(Clearer full-sized version HERE.) Okay…I switched up my style a bit again. I’m nothing if not inconsistent. Gosh, but I just love drawing Roxy! <3

I had to Google ‘Jello shots’ for this! I’ve never even had regular shots ^^; I’m pretty tame u_u 

This is part 1 of, probably 3. I’m about to upload part 2 any second now. (*edit* Done! Part 2 here)


*fixed* Sorry!

(IF THE ANIMATION isn’t showing, click here) 

(This is PART 2, Part 1 can be found here.)

What am I doing with my life? What was I even thinking? Don’t judge me!

Anyway. This is in refrence to Tobuscus’s ‘Dramatic Song’ and this bit kicks in at around about at 1:29

Part 3 is back in comic format and will not be done until probably tomorrow, I’m still working on it.