook in before.

You moved his hair out of his eyes before nodding your head. Even though he couldn’t really see it. The nod meant so much.

You vowed to protect the seemingly stubborn hybrid with anything you could. He deserved more than the world had given him and you were going to give him it.

“I won’t, I promise”  



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If you're comfortable with it could I request a headcanon of the guys (Nobunaga, Mitsunari, Shingen, Kenshin, Kojuro and Masamune) reaction (what they think and do) to finding/hearing the MC moaning their name in their sleep? Thank you

Nobunaga wakes up at the sound of his name. He turns towards you irritated that you woke him, but finds you fast asleep, his name dropping between moans from your mouth. His first thought is to wake you up immediately, but when you whisper “I love you,” he blushes and wraps his arm around you, pulling you closer. “Foolish girl, waking me up in the middle of the night with such nonsense…” he mutters but soon falls asleep again, you safely in his arms.

Mitsunari elbows you awake startling you. “If you can’t be quiet you can go back to your own room to sleep,” he mutters. “I’m sorry for disturbing you, lord Mitsunari,” you mumble and wrap your arms around him, pulling him closer. “H-hey, what do you think you’re doing! And after saying things like that, don’t just assume-” “Things like what?” you inquire looking at his face puzzled. A bright blush spreads across his face and he pulls your head to his chest so you can’t see his face, “Just go back to sleep, manju-girl…” You oblige, nuzzling his chest lightly, falling quickly asleep again. Mitsunari, however, can’t fall asleep again for the longest time.

Just as soon as the first moan leaves your mouth, Shingen is awake. At first, he’s startled there might be somebody else in the room, but as soon as he sees that’s not the case he turns his attention to you. And when he realises just what sort of moans you are making he gently wakes you up with an innocent kiss. You, still half asleep, cling to his hair and pull him closer to a hungry kiss wrapping your leg around his hip and it takes you a considerable amount of time before you’re able to go back to sleep again.

Kenshin had been admiring you after you had fallen asleep. Just as he was about to lay his head to rest you let out a breathy moan, calling out his name. A smile rises on his lips and he strokes your cheek gently, careful not to wake you up until you calm down. He looks at you, completely enamoured by the beautiful expressions you make just for him. He never mentions it to you, but remembers it fondly, wishing you’d see lots of dreams just like that one.

Kojuro listens to your moans fondly at first, delighted that you’d think of him even in your sleep. But the longer your dream continues, the more uneasy he feels. A sting of jealousy hits him and he wishes he could be the one doing all the things to you that make you moan out his name (it’s canon btw, lollol). He knows it’s silly to be jealous of the dream you’re having of him, so he lets you sleep, silently reciting sutras until he has calmed down enough so he can sleep too.

Masamune blushes once he hears you moan out his name. His first instinct is to wake you up, scared you might have a nightmare, but once you let out another moan, this time one that definitely wasn’t because of a nightmare, he feels his face turn even hotter. He still debates if he should wake you up and just as he reaches to shake your shoulder, you turn to your side and continue to sleep peacefully. He lets out a sigh of relief and wraps his arm around you, falling asleep soon after.

Hotaru is puzzled why you would make a sound in your sleep, yet alone speak. But when you moan out his name he seals your lips with his. You’re startled awake by the sudden kiss and see him looking at you his eyes sharp. You feel your heart leap into your throat, “Ho-Hotaru-!” you start, but before you can finish, his lips are on yours again. “I wish… for you to make those sounds for me… when you’re awake…” he mumbles between the heated kisses and while you have no idea what he’s talking about, you don’t really care at the moment.

Kotaro is totally amazed you’d call out his name. You seem to be in pain, so he wakes you up, shaking your shoulder until you open your eyes. He looks you dead in the eye when you ask him why he woke you up. “You were having a nightmare.” A nightmare…? You recall your dream, that definitely, with 100% certainty wasn’t a nightmare and blush. “Ah… err… I wasn’t really having a nightmare…” you try to explain, but he just strokes your hair and smiles, hugging you gently just like you do to him when he’s having a nightmare, “Hushhh, it’s okay, it’s not real,” he comforts you with your own words and soon you drift off to sleep. Kotaro can’t sleep. He watches you for the rest of the night just to make sure you don’t have any more nightmares.

A/N: This was such a fun ask, thank you so much for sending this!

The Woman You Still Love

(Part 3 to The Man You Loved)

Requests:  Are you going to do a part 3 of Man you Loved? 


Yes, please do a part 3!!!




pt 3!!


a bunch of other comments

Warnings: Angst

A/n: Holy crap guys. You really like this series

Read Part 1 here 

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Young Justice Rec Fics Part 1

This is getting really long so I’m splitting it into a couple post.

If we might be getting a season 3, all the amazing fanfics need to be placed out in honor! This will be out in random order.

Let’s start with the series first. The stories will either be from or

Mainline- By Kazyre- A series of stories starting with It all Started Fairly Normal ( (2 out of 3 completed, Birdflash, Summary:  When Wally doesn’t show up at the cave one day for training, Dick immediately knows something happened to his best friend. The League is called in to help once they do find him. As well as the entire speedster family.)

Shy Little Speedster- By SunnyDonna A 2 story series that starts with Not Enough ( (CompletedSummary: Barry Allen grew up as an orphan. When he meets Iris Allen, he finds himself thrilled to meet her family, despite her own uneasiness on the matter. When Barry meets Wally, he’s appalled at the way his father treats him.For Wally, he’s never been enough. He’s not enough for his mother, who chooses his father over him. He’s not enough for his father, who wanted more in a son. He’s not enough for the kids at school, who tease him and are mean to him. He grows to wish he could be like the Flash, who’s well liked by all, who’s enough of a hero for Central and the world. Who’s fast enough to be there for everyone.But for Barry and Iris, Wally seems to be just enough.

The Fedora Verse- By itsxandy- A long story that isn’t done, is completely amazing, is on character a lot, and has a lot of characters that weren’t in YJ, but make it so much better because they’re in the comics. Also did I mention that Wally’s not a hero? ( (WIP) Summary: Wally West is the newest, fastest thief in Central City. His biggest offense so far? Making crime look this good.

Dick Grayson: Murder Victim-By CanaryCry- A 2 part story that is still a WIP, Birdflash. (WIP) (

Summary: Shortly after the events of Auld Acquaintance, the Joker leads Batman and Robin on what was supposed to be a wild goose chase, nothing more. Instead, Robin is brutally murdered at the hands of the clown. Two years later, a new vigilante appears in Gotham. One part crime lord, one part homicidal Batman, the Red Hood is willing to go to drastic lengths to achieve his goals and have his revenge on the man who murdered him and the father who failed to avenge him.

Flashlight- By Kazyre- Technically it’s just a 1 chapter story, but there is a bunch of one-shots that didn’t get into the story, put into another chapter area. (HalBarry, Barry is raising Wally, WIP)( When Iris dies suddenly, leaving Barry to raise their three-year-old nephew by himself, Hal Jordan steps up to help out his best friend. Years pass, friendship grows into something much more, and somehow the three of them become a family. Story will span Wally’s life from age three all the way to the formation of the Team - will be mostly humor and fluff.

Vampire BatFam- by Slytherin_Fox- A quite long series of one-shots about what if the Batfam was vamps, and a lot of Birdflash. (WIP) ( Basically what happens when I begin imagining things with the BatFam being made up of Vampires…..It will be mostly Birdflash and the stories are NOT written in chronological order.

Young Justice Expanded Universe- By MiriB- Only the first story is up, but they plan to get the next one up soon, technically Spitfire. (WIP) ( Summary: Wally didn’t die when the chrysalis’ energy attacked him. His family thought he did. His friends thought he did. Even he thought he did. But Bart didn’t. Bart knew what really happened.

Today’s Lesson Is…- By Seito (completed) ( Summary: Being a new team isn’t easy. Not when you have your own rogue gallery and getting kidnapped all the time. It’s just one lesson at a time.

Wally the Flash or Kid Flash- By Dragonfire13 (It’s me!:D ) (Birdflash, a bunch of 1-shots, and a chapter story that isn’t finished) (WIP) ( Summary: Wally didn’t die when he ‘ceased’. Instead he was transported into a different dimension, trying (and failing), to find a way home before become a hero once more as the Flash. He helped start the Justice League and now he could have a chance at going home. Will he take it?

I’m sure there are other series out there, but these are just the one’s I’ve read. Part 2 is going of completed chapter and 1-shot stories that I’ve read.

I’m not sure if you all know this but I have an AU I’m working on currently at my own pace.. and this is it? I guess? Well it’s more like it’s the cover for the first arc for the comic I plan to do eventually… I just wanted to practice drawing backgrounds and poses eue;;

I’ve yet to post any more info on my au aside from what is on this post  and on this side blog. Like I said, this AU is done on my own pace.

Confronting fans after hearing you got hate


*interviewer stops Kyungsoo backstage of the awards ceremony to do a short interview with him*

Interviewer: How are you enjoying this evening?

D.O: It’s great. I’m so honoured to be here but it would be even better if my girlfriend could be here with me

Interviewer: Oh, yes. (Y/N), right? Where is she?

D.O: Well, err… I didn’t really want to get into this too much until later but she’s still at home, and it’s a shame really since she was really looking forward to tonight however hateful fans have driven her to stay behind. She’s afraid that if she shows her face with me again then she’ll get ambushed with even more hate. It’s even making her reconsider our relationship altogether. And I know there are some “fans” out there who would love nothing more than to break us apart but that isn’t happening. I can’t see a life without (Y/N) and if it ever does come to a point where we split up then only blame yourselves for my sadness

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*Hearing about you getting hate had really hit him hard since you and him were so close that you were practically one person. He didn’t feel in the right state to confront his fans properly yet so instead acted passive aggressive towards the topic*

*sees the guys start recording for a v live podcast and tries to leave the room but Chanyeol pulls him back before he can*

“Sorry. I just don’t feel comfortable speaking to fake fans…”

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Kai had already confronted his fans a few days before through v live but some fans still didn’t listen. He decided to act blunt for all the fans to see in person, even when he should be celebrating his victory after winning an award, just to show how upset he really is about you receiving hate from them

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*at concert talking with fans*

“So how many of you now who (Y/N) is?”

*he hears lots of cheers, some boos, and a mass of chatter erupt the room*

“(Y/N)’s my girlfriend. And do you know how long for? I’ve been with this beautiful girl for almost 4 years now”

*Xiumin takes out his phone, shaking his head to himself as he scrolls through all the hate comments. He then begins reading some out*

“So to say that, and I quote, ‘I can do better’ and that ‘(Y/N)’s a skank’ and that I’m ‘deluded for picking the whore’? You guys need to sort your lives out. I am with (Y/N) practically 24/7. If she was bad for me then I wouldn’t be with her. Do not take (Y/N) for granted because she means everything to me. She is not ‘worthless’. She’s perfect”

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*they’re just about to perform their next song when Sehun interrupts them*

“Can I say something first please? I’ve had a great night tonight performing for you and I’m sure you’ve enjoyed yourselves too but I kind of have to bring the mood down a little. This morning just before I left the house I caught a glimpse of (Y/N)’s laptop whilst she was distracted by something else. All I could see were hate comments from EXO-L’s… It’s really upsetting and even more upsetting that (Y/N) is too afraid to tell me, her own boyfriend, about the hate. Maybe she’s trying to protect me, maybe she’s trying to protect you, but what I knw for sure is that she shouldn’t be suffering. Please stop mentally toturing her with you harsh and negative comments or I will have to retaliate“

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“You know, for the whole night I’ve been trying to put on a brave smile but looking out into the audience and knowing that at least half you have been writing mean posts about my girlfriend… It’s hard… So hard that it brings me to tears. I’m so disappointed”

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*doesn’t even want to interact with his fans because of how upset he is at them for hating on you*

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“I’ve not really been feeling great lately. I guess you could tell from my lack of enthusiasm but that fact that my ‘so called fans’ have been spreading hate on my girlfriend has really wreaked my mood”

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“I’m sorry that you guys don’t have the decency to accept my relationship but I am not sorry for having (Y/N) in my life. She means the world and back to me and no matter what you guys do to bully her, it isn’t going to make me love her any less”

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Caffeine, Crimson Cheeks, and Cashiers | Cashier!Taehyung

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Summary: College!AU wherein Taehyung is a part-time cashier and you are a tired student just trying to power your way through finals with the help of a dozen or so energy drinks.

Genre: Fluff, Cashier!AU

Words: 1.4K

(reposted from my other blog, writing-fingers)

You always thought that college would never come. Not that you were excited for it or anything—on the contrary, you practically dreaded it. As the youngest, you were expected to exceed the accomplishments of your siblings, going above and beyond your family’s expectations. As such, you were expected to leave your sleepy suburban home and study at one of the country’s finest universities.

Of course, this did not bode well with you. In fact, you never wanted to leave. It was not like you lacked ambition or dreams; it was just that you knew you could achieve those goals in your hometown’s university. All of your friends were staying, and you were not necessarily the greatest when it came to making new friends. Why leave when you have everything at your disposal right there at your hometown? You fought almost regularly with your parents about this, but after a particularly devastating argument, you decided it would be better to shut your mouth and just suck it up.

After all, how hard could college be?

Yet, here you are, standing in the middle of the campus’ supermarket in your pajamas, searching for the energy drink aisle.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a fic where the gang goes camping and jughead and betty share a tent and things get heated (smut?)

Thanks for the prompts, loves! The ‘last story’ that this anon is referring to is this one (yeah that’s how long this prompt has been sitting in my ask I’m sorry), I hope you enjoy!
Warning: pure Bughead smut, like no plot to be found here.

“Dude, you’re great and all but maybe you should leave the story telling to someone else,” Jughead quipped, throwing a smirk in Archie’s direction over the flames as he chewed the last of his marshmallow. His attempt at a chilling, middle-of-the-woods, late night horror story had fallen flat among the group, Archie’s excited expression dropping as his three best friends stared at him with equally amusing looks of befuddlement. Veronica rubbed a soothing hand over his drooped shoulders.

“There, there, Archiekins. We all have our talents,” she consoled, not trying very hard to keep the smile out of her voice. Archie shot her a look, frown instantly melting beneath her dark brown gaze. They held each other’s eyes for a moment, irises sparkling in the bright glow of the firelight, Veronica biting her lower lip slightly.

“Well, it’s getting kind of late. We should probably call it a night,” Archie sighed, his attempt at a casual wrapping up of the conversation completely missing the mark. Jughead glanced at Betty from the corner of his eye, checking to see if she got the implication too, finding her regarding the couple through narrowed eyes. She got it, alright.

“Great idea. Goodnight!” Veronica sang, standing abruptly and heading into one of the two tents, Archie scrambling to follow behind her, flashing a brief wave to Betty and Jughead before the zipper was being sealed and a shudder inducing giggle erupted from behind the plastic.

“Eurgh,” Jughead grimaced, trying to focus on the periodic crackling and snapping of firewood instead of the shuffling of fabric on fabric. Betty didn’t answer, Jughead turning to look at her in concern. “Betts?”

She was staring straight ahead, fingers twisting nervously in her lap. A bright pink hue coloured her cheeks, teeth worrying her bottom lip distractedly.

“Betty, are you okay?” he asked, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. She jumped at the contact, his warm palm pulling her out of whatever daze she’d slipped into. She blinked, eyes finally meeting his, ponytail swinging behind her with the movement.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Sure, I just… didn’t realise that would be happening here,” she muttered, eyes flicking back to the suspiciously quiet tent. Jughead swallowed. He wasn’t sure what to say, it wasn’t really his area of expertise. A short silent occurred before Betty spoke again. “I just… assumed I’d be sharing with Veronica,” Betty shrugged, voice small.

Jughead’s eyes bulged. Oh, that’s what she was worried about! How could he be so stupid, of course she wouldn’t want to sleep in such close quarters next to him, especially when they both knew all too well what was probably happening a few mere feet away. They’d been very slow in their exploration of the relationship blossoming between them, both happy to enjoy the scenic route rather than rushing full force towards an end goal.

“I can sleep out here,” he hurried to reassure her. Her green eyes widened. “I’m used to roughing it,” he added self-deprecatingly. Betty shook her head in short, sharp movements, hand reaching out to grab his thigh.

“No! No, I didn’t mean that at all. I just… It surprised me, is all,” she smiled, trying to bring them back together. “I don’t mind sharing… that’s only if you don’t, obviously,” she added as an afterthought, nerves colouring her tone. Jughead shook his head, voice failing him all of a sudden. Betty smiled her delicate, calming smile and grabbed his hand, leading him to the other tent.

He waited outside while she changed, hands thrust deep in his pocket, feet tapping absentmindedly on the ground. He pulled off his jeans and flannel when she was done, leaving him in his boxers and grey ‘S’ t-shirt, Betty tastefully averting her eyes. He grinned in amusement as he ducked into the tent.

“What’s this?” he asked with a chuckle, looking down at the two sleeping bags, zipped together to fashion a makeshift double bed. Betty just shrugged, looking up at him from beneath thick lashes.

“For warmth,” she replied casually, rolling her lower lip between her teeth. Jughead shook his head, blowing out a hopefully discreet exhale, trying to steady his quickening heart rate. The soft scent of vanilla and strawberries reached him as he slid into his side of the ‘bed’, settling himself against the hard ground, fingers laced tightly where they rest on top of his stomach.

Neither one of them moved, stoically lying side by side on their backs as the woods moved around them, faint rustlings and echoed scurrying ringing out in a chorus of wildlife. Seconds dragged by like hours before Betty heaved a dramatic sigh, rolling over a little clumsily in the tight space and pulled one of Jughead’s arms free, settling herself on his chest beneath it. Jughead froze briefly before relaxing against her touch, securing her body against his own. This time her sigh was lighter, more content, as she began tracing patterns across his chest with the pad of her index finger.

“I like this,” Betty mumbled some time later, voice muffled by the fabric of his shirt. Jughead smiled into the darkness, eyes fixed on a spot on the tent above them.


“This. Lying next to you, nothing else to worry about…” Jughead jumped slightly as he felt one of her smooth legs sliding up to find home between his bony ones. “I can’t wait for it to always been like this,” she hummed, shifting minutely against him to get comfortable. Jughead swallowed, hoping she couldn’t feel how hard his heart was pounding from her words, but ultimately knowing there was no way she couldn’t.

“Me neither, Betts,” he whispered, afraid to disturb the peace that was settling over them. Betty lifted her head, wide, green eyes still ever-bright in the darkness.

“It will be, won’t it?” she asked, voice small but tone hopeful. Jughead’s eyes flicked over her features, taking in everything that was simply Betty Cooper, everything that was somehow his. He nodded, bringing a hand up to rest lightly at the nape of her neck.

“Of course.” He lifted himself up slightly, pulling her lips to his for a sweet, lingering kiss. What he didn’t expect was the quiet moan that left Betty’s throat as his mouth pressed against hers, Betty shifting once again until her body was resting against his hip. Her hands came up to cup his cheeks, low groan vibrating through his chest as she ran her tongue against the seam of his lips. His other hand came to grip the small of her waist, pulling her more securely against him.

They’d gotten this far before, the wet sounds of their tongues dancing against one another, mixed with their heavy, gasping breaths, a familiar tune. Jughead knew what it felt like to have her every inch pressed against him, what it felt like to let his hand wander up beneath her shirt, cupping the soft mound of her breast. He swore he would never tire of the high-pitched whines that running his thumb over the dark pink peak of her nipple elicited; he could feed off the sound for the rest of his days and never go hungry again.

Betty’s hips were rolling in an intoxicating rhythm against his thigh, shuddery exhales leaving her mouth and fanning over his face, sending his head spinning. His hand swept down her side, running down the soft skin of her thigh before creeping back up to rest his fingertip beneath the hem of her shorts on the curve of her ass, squeezing slightly in reflex.

A sudden throaty laugh followed by a hushed but giggled “Archie, shh!” tore them apart. Betty jumped back, hand coming up to cover her swollen, enticingly red lips as Jughead raised himself to his elbows, chest heaving. He cleared his throat, not sure if he’d be able to talk without any blood left in his brain.

“Err, yeah… th-this isn’t really the place for…” he trailed off, not meeting her eyes as he shuffled back into the sleeping bag, hands patting the fabric mindlessly, brushing invisible dirt away. Betty’s cheeks turned scarlet as she sat, thighs shifting against one another, in the stifling silence of the tense air, thick with tension.

“Jug?” Her voice was shy and barely audible. Jughead’s eyes snapped open instantaneously, finding hers in the darkness. His arms were full of her once more as she draped herself back in her previous spot.

“Yes?” he whispered.

“I… I want you to touch me,” she crooned, nervousness still creeping in around the edges. His head bounced back in surprise.

“You want…?” She pressed a bruising kiss to his lips.

“Please?” she pleaded, the needy whine tightening a coil in the pit of Jughead’s stomach. “Only if you want,” she suddenly backtracked, biting on that damn full lower lip again. His eyes followed the movement before searching hers for a moment, seeing no hesitation in her request. He lurched forward, his lips were once again kissing her, rolling them until she was half beneath his body instead.

His hand wound itself in her hair, almost silver in the dim lighting, using it as leverage to tug her head to the side, giving his mouth better access to ravish hers. She was whimpering and mewling beneath him, hips never stilling as she waited in anticipation for his hands to begin wandering lower.

He trailed his fingertips down the side of her neck, following the burning trail with his mouth. He left butterfly kisses against the veins under translucent skin, finding her fluttering pulse point before gently sucking, waiting for the purple bruise to blossom. Jughead secretly loved leaving these marks on Betty’s skin - something primal inside him awakened at the sight of the aftermath of his loving actions adorning her body, mouth quirking into a smug smirk as he caught her hand going to them every so often, fingertips prodding them, brushing over them absentmindedly throughout the day.

His hand danced down her side, sliding once more down the smooth skin of her outer thigh before sweeping back up, repeating the motion again, and again.

“Juggie, please,” Betty moaned, the action sending her spiralling, and he couldn’t help but smile into the crook of her neck, amazed that he was able to make this beautiful girl feel this way. Her skin felt alight, too sensitive but craving more all at once. When his hand started to drift away from the place she wanted to feel his touch the most again, she grabbed his wrist, other hand winding in his dark waves to pull his eyes back to hers. His mouth was glossy and swollen, lips parted slightly.

Her eyes never left his as she guided his hand to the waistband of her shorts, slipping his fingers slightly below the elastic before letting go, leaving him to control the rest. Jughead pulled in a shaky breath, steeling his nerves. This was Betty, they were just them. They were exploring this together, it was okay.

His trembling hand dipped lower, Betty’s head falling back with a thud, eyes sliding closed, as his fingers made contact with her heated flesh. Her chest was heaving, breasts moving enticingly before Jughead’s face, as he ran his fingers through her wetness, watching her face closely for her reactions. He wasn’t completely clueless, he knew the basic anatomy. But this was something he hadn’t even pictured himself doing until his feelings for Betty Cooper burst behind his eyes, thumping his square in the chest, sending him reeling down a path that he was never coming back from.

Betty’s hips bucked, back bowing gracefully, as the pad of his middle finger swept over her sensitive bundle of nerves. He concentrated his ministrations there for a while, spreading her wetness with the small circling motions he noticed made her breath hitch the most, revelling in the way her brows drew together in what seemed like agonising pleasure.

She whimpered at the lost of contact when he moved lower, fingers finding her entrance. He paused, waiting for her eyes to open before continuing. The green of her irises was near invisible, pupils blown wide with lust. She nodded, thighs tensing minutely as he began to push forwards slowly. The tight, warm sensation sent sparks throughout his body, igniting foreign sensations within him that were the farthest thing from unpleasant. He pushed them down, though, wanting to pour every ounce of concentration into making Betty feel good.

“Are you okay?” he checked, stilling all movement. She nodded quickly, jolting her hips up in an attempt to get him to do something.

“Yeah, yeah, just… please,” she begged, unsure what she wanted just knowing that she needed it now. He pulled his hand back slowly before pushing back in all at once. Betty’s hand flew up to grip his bicep, teeth sinking into her lip to hold back a loud moan.

He kept going, experimenting with pace and intensity, trying to coaxed out as many different reactions as possible from the girl writhing beneath him. He didn’t think he’d ever seen her so beautiful. She was so carefree, so full of abandon, hair splayed wildly about her, cheeks and chest flushed a delicious pink, sinful sounds slipping from her mouth with every twist of his fingers.

He brought his thumb up to rub her clit in time with his thrusts, laughing as Betty’s shoulders left the floor, loud whine leaving her throat before she could stop it.

“Shh!” he hushed through a chuckle, pressing his lips to hers to swallow any further outbursts. He could feel her getting closer to the edge, legs hitching, thighs quivering, walls contracting round his fingers. “Let go, Betty,” he whispered against her mouth. It only took a few more seconds before her whole body tensed, stars exploding behind her closed eyelids as she rode out the waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

Jughead continued his gentle motions until she reached for his hand, pulling it out of her shorts before she couldn’t take it anymore. He watched her with glowing eyes as she breathed through pursed lips, utterly dishevelled, coming down from her high. Her eyes slid open some time later, her whole body relaxed in utter contentment.

“I think I like camping,” she muttered, cheeky smile gracing her face. He laughed, muffling the sound in the crook of her neck as she carded her fingers lazily through his hair. Yeah, so did he.


‘So, Fern, how about a party this Friday?’ Hank asked, turning away from Roosje and effectively shutting her out.

‘Err… Parties aren’t really my thing…’ That was a huge understatement. Parties were completely not her thing. Like five inch high heels. Or alligator hunting.

‘Don’t worry, you won’t be the only girl there. Jayme’s coming’.

That day the Martians heard the first sound coming from Earth. That was Roosje’s gasp of outrage.

Anon TC Imagine Request: 3

can you please write an imagine about a teacher who most students don’t like because they think he’s strict but when you stay after class he’s always kind so when you tell him after class that he’s your favorite teacher he gets all flustered and you admit to liking each other?

I hope you enjoy!

He was frustrated again, your classmates just not paying attention to his lesson. You listened to complaints day after day about him. They say he’s too strict, too harsh, an asshole. You felt a little bad for him. You saw the side of him they didn’t: kind, passionate about his subject, eager to give knowledge, a genuinely good man and a good teacher. 

More complaints ensued as he ordered your loud, disrespectful classmate out of the class, exclaiming, “if you don’t want to learn here, then leave my class and explain to the main office why you’re not in class!” 

Whispers of disdain came from the classmate’s friends as they were forced to leave. Your TC ordered, “quiet!” 

They were all so rude to your teacher, you noted. He was just trying to teach the subject he loves to people. You took good notes, paying close attention to take in as much information as possible. On occasion, you’d get lost in his voice and his eyes when they’d meet yours and stay… just for an instant.

The bell rang and he wrapped up his lesson, your classmates gossiping as they entered the hall about him. It was a shame, really. You worked up bravery and decided to stay after class, as you’ve done in the past. This was when you saw the real side of him, such a sweet, kind-hearted man. You walked up to his desk where he was shaking his head, obviously irritated about the events of today’s class. 

But when he saw you, his eyes lost their glimmer of annoyance and softened. He asked gently, “is everything alright?”

“Yes,” you reply, impulsively blurting, “you should know, you’re my favourite teacher.”

His eyes widened a little and his cheeks became a little flushed. He looked down at his hands which fidgeted together. 

He then rubbed his forehead, asking, “err, really? Y/N, I’m surprised, not many students feel, err, that way. I’m… so glad to be your favourite teacher. I’m honoured.” His voice was a tad unsteady. He wouldn’t look you in the eyes. 

He was silent for a moment and you found yourself lost for words. His eyes finally met yours. 

“Y/N, I must say, I like you a lot.” 

It was now your turn to blush. Your mouth ran dry with amazement and happiness. 

You could only eagerly yet timidly reply, “I like you a lot, too.” 

He rose to his feet at your response, his arms wrapping around you in a fluid motion. You took in his warmth, his scent, his strength, as you pulled yourself closer to his embrace. You knew then that this moment promised so much closeness between the two of you. Your relationship would now change, and for the better.