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Miles' Birthday fic

A/N: most original title of the year award you say? How kind! This is the biggest piece of shit, I literally wrote this a year ago, when I had just started writing, I’m too tired to edit it properly and make it sound nice so yeah… If ye think of any titles poke me? :)
Word count: 2714 ((wtf this is sooo long))


Miles’ Birthday

Miles was woken by a quiet but persistent knock on his hotel room door. He glanced groggily in the general direction of his phone wondering why anyone would be here at such a ridiculous hour and realising, when he actually managed to light up the phone’s screen, that it was actually only just gone twelve. Miles sighed, realising that he must’ve fallen asleep in his clothes so he stood up trying to straighten them out. The knocking was a bit louder now. “Yeah, yeah alrigh’ ‘ang on!” he called around a yawn, voice still thick with sleep. He threw the door open quickly and was surprised by who he saw, he was more surprised though when Alex’s greeting was a sudden sneeze and he turned away quickly. “Fucking allergies!” He muttered sniffling a little. Miles smiled at that, “why what are you allergic to?” He asked. “Aha! Flowers!” Alex pulled a bunch of flowers from behind his back, smiling proudly. “You bought me flowers?” Miles asked, unsure whether this was entirely hilarious or actually slightly sweet. The gesture was thoughtful either way.

Alex scoffed. “No they’re for me, the fuck do you think? ‘appy bir-” he cut himself off, turning slightly away as his body tensed with another sneeze, “-birthday, 'appy birthday Miles!” he sniffled again, sneezing a couple more times and groaning with frustration. Miles couldn’t help laughing at his amusement and Alex pretended to be offended. “it’s not funny, you twat! It’s them fucking tiny little fucking blue ones!” Miles properly laughed then seeing that the 'fucking tiny little fucking blue ones’ Alex was referring to were actually forget-me-nots. “you mean the forget-me-nots Al?” he asked smiling fondly. “yeah them…atchoo! … Don’t you go and forget about me after this ordeal!” he said semi seriously. Miles shook his head, still smiling, rolling his eyes sarcastically but he couldn’t help laughing when he saw Alex’s half smirking expression. When Alex’s only reply was a sneezing fit, he frowned, “quite the allergy you’ve got yourself there, Turner” he said, crossing the room to move the flowers out of the way.

“Well,” Alex replied, rubbing his nose against the back of his hand, “if someone had answered the door more quickly…” he spoke mock accusingly as though Miles opening the door sooner would’ve made a huge difference. Miles grinned, “y'weren’t waiting long were ye?” he asked chuckling a little. “Agesss,” Alex said grinning back and sniffling frustratedly before taking in Miles’ dishevelled appearance, “you weren’t sleeping we’re ye?” he asked sounding surprised. Miles shrugged, “I was tired, besides it’s like 20 past midnight and I have a show tomorrow, can’t look this gorgeous without me beauty rest.” Miles thought for a second, 'unlike some’ he mentally appended realising he was staring at his best friend but doing nothing at all to stop.

Alex couldn’t help but stare at Miles, thinking that the vision before him was quite possibly the most perfect thing he’d ever seen.

Miles snapped out of his daze remembering why he’d been so surprised to see Alex in the first place, “Fuck Al what’re you doing here anyway! You’re s'posed to be in Sheffield.” Alex dragged his gaze back to Miles’ from where it was wandering over his torso, instead meeting his eyes and forcing himself to focus rather than just stare. Truthfully, what had happened was he’d spent the last two days at home and talked about Miles pretty much non stop and how much he missed his friend. Sometime after dinner, when he was telling her all about the plans for Miles’ birthday, his mother had given him a knowing smile, telling him that if he missed Miles so much then he should go back to Liverpool to meet him and if he hurried he’d get there before Miles went to sleep. Alex had done exactly what his mother had suggested, getting on the first train to Liverpool there was, stopping only to buy flowers because it seemed, for want of a better word, romantic - before he remembered his allergy of course. Alex realised Miles was still expectantly waiting for his answer, “umm wanted to surprise you,” he muttered, this was true also, he supposed, “Surprise!!” he said cheerfully. Miles grinned, “thanks Al.”

There was a silence for a second or two, not especially awkward as both boys were entirely lost in thought. Miles couldn’t describe the feeling that was overwhelming him right now. On the one hand, he didn’t think anyone else could manage to look even remotely as gorgeous as Alex did right now in dark jeans and a simple loose fitting but tucked in shirt, his hair greased but somewhat untidy. On the other, should he really be thinking this about his best friend? Then again, Alex had just travelled 4 hours to wish him happy birthday in person despite the fact they were meeting up later after his show anyway, which was a feeling that was just indescribably warming.

Alex simply stared at Miles, taking in every detail he could, not wanting to miss any part of this moment, his heart beating crazily fast for some reason, as though he was about to do something terrifying. His eyes roamed over Miles’s figure, his wrinkled shirt that had probably been tucked in before he went to sleep was now partially unbuttoned showing off the beautifully smooth pale skin of Miles’ chest. Alex felt his breath catch slightly and broke the moment by taking a single step closer to Miles.

There were mere inches between them and Miles couldn’t concentrate on anything when Alex was this close, if he breathed in all he could smell was Alex.

Alex thought he might do something stupid if he didn’t move so that Miles’ lips were no longer in his eyeline, but he didn’t want to move away so he pulled his friend into a tight hug closing his eyes and taking a deep breath to calm himself down. He had so much to say to Miles but no idea how to say it, he’d had a lot to say for years now but this seemed to be a perfect moment, he’d been close to saying things before but they usually weren’t sober and he wanted to do this properly. All the time they’d spent together since basically the new year followed by just two days apart and Alex realised now that those two days weren’t even nearly as long they had felt when he wasn’t with Miles. When he spoke he forced himself to keep his voice calm although he was inwardly shaking with nervous energy.

Miles was glad when Alex broke the moment by pulling him into a hug, he was worried he might blurt out all he was thinking, he wondered how awkward that might be if he’d suddenly told Alex how gorgeous he looked, the tension was already stretching. He settled into the embrace, closing his eyes, he’d missed this, even if it had only been a couple of days. Miles’ head was spinning with confessions he added to a list that would never be revealed. He was brought back to his senses when he noticed Alex was shaking. He was about to ask if he was ok but before he could, the older man broke the silence and began to speak. “Miles, I’ve known you for nearly… Well fuck I dunno 'ow many years,” his voice was barely a whisper, he spoke calmly but it was forced. Miles just held him closer and he wrapped his arms tighter around Miles in return. “anyway, we’re both a year older now, but I feel like I’ve known you all me life and I’m glad, I can’t even tell you 'ow 'appy I am that you’re a part of m-my life.” his voice was shaking by now and Miles hugged him tightly while his best friend shook with emotion, he felt tears form in his eyes at the short but perfect speech by his friend and he blinked quickly. He sought to lighten the mood a little, surprised that they were both so emotionally sensitive over this, “fucking pass me a tissue before I start crying Al” he smiled when he heard Alex’s chuckle but didn’t move, “seriously though, I couldn’t ask for anything more from anyone, these last fuck knows 'ow many years-” he stopped to chuckle as he quoted Alex’s earlier specifics, “err, they’ve been the best of me life Al, and I- I love that you err made that’ 'appen.”

He hadn’t quite said 'I love you’ but still Alex grinned widely. He eventually pulled out of the embrace but only just enough that they were stood with their foreheads touching. Alex stared into Miles’ eyes, letting himself get as lost as he possibly could, thoughts whirling wildly around his head and somewhere a voice was screaming not to ruin the moment by doing what his heart begged him to. “'appy birthday Miles,” he whispered into the virtually non existent space between them. Miles sighed contentedly making Alex smile and he slowly closed his eyes.

Miles meant every word he had said to Alex just then, realising he should probably tell him more often. Then again he hadn’t really thought about it before, the fact that Alex literally was the light of his life, the thought of his friend immediately cheering him even from the darkest mood. He was so preoccupied with his thoughts of Alex that he didn’t even notice that he was staring at him, he just knew that unless something happened soon he would implode. They were so close he could feel Alex’s gentle breath on his face and a few more millimetres and the slightest of an angle change and their lips would be touching. The thought was the single most terrifying and exciting he had ever had but he wanted it more than anything to be a reality. He briefly wondered when all these thoughts had appeared, knowing he’d actually loved Alex for years. Love. His internal monologue and a careful scrolling through catalogues of thoughts continued but that one word stuck out, and he realised it couldn’t be denied not ignored. Miles felt his eyes flickering shut as Alex wished him happy birthday, uttering his name in a low whisper that sent shivers down his spine and back up it again.

They still had their arms wrapped around each other and were standing so close to each other that a piece of paper would have trouble fitting between them.

Neither knew who initiated the kiss but it was sudden, both wanting it but neither wanting to be the one to risk everything.

Miles’ whole body seemed to be filled with purely Alex, his thoughts were clouded but Alex shone through in a perfect clarity, his lungs burned at the lack of oxygen but he only needed to breathe Alex, his heart was hammering in his chest but he could only pull Alex closer.

Alex would’ve happily allowed this moment to never end, it was undoubtably the single most perfect moment he had ever experienced, then again Miles was the single most perfect human being on the planet so he wasn’t in the least bit surprised. The kiss was soft, warm and chaste but it held behind it every second of time spent between the two over the past 9 years, 9 perfect years that had finally reached this point and both lads poured absolutely everything into that kiss.

As surely as neither knew who had initiated it, neither knew who had pulled away. They just knew that they were both in full agreement, there wasn’t a doubt that crossed Miles’ mind and Alex was just as sure that their connection had only been strengthened. They resumed their position, foreheads touching, chests heaving and both grinning wildly. Miles’ eyes were closed and he smiled happily, confident in the knowledge that this was the best birthday anyone could wish for. He opened his eyes to see that Alex was looking at him with an equally wide smile. Their gazes locked and Miles found himself smiling wider and asking, “what Al?” Alex immediately blushed and Miles’ heart soared that he could make that happen, “nothing, just thinking about how perfect you are and that I- I really think I fuckin’ love you, I 'ad this 'ole bloody speech prepared but fuck knows I can’t remember it now, not that I’d need to say anything after that…” now it was Miles’ turn to blush. Alex’s eyes were suddenly downcast. “What’s wrong love?” Miles asked gently. Alex sighed slightly meeting his gaze again, “just thinking of all the time I wasted” he replied, Miles shook his head quickly, “not wasted, you were always me best mate Al, besides I’m just as guilty.” Alex barely smiled but looked up slightly, “hey, Al” Miles pulled his chin up gently, “I think I do too yanno, I, err, hmm I love you” he whispered, uncertainly, although he was certain about the fact itself. To make up for his stuttering he carefully pressed his lips to Alex’s once more. This time was thought out, deliberate and tentative to start with but entirely as wonderful and when they pulled away they were both smiling. “We’re both so fuckin’ sappy Al!” Miles said grinning and Alex couldn’t help but return the smile, the thought of Miles being happy couldn’t cheer him enough.

Alex might have brought with him a bottle of very fine wine, which they poured it into the mugs in the hotel room for lack of wine glasses. So maybe they didn’t bother actually drinking the wine at all just laughing at the fact that they had almost drank wine out of mugs. Maybe it was because Miles didn’t want this night to be any less hazy than necessary and so didn’t even touch the wine, and maybe it was also because Alex wanted this night to be remembered in full clarity and so didn’t touch his either. The men talked for hours on end about some conversation that neither would remember the details of but was surely the best conversation either had ever had. They might have talked until the birds could be heard singing but that was ok because it wasn’t light yet and they didn’t have to be up too early. Still Alex had caught Miles yawning and had laughed although he was tired himself. He forced himself to leave Miles side for the first time since he’d arrived, long enough to make them both some tea and bring it back to the bed. Miles would have joined him, because the didn’t want them to be apart, but he was just too tired, instead keeping his eyes trained on Alex, taking in every detail of his body and his actions, from the strands of greased hair falling into his eyes to the way he tapped a rhythm on his leg with his fingers while waiting for the kettle to boil. Miles decided he could most definitely get used to this new light he was seeing his best friend in. When Alex had made the tea he turned around, smiling when he caught Miles watching him and he brought their cups over. Miles sat up with a lot of effort and took his cup making sure to take it in one hand and entwine the fingers of his other with Alex’s. “Thanks love” he said lazily. Alex thought he might die if Miles kept casually calling him 'love’ like this. He responded by kissing Miles’ shoulder lightly and then his jaw and then his cheek. It wasn’t long before the two had finished their tea and were lying together, both about to fall asleep, legs entwined heads close together and Miles’ arm draped across Alex’s waist, Alex’s hand resting on Miles’ chest. He let his thumb brush over Miles’ ribs unaware that his actions were making Miles feel inexplicably light headed in the loveliest way. Alex eventually broke the comfortable silence, “'night love” he muttered voice heavy with sleep but Miles still found himself smiling at the endearment. “Night Al” he whispered back and the two fell asleep almost immediately, waking in the exact same position, neither of them moving from that perfect embrace.

misscorday  asked:

It's Matt's birthday. I feel like I need Mattex fluff for the occasion. *looks at you*

Better late than never, yeah? Belated Happy Birthday, Matt! :)

“You know- It’s okay. Not going to be your Doctor anymore, anyways - what’s one day in 365, yeah? It’s a long commute for a day anyways. Especially for a fling. Give my love to poppet, yeah?”


The small laugh he lets out is strained even to his own ears. “I’ll see you later. I-uh- I’ll call you later. Take care, Kingston. Love you.”

He doesn’t wait for her response, disconnecting the call even before she has a chance to notice the little addition at the end. For some reason, it seemed important that he said it, and yet, some thing he didn’t want her to know. No. Not yet.

Not too long ago, they had been working together. He was her Doctor, flirting with her through the day, hearing her laughter fill the silences, counting the crinkles around her eyes as she did so, her hands swatting his away with an affectionate ‘idiot’. The strange babushka dolls she had thought would look great in his office, still adorn his desk. Wistfully tracing a finger along the glass frame of a picture of them, he shakes his head. It was long ago. Nothing more than a brief fling between two friends. And costars remaining friends after- well, after, was only a myth.

And it was fine. 32. He’s getting older. Should have had more sense than that. She is busy, and her daughter is definitely more important than him being childish. Even when the said daughter is away for a week with her father. Fine, really.

He shakes his head, switching off his phone- no point in having such thoughts on his birthday, or any other day. It’s not as if others wouldn’t be there to celebrate with him. They won’t be her, but then no one can be Alex but Alex herself for him. He’ll just have to learn.

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