Kellin Quinn & Levi Benton | Warped Tour 2012 | Irvine

You asked for it! Backstage bromances. :)

I had wanted to post this for a long time, it’s honestly my favorite backstage photo set I took.

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Of Mice & Men | Kellin Quinn | Press Area | Warped Tour 2012 | Irvine

So, I’ve been seeing pictures of the OM&M interview all over tumblr and I knew I watched it live with Kellin. After going through thousands of photos, I finally found it :D a picture of Kellin watching the interview. Obviously I couldn’t take a picture of us post watching it. xD

Enjoy some warped tour throwback photos. please don’t steal, these are all copyrighted photos.

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Kellin Quinn | Sleeping with Sirens | Warped Tour 2012 | Irvine

Thank you for people who reblog and like. please don’t repost. this photo, as well as the rest of my photos are copyrighted and it is illegal for you to repost this to your blog/another site without credit to me or without my permission.

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