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oi. I'm not sure if you're still doing reqs or something but... could possibly sketch a klance smooch? thx!

I mean– there is a smooch happening here– but this didn’t start off as angst I swear!

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Hey, Viria, I really want to draw a fanart of Leo, but I can't get his curly hair right *sobs* anyways, I absolutely ADORE how you draw him and I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how you usually draw his hair and face? Btw, I love your art :)

oh god excuse me this unhelpful nonsense .___.

The Compliment Game

(Still writers blocked. Here’s an old story I’ve never posted before, it’s good but I always felt like it deserved a second part and could never come up with one. It works as a one shot but it just could be… y’know?) Eighth Year fic, 3K word count.

“Welcome to detention, lads,” Ruz Yarrow, their new Potions professor, said with a pleasant smile and a lovely Scottish lilt.

Draco kept his gaze locked on his hands in his lap. Harry bit his lip nervously. Professor Yarrow didn’t give detentions out often and they were rumored to the worst. Only no one would say what happened in them, and a bunch of kids with active imaginations only conjured the worst possible scenarios. It was all a little unsettling.

Professor Yarrow had that way about her. She was only five foot five and slight as a wisp, with curly brown hair that was almost always tied back, brown skin and eyes; and yet she was always a bit unnerving. It might have had something to do with the way she always seemed to be smiling like something delightfully awful was just about to happen. She was a very good teacher but took an inordinate amount of glee out of cauldron explosions. Sometimes she even caused them herself, as teaching examples. It was most of the student body’s opinion that the new Potions Professor had a very strange personality indeed.

Professor Yarrow circled around behind them, “See those cauldrons?” she stopped between their shoulders and pointed to the stack of cauldrons reaching the ceiling, stinking of sulfur and dragon liver.

They both nodded and relaxed just a touch, scrubbing cauldrons wasn’t that bad, it was sort of what was expected in a detention.

“Good,” Yarrow went on, “Keep them in mind now, y'hear? During this detention the two of y'are gonna play-” she paused, apparently for effect, “-a compliment game.”

“A what?!” They both blurted, turning around to stare up at her.

Professor Yarrow smiled that gentle unnerving smile of hers, as she walked around back in front of them, “Y'heard me. It’s simple, y'ken. Just take turns give'n each other compliments. If'n y'can’t, or y'say somethin’ a bit rude or cruel, y’ll washs a cauldron wit a dollop of elbow grease, while the rest of us watches you wit scorn and maybe mockery for bein’ a right silly bugger.”

Harry and Draco looked at each other with apprehension.

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6am: ArchiexReader

hey guys, just a quick oneshot that I threw together. idk, having major archie feels. feedback would be appreciated if you don’t hate it. 

Summary: Archie waking you up in the middle of the night. Basically just complete fluff.

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for the @rebelcaptainprompts prompt “one bed” because obviously I’m going to write more bedsharing have you met me

The last time Jyn shared a room with someone, it wasn’t so much a room as it was a prison cell. A cold, shadowy prison cell with two metal slabs masquerading as beds on either wall and plenty of space between them.

This room is not like that. This room is bright and airy, white walls and soft blue curtains and a single, neatly-pressed bed.

And Cassian—standing beside her in the doorway, staring at the bed with something like horror—is not like her former cellmate. For a number of reasons. She won’t go into detail.

“Um,” Cassian says, swallowing. Jyn waits for that sentence to finish. It doesn’t.

She keeps waiting. She’s not going to break this silence.

“I, err—” Cassian tries again. “I guess I should have anticipated this.”

“Yeah,” says Jyn. She should have anticipated it, too. It’s probably not a normal thing for people to furnish their extra bedrooms with more than one bed, although Jyn can’t know for sure: it’s been a long time since she’s seen the inside of someone else’s house.

“I could ask her if she has more space,” Cassian says, tentative.

Jyn rolls her eyes. “No, you can’t.” They’re lucky enough this woman is friendly to the rebellion and willing to harbor them for the night. They can’t start getting pissy about the accommodations.

“Yeah,” Cassian agrees. Jyn’s not looking at him—it’s taking some effort—but she can see his shoulders slump out of the corner of her eye.

“I’m sorry,” he says, something of a mumble. “I can sleep on the floor.”

Jyn bristles on instinct. She’s not sure why, exactly, but the suggestion angers her: she’s a soldier same as him, and what, he thinks her too delicate to handle sleeping in the same bed as a man? That her virtue will be somehow compromised?

“No,” Jyn snaps.

Cassian twitches, turns to her. “No?”

She marches forward, pulls out the sheet from where it’s tucked into the mattress, and lifts herself onto the bed, curling onto her side beneath the covers.

“Get in the damn bed, Cassian.”

For a moment, nothing. Then she hears his feet along the floor. The light flicks off, and she feels the mattress dip as he lays down beside her.

Heat flutters down her spine, sudden and without reasonable cause. She’s faced away from him, squeezed as close to the edge of the mattress as she can make it without falling off, but she can still hear his every breath—loud and strangely uneven. He shifts, and leg brushes against hers.

Her heart thuds so forcefully against her ribcage, she swears he probably heard it.

“Go to sleep,” she barks, in a (largely unsuccessful) attempt to get her breathing back under control.

“I’m trying!”

“Try harder.”

“Stop talking, then.”



Jyn tries, too. But the awareness of Cassian’s body at her back is ever-present, the urge to roll over into that warmth both traitorous and distracting. This was, it turns out, a very bad idea.

In the morning, she tells him that it’s his fault she slept so poorly: he snores.

(He doesn’t.)

In the morning, he shrugs it off, tells her that he slept perfectly well.

(The dark circles under his eyes suggest otherwise.)


Naruto: I actually don’t remember all that much from that night…

((happy new year everyone, thank you for all the support through 2013! looking forward to shipping sasunarusasu with you cool peeps this new year and keep this blog going strong~ have some messy chibis for now))

Kings Cross

It’s September 1st, 1971, and the usual gentle hum of Kings Cross Station is amplified by 10, as it is every year at this time. Most have put it down to being a back to work day, though why such an occurrence happens at 10:50 is anyone’s guess. A scruffy haired boy stands by a clock on the station wall, gaping at passers-by. Due to his oddly matched clothes and a vivid pink jacket, he gets many stares in return. To the boy’s left is a man with blue eyes but the same dark hair and face, but seeming a lot less unkempt. Next to him is a rather beautiful woman, with striking brown eyes and a casual elegance. Everywhere you look there is depicted a general business; normal looking folk walking purposefully in one direction or another, but also a curious amount of people in peculiar clothes that had a tangible air of bemusement. The man takes a final glance at the clock and beckons to his son.

“Come now James, we really must be…oh” He has caught sight of an equally conspicuous family, all sporting long dark hair and disdainful looks. Realising this, his wife puts a hand on his arm.

“Darling, please don’t glare at them. You shouldn’t show so much prejudice in front of James,” she says, smiling fondly down at her son and ruffling his hair, “That’s the Black family sweetie - very long line of pureblood wizards that one.”

“Dark arts loving, arrogant, disrespectful Slytherin scum. Don’t want to be making friends with that sort James,” mutters the man, evidently repulsed.

“Fleamont really!” chastises his wife, “James we don’t mind which family you make friends with, so long as you work your hardest and try to stay out of trouble.”

“Mummmm you’ve said that LOADS of times! Honestly I know all of this! Now please can we go? I wanna see the Hogwarts Express!” whines the small boy. Then a most peculiar thing happens. Mum, Dad and child walk straight into what appears to be a brick wall… and disappear through it. This goes unobserved by everyone save the Black family, who are quick to follow.

When James emerges the other side, he gasps in delight. There - in all its gleaming glory - stands the Hogwarts Express. Unintentionally, the son of the Black family stands right next to James, equal in unabashed awe, Both sets of parents stand to the side, reluctantly striking up conversation.

“Fleamont, Euphemia.” Mr Black inclines his head at the Potter parents, “it appears we have children going into Hogwarts at the same time. This is also your son’s first year?”

“Yes,” is the abrupt reply from Fleamont, joined by a sharp nudge and whispered admonishments from his wife. Mrs Black, as elegant as Euphemia, smiles at the two, saying: “Here’s to the possibility of new friendship then, with our Sirius starting this year also. Why, if James gets sorted into Slytherin, we may be seeing rather a lot more of each other.”

“How d'you know Sirius’ll be Slytherin?” replies Fleamont indignantly.

“Well, the best of us seem to be, so it is a rather natural presumption. Although Sirius is rather sharp, and we’ve shared thoughts that he might be Ravenclaw, which I suppose wouldn’t be too bad. Only one can’t help for Slytherin, if only for the far better pureblood environment. Don’t you agree? None of that mud-blood scum in that House!”

Fleamont and Euphemia turn away in disgust, only to be greeted by the sight of James chattering happily away to Sirius. As Fleamont goes to interrupt, Euphemia pulls him back, giving them the benefit of the doubt. Instead they tune in to the conversation between the two boys.

“Why on earth would you want to be Slytherin? Isn’t that where all the dark wizards come from? I want to be a Gryffindor; brave and proud,” James says.

Sirius looks at him in mild surprise. “It does seem pretty cool I suppose, but my parents don’t like it at all - said they’d rather me be Hufflepuff. And that’s where al the stupid ones go!”

“Oh it’s not that bad!” replies James, “My dad says they’re really nice, although they do sound a bit boring. You know they haven’t won the House Cup in 24 years! AND they don’t seem to care!”

“Exactly. But I’m not worried - I’m too good for Hufflepuff, everyone says so,” Sirius smiles, extremely smug, before turning at the sound of the train whistle, “Oh look! People are boarding the train! Shall we go?”

“Without saying goodbye? Don’t be silly! MUM, DAD, WE’RE GOING NOW BYE!!!”. With that, James jumps on the nearest carriage, not waiting for a response. Sirius gives a vague, disinterested wave in the general direction of the Blacks, then eagerly follows. Once aboard, the pair settle into an empty carriage, Peering out their window to find their parents. Mr and Mrs Potter are waving with big, proud smiles, if a little cautious. Mr an Mrs Black are already walking away. With a loud blast of steam, the Hogwarts Express starts to move, and James and Sirius are thrown back in their seats by the sudden movement. Immediately, they resume talking.

“So what’s your name?” Sirius questions.

“James Potter. You’re a Black aren’t you?”

“Yeah. Pretty big deal but I’m up for the challenge. I’m Sirius.”

“You like Quidditch? I do! Mum took me to see a big Quidditch tournament over the summer! Did you go?” James says eagerly, rushing out the words. Much to his confusion, Sirius turns rather red, looking down at his feet.

“Well… not exactly.. you see I… well I mean if it wasn’t a game of pure luck I’m sure I could…”

“It’s not luck! It’s talent and skill and speed and tactics and thinking on your feet and… oh it’s incredible! How come you don’t like it?”

“I do, I do! It’s just… I’m not very good at it,” he says, embarrassed.

“Well you can’t be good at EVERYTHING! It doesn’t matter. Hey, if I, you know, tried out for the team, would you maybe… come and support me?” He scoots closer to Sirius with a hopeful smile.

“DEFINITELY!!” Sirius shouts, turning crimson again and trying to cover the burst of incredulous excitement brought about by this boy not caring in the slightest that he wasn’t good at something, “Err… I mean… I guess so”

Hiiii guys sooo I’ve seen a couple people (specifically @rose-grangerweasleyisbae) sending the next generation to Hogwarts (adoring the letters btw, so good!), so I thought I’d go back in time and send the Marauders to Hogwarts! Ik its late but I’ve been busy okay! If y'all want me to, I’ll carry on this story with gradual instalments, but I reallyyyy need ANY feedback bc if there isn’t enough interest I won’t bother. Oh and imma tag @its-harrypooter bc they want me to (bless ya). Enjoy…


LEGAL :  Ethan Gombos

NICK :  Buttons


here take a whole series


1. Buttons is naturally a pretty good sharpshooter but the reason he knows how to shoot a gun at all is because Mac let him practice with his BB gun back in the vault. Buttons would go downstairs to Jonas (whom he liked a lot) and shoot at cans and radroaches under his supervision.

2. err NSFW I guess? (and I’m sure some of you know this but) he’s circumcised, according to Vault 101 standards. They stopped doing that after James went missing. Didn’t want Andy butchering babies. :|


1.  playing with Dogmeat

2.  reading comic books with Meg

3.  dancing to rock’n’roll on top of his coffee table in his underwear


1. Meg and her family, especially her mom
2. Alexis (his sister)
3. Randy (@bryborg)
4. Jimmy (@jimmy-exodus)
5. Sellbot 4000 (@thesellbot4000)
6. Hauser (@cameronaugust)
7. Curie


1. Not killing Mac

2.  Leaving the Vault (both of these things evoke dual sets of emotions in him tbh)


1. Getting choked out, being tied-up too tightly

2.  Turning into a Trog

idk mang I got contacted by a bunch of new Fallout RP-ers in the recent weeks so consider yourself tagged if you want to meet people and their OC-s and fill this out to find each other :)

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Moral support


“Oh, it’s you.” You hold the door half open, not allowing Sam to step in. “And I see you brought your brother.” You nod to Dean.

“Hey!” Dean waves a little less enthusiast than Sam.

“Whatever. What is it now, another counter spell?” Rolling you eyes, you push the door all the way and step aside, indicating for them to get it.

“Actually, this time… I wanted to, um. Ask you out.”

“What?” You stop walking and turn around.

“And I brought you some presents. Here.” Sam hands you the bag he’s been holding. “There are some herbs and other hard to get ingredients you might like.”

“Err… Thanks, I guess. Wait,” you look at Dean. “Why are you here?”

“Moral support.” Dean shrugs. “You can do it, Sammy!


Meisiu’s base game starter home challenge

100% base game without any cc. Think you can do it?


  • Must be under 20k.
  • Include basic necessities (A bed, stove, fridge, toilet, shower etc.)
  • Base game only & no cc

Once the build is created, share some screenshots and challenge some people. You may put your houses for download if you want. Tag your posts #BGSHC and on the gallery as well (:

Err… I guess you guys followed me long enough to know that building is not my selling point. Anyway, this house featured all the basic minus the wardrobe because let’s face it - who use the wardrobe anyway? It also has an attic as seen in the last picture. Play-tested with a family of 4 and they seem to live just fine. The whole package cost 12k, not bad for a family home ;) 100% CC free because the goddamn game refuse to cooperate with my mod folder in :(

If you think making your sim kids sleep in the attic is a good idea, the lot is called Poppy Cottage. My origin ID is Harujii. You can also use the hashtag #ageispoliis. I forgot to use the challenge hashtag but you get the idea

I tag whoever wanted to do this!

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Ever watch Ben 10? The show where a kid gets a device stuck to his arm and turns him into different aliens? What if Ryder finds something similar and turns into the MEA races. Can I ask for Vetra, Jaal, and Peebee's(romanced and non-romanced) reaction towards Ryder after transforming into their species? Thanks for your time!

I love Ben 10. My personal favorites are the original show and Omniverse (Mostly because Rook Blonko is super cute, and adorable and doesn’t understand human lingo but can drop kick a person twice his size). Alien force and Ultimate alien are also okay (mostly cause teenage Ben got hot and that sweet, sweet character arc/development of Gwen and Kevin.) and I love how they updated it so that it seemed like the trio grew up with us. But then they made the new one kinda stupid.

-Mod Di
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
PeeBee: When Ryder says they want to show her something cool, this is not what she thought they ment. It is still totally cool, but really really weird. She sat there wide eyed and mouth open at Ryder’s purple skin and star patterned markings. Then she cracked a smile an, evil smile that people get when they are about to pull a God awful prank.

“Hey Ryder, let’s have some fun!

Jaal: He is surprised at first. What kind of technology does that? He pokes at them asking questions, but he eventually finds it amusing. Mostly because Ryder cant handel ther new found abilities. Electric pulses, enhanced sight (That’s my headcanon. Just look at thoes eyes) and the absoulte inability to hid there emotions. Jaal takes pity and teaches them control. But he does belive they may have startled Liam when the human came into Jaal’s room to find he and Angaran!Ryder speaking in angaran tounge.

Vetra: Her mandibles clicked in confusion as her friend just turned into a Turian right in front of her eyes. She (like Jaal) shot off into rapid fire questions. Ryder answerd them to the best of their ability, but is not used to thier mandibles. They checked how sharp thier teeth and talons where, because Vetea wouldn’t let them check her’s. Eventually she got uses to it and they too spoke with out a translator. But they do wonder, if Ryder is Turian now, can they eat dextro foods?

Lets find out.

Drack: He’s the most chill about it. Your Krogan now? Cool. He teaches them all sorts of Krogan traditions, having flash backs of Kesh, and he can help but smile a little when they ask questions in his native tounge, thier voice still just a bit too squeaky for the gruff language. And while he does make fun of them because of how soft thier plates are and off balanced they are with thier hump, he can and will pumble anyone else who has something negative to say about it.

Kallo: One day of peace. All he wants is one day of peace. But its fairly obvious that he wasn’t going to get that when Ryder bounced up into the cockpit, a mischievous grin on their face. “Hey Kallo, wanna see something cool?”

“The answer is no, but your gonna show me anyway aren’t you?”

“YUP!” Ryder hit the watch, turning into a Salarian, turning off their translator as they said “Pretty cool right?”

Kallo stuttered the ship veering sharply to the left. He straightened the ship out and muttered under his breath. It is actually pretty cool…but still.

“Hey Suvi,” Ryder spoke after turning the translator back on “Wanna learn some Salarian cuss words?”

“Ryder, don’t you dare!”

“Err, sure. I guess.” Suvi shrugged. This should be interesting.

Imagine : Ben Meeting Your Parents

I know it took me ages to write this, but this little imagine can be considered as the following part of ‘Imagine : Ben Meeting Your Parents’ that you can find right here. Although, you absolutely don’t need to have read it to understand what’s going in this imagine. I had to invent a whole family of course, just to put Ben in the situations I wanted him to be…

So watch out… fluff, fluff and more fluff with Ben, because we’ll never have enough of it ;)

Hope you like it.

Gif not mine

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  • Roman: Remind me again why I'm doing this?
  • Cinder: Emerald, Mercury, Neo, and I signed ourselves up as Haven students so we can be apart of the Vytal Tournament so our plan will go accordingly. Unfortunatly I failed to realise this school hosts Parent-Teacher evenings. That is why you're doing this Roman. Now keep smiling, nod at what these fools have to say, and tell them how proud you are of me!
  • Roman: Okay, okay, no need to get so worked up.
  • *The two of them make their way over to a teacher while whispering angrily and glaring daggers at each other.*
  • Teacher: Ah, hello, you must be Mr Fall.
  • Roman: Err sure, I guess.
  • Teacher: Huh, okay, well let me start of by saying that Cinder is lovely student to teach.
  • Roman: I don't know, I think she's kind of a pain in the ass.
  • Teacher: ....
  • Cinder: I knew I should have brought mom.
The Dragon Club: Chapter 31 - Food and Fornication



Daenerys felt confident in her dress. She’d noticed the stares from Jon, the way he looked at her body as it clung to the material. Her head had been so filled with emotional shit the past few days since her father’s heart attack she hadn’t had a chance to really feel like herself. But sitting at this table eating the wonderful spread of food her cook had made, she felt herself again. Her Dragon Club, her friends, her Jon. They’d all offered support and she felt she could finally get back into the swing of things.

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Laslow/Olivia support (C-A)

Written by tyki-mikky

Disclaimer: Olivia was summoned just after king Gangrel was defeated, at chapter 11.


Laslow: And one! And two! Chasse! and four! And one! And two! and Batte… Damn!

Olivia: That was mesmerizing!

Laslow: I didn’t realize anyone was watch- Gah! It’s you. 

Olivia: I’ve never seen someone come so close to pulling off a Battement on rond before. If you pull your abs tighter and get more air, the routing will be perfect. …Why are you backing away.

Laslow: Oh, uh… I just remembered I’m supposed to be dusting the uh… stables? Yes, the stables. The stables are so very dirty.

Olivia: … I suppose so, but I don’t think dusting will help much, the place is outside in the dirt. Could you perform your dance one more time, I’d love to see the whole thing. 

Laslow: I really must be going, no time for dancing now.

Olivia: Please! I can only imagine how grand the rest of your routine is. Just once more before you go. 

Laslow: You flatter me, but I can’t. Good day, madame.

Olivia: Laslow, wait! Watch our for that crate!… Ouch. Hopefully that doesn’t affect his dancing. Why did he lie though? Getting self conscious about is perfectly normal. So why hide? Hmmm.

[Laslow and Olivia have reached support rank C.]


Laslow: So is that a no…*sigh* Rejection once again. Oh, no It’s Olivia again, I better hide. 

Olivia: I-I don’t know if I could do that. There will be so many people, and… Oh gods, I c-can’t, I’m sorry.

Anna: It’s fine, just let me know if you change your mind about performing. See ya around. 

Olivia: Oh, bother. 

Laslow: Mind my asking what that was about?

Olivia: Oh, Anna wanted me to perform at a festival, but I’m nowhere near good enough to perform for such an occasion. I had to turn her down, and I feel horrible for it.

Laslow: Hah! Your dancing is divine, Olivia. Anyone would be lucky to watch you perform. 

Olivia: … Have you been spying on me?

Laslow: What? no. Why would you think that?

Olivia: How else would you know how I dance?

Laslow: Oh, uh, that… You see, I just heard other people who happened to pass by while you were practicing and they said it was a sight to behold.

Olivia: Hmm… 

Laslow: Anyways, I really think you should try it. It might help with your stage fright and everyone will love it.

Olivia: Oh, I don’t know, there are so many other amazing dancers here, I’ll just make a fool of myself.

Laslow: Out of all the worlds I’ve traveled to and fought for, I have never met a better dancer than you. And I doubt I will ever meet a better one anywhere. No, I can guarantee I won’t find one in any realm. 

Olivia: You travel to fight in wars? You must really enjoy battles, I’ve never been much of a fighter.

Laslow: Oh, no. I don’t enjoy fighting. When a war ends in one world, I always seemed to get pulled into another. Being a soldier does help attract the ladies…kind of, but I’d rather be a dancer.

Olivia: … I’m going to regret this, but I’ll perform in the festival on one condition. You will perform with me.

Laslow: Gah! But I could never dance on par with you. It would be-

Olivia: No buts. Either you dance with me, or I won’t dance at all. 

Laslow: Err… I guess I have no choice. I’ll do it.

Olivia: Great! We’ll have to start practicing right away in order to have it memorized for the festival. You have to do a Battement on rond, no arguments about that. You’ll have to start practicing that right away. We’ll have to find someone who will play instruments for us. And-

Laslow: What have I gotten myself into? I was supposed to avoid her and now we are going to dance together.

Olivia: What was that?

Laslow: Nothing, nothing.

[Laslow and Olivia have reached support rank B.]


*thunderous applause*

Olivia: Do you hear that applause? The audience loved it. And your Battement on rond was perfect. I’ve never done anything so thrilling in my entire life, and it’s probably my best performance. 

Laslow: Mine as well. I feel so overjoyed, I could just-

Olivia: Augh! L-laslow, Why are you hugging me?

Laslow: Oh, I am sorry, Milady. I don’t know what came over me. I truly am sorry, I did not mean to trespass into your personal space.

Olivia: You’re hiding something. 

Laslow: I have nothing to hide.

Olivia: I don’t believe you are telling the truth. What are you hiding from me Laslow.

Laslow: … I don’t know what you are talking about. But the performance was wonderful, I think I hear the audience calling for an encore. 

Olivia: You’re avoiding the question, Laslow.

Laslow: I, uh, damn! You share that stern look with my mother, quite literally. But I can not tell you everything, it could cause some problems. Though, I am sure you will remember later.

Olivia  Hmmm… Something about you seems so familiar. 

Laslow: Well, I am a dancer. There is that connection we share, and you are probably just relating to it. 

Olivia: You are a great dancer. 

Laslow: Learned from the best.

Olivia: But that’s not it either. Didn’t you say you’ve fought in multiple worlds? Did you help fight mad king Gangrel?

Laslow: I didn’t help with that war, no. 

Olivia : But you did help with one! Aha! But why don’t I remember meeting you? You remember me. 

Laslow: er… maybe it hasn’t happened in your time yet? But, Olivia, I really want you to know that dancing alongside you was a dream come true. I’m so glad to have worked with the greatest dancer and greatest women that I have ever met. Remember me for the future, will you?

Olivia: Awe, Laslow, that’s too kind of you! If it weren’t for your help I would have never gone up and performed tonight. Thanks for convincing me, and being my partner. I’m glad I met you. 

Laslow: It was a pleasure seeing you again, Olivia! 

Olivia: Laslow, why are you crying?

Laslow: I’m not, it’s just the light. 

[Laslow and Olivia have reached support rank A.]

Regarding the Finale and the upcoming Season Two

So, I feel like the finale’s purposeful hinting that Jughead’s possible joining of the Southside Serpents might create tension between him and Betty — given that she obviously gives him a concerned look when he puts on the oh, la la~ jacket, which understandably dampens his spirits some, more on that later — is a sort of red-herring.

The same way the pilot queer-baited viewers, the finale is V→A→B→J-love-square-baiting the audience and stirring up drama just to keep us guessing until Season Two premiere.

The finale established Varchie and Bughead as canonical ships, with the former going from semi-dating to actual dating, and the latter being a solid supercarrier (is it? or is it still a dreadnought?). And while sure, both vessels can hit turbulent waters and, hey, Riverdale is an adaptation of Archie comics, so V/A/B tension is expected (although I have an inkling the A/B part of it might be just from Archie’s side) — we have been hit over the head so many times with the Jughead/Betty and Archie/Veronica soulmate parallels that I honestly think that the show-runners intend those two ships to be eventual endgame. Please, please let Bughead be endgame. #CrossingFingers #HopingNoOneJinxedIt.

But back to my original point; it being that I have a few theories regarding the Southside Serpents storyline. One of which is that Jughead will eventually accept being a Serpent — hopefully with Betty’s support, but maybe without — in order to uncover the truth about the drug-ring in Riverdale and clear the Serpents of the allegations. He and Betty are too much of Intrepid Reporters to let that one go. Plus, Betty’s speech to her mother and then later to the town hinted she will take the truth by its dirty underpants and drag it into the light. 

Maybe he won’t even join them in any official capacity, and his putting on the jacket was just the show-runners teasing the audience, but it was a very clear symbolic gesture that his allegiance is now with the Serpents and the Southside, and he will take their side over that of the people of the…err, I guess the Northside…? (Southside is still part of Riverdale, right? Does the better off side of town have a name?) 

Somehow I feel like Betty will join him on the whole support the Southside…side. *face-palms* being real eloquent here. But as much as I would want a serpent!Bughead with Betty going all ‘Full Dark, No Stars’ on everyone’s asses, I am fairly sure Jughead will ultimately return to Riverdale High after an indeterminate amount of time at Southside High. As much as the Southside accepts him, Betty was right in saying he is Riverdale and he will return to where he is needed soon enough. 

Plus, from a meta point of view, it is clear the entire core four is having some sort of Coming of Age storyline with Betty becoming a more confident person who stands up for what she believes in, Jughead coming to terms with his insecurities and finding both a place and the people he belongs with, Archie’s whole find-yourself arc, and Veronica unlocking a well-rounded-person achievement and becoming better, just as she promised to herself to do. So, Jughead’s season two storyline will obviously bring him back to Riverdale High. 

All in all, the show-runners are trying for Romeo&Julet, Westside Story vibe for Bughead in the finale, but ultimately I think it is Varchie that will play out the star-crossed lovers theme in Riverdale, given the blatant allusions to the Hiram Lodge-Fred Andrews antagonism, while Bughead will have a more Neutral Good take on the Bonnie&Clyde-esque Battle Couple of Justice and Truth.

If it wasn’t blatantly obvious already, I could probably gush about Bughead moments in Sweet Hereafter for another 3k words, but I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t. Though I will say this: hand-holding while running through the forest is a pretty underestimated romantic gesture. And now, I’ll try to reign in the Yes, that is my OTP! vibes. 

Tangential observation, but I think the reason why Jughead was #WhenHeSmiles over the jacket was because it was concrete proof, along with the whole biker-gang spreading out at his doorstep, that what FP told him — “Serpents take care of their own” — wasn’t just him wishing on a star and stubbornly holding out on the law, but actually adhering to a code. So, Jughead got validation that his father wasn’t just being a stubborn moron and screwing himself over by not taking the deal, but was “sticking by his own”.

Side-bar: Who else teared up a bit when FP told Jughead in a roundabout way that he was proud of him; please, raise a hand? 

Also, I think that Archie and Cheryl might not have a romance arc, as much as a substitute-sibling arc where a lot of Cheryl’s unresolved feelings regarding Jason will be projected onto Archie, who actually is a legit good person and probably is the best choice to be their recipient.
I just really want those two to bond, okay? 

In the same line of thought: Poor Cheryl. She needs a hug and some decent friends because her face in that scene where she was talking to Jughead and Veronica was about to ask her if she was okay, but was interrupted by Archie (or was it Kevin?) who ran there to tell them about Betty’s locker, well, it was just heartbreaking. Seriously #GiveCherylAHug2k17. 

I’m fairly sure that Hiram is behind Fred’s shooting. That’s the reason why Hermione was so keen on buying him out; she was trying to protect her friend-slash-ex-lover from her husband, who, need I remind you, had already used violent underhanded tactics against Fred before.

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Hiram is involved in the drug trafficking and Clifford landing him in jail was his attempt at cutting Hiram out of it. But it might be just me. I tend to assume Hiram has his fingers in all the pies. All of them.

P.S. Can we go back to Jason, pls? In one of the first episodes Archie said Seventeen-years-old and how he will be remembered?, and when you look at Jason in hindsight, that line can’t help but break my heart. 

Although I tend to think of Jason as a Base Breaking Character given how much of his characteristics are expositioned via other people’s subjective opinions of him, so he is very much subjected to Alternative Character Interpretation, he turned out to be a pretty solid kid. I mean, I used to think Cheryl was just waxing poetic about her bro-bro, viewing him through rose-coloured glasses and all that, a point that seemed to have been confirmed in episode 3 with the score-book, but…maybe he wasn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing like I assumed.

The kid got his girlfriend pregnant, wanted to do the right thing by her, loved her enough to defy his family (Fridge Logic moment, but if Jason and Polly’s babies are ultra-super-Blossom, something Mama Blossom was totes okay with, then why didn’t the Blossoms want him to date Polly? I get why Coopers didn’t want that. Hal is anti-incest and Alice is very anti-Blossom, but C&P are very cool-with-casual-incest parents, so Jason dating Polly wouldn’t have been that horrible a thought for them to swallow.), and started being a drug mule in order to get the funds for them to run away. Which, I guess, was how he figured out Clifford’s involvement with the drug trafficking. Maybe he wanted to do something about that, too; he did have drugs stashed in his getaway car.
Jason wasn’t the most upstanding citizen, but he tried to do good and was killed for it.
…just…poor kid.

P.P.S. Also, slight confusion over here at my end. Let me get this straight. Jason got drugs A from the Serpents to move them somewhere. Since FP claims they don’t deal with hard stuff, drugs A might be marijuana or something. Somehow Jason found out that Blossoms traffic drugs B, which might be cocaine or something equally hardcore. The same drugs he had stashed in his getaway car. But since the show insists on calling all drugs just ‘the drugs’ and using virtually identical packages in their footage, I am still not sure if drugs A≠drugs B.
Give me evidence, I beg you. 

Rant over? Rant over.

Cuddle Buddies (Oliver Sykes) (Bring Me The Horizon)

Requested by @trinity-is-gorgeous

Word Count: 677


“Love the film is about to start.”

It was rare to have a night off but when I did I liked to spend time with my gorgeous fiancé y/n. She was a band photographer and although she mainly toured with us, this summer she’d been on the road with Asking Alexandria and Bullet For My Valentine so we hadn’t seen each other in person for four months.

“Popcorns nearly done Oli, don’t you dare press play.”

A couple of minutes later y/n walks into the living room holding a bowl of popcorn and looking sexy as hell in one of the many Drop Dead jumpers she owned through modelling for my company, as well as her underwear because the boiler was broken and the flat felt like a sauna.

She lay down on the sofa and I wrapped my arms around her waist before pulling her closer to me, I loved it when she snuggled against my chest.

“I missed this Oli, just the two of us having a lazy day.”

I kissed the top of her head.

“Skype isn’t the same as holding you love. I had to cuddle with Lee and Nicholls on tour.”

She laughs and I swear the sound is like music to my ears. She then rolls over so that our faces are inches from each other.

“Lee gives great cuddles while Nicholls is average. I don’t really know Jordan well enough to rank his cuddles but Kean is above average.”

I quirked an eyebrow and she giggles while I try to maintain a serious expression.

“It’s good to know how you rank my band mates on a cuddle scale instead of musical talent. But if Lee is on top then where do I fall?”

She taps her chin, I was her fiancé so I should automatically garner the top cuddlier position.

“I guess you can go just below Lee, then again I’m pretty comfy right now. I might just be able to be bribed to put you on top Mr Sykes.”

I close the space between us and kiss her, cupping her chin in one hand while the fingers on my other hand stroke her cheek. She moans into my mouth and tangles her fingers in my hair before pulling back.

“Um Oli.”

“What is it love?”

She throws her hands up in the air and nearly smacks me in the face.

“Err, I guess you beat Lee because I’ve never kissed him and damn you’re great Oli.”

I smile and poke her nose before turning my attention back to the film.

“Good, wait have you kissed any other band members?”

She smirks and rolls back over to face the TV, now I was curious to hear her answer. She was our band photographer since Suicide Season but I didn’t ask her out until just before Sempiternal.

“Curtis in truth and dare before he left the band and Nicholls twice. Once drunk and once sober. He can’t hug but his kiss game was on point.”

I was shocked by her honesty. She starts to stroke my knuckles and sighs.

“You don’t need to be jealous Oli. Nicholls knew I liked you and vice versa, so he kissed me to give you the kick in the ass to ask me out. It only took you like three years to make the first move.”

I let out the breath I’d been holding and grinned, I did already know this and Nicholls planned to use it in his wedding toast to us. I kiss her head again and warp my arms tighter around her, I had her and I wasn’t going to lose her to anyone in my band or from other bands.

“Well it worked out and now I have a smoking hot fiancé.”

“Yeah you do Sykes, now zip it and watch the film.”

I roll my eyes, I wasn’t really a fan of rom cons but y/n loved the cheesiness attached. After the film though I did plan on proving to her just how good of a kisser I was.