(I’m currently in a post-Tumblr-hiatus-uncontrollably-compiling-and-blogging-every-favourite-photograph moment). The most erotic tape-à-l'œil sophistication by Guy Bourdin. Every colour screams a sensation, every posture realizes fantasies of the subconscious.

Life Force

The confession
of my spirit
comes in sensous

The only time
I accept life as it is
thrilled, knowing
I can leap beyond it.
Having direction.

Eyes, half closed in ecstasy.
Body, dripping with old blood.
And the confession of why
I am alive expressed
through my nakedness.

~Aya Al-Hakim©

I’ve been known to bring out the wild side of a woman. BEAUTY AND THE STREETS. It’s so much more than #streetart #graffiti #art it’s about #loveandlust #seduction #fantasy #eroticism it’s about #stopLOOKandlisten to the beautiful women around you, and pleasing them as opposed to yourself. In my art you will see #DESIRE #adoration and #respect #beautyandthestreets Paintings bold and provocative from an artist that’s #oneshadeofblack #TMNK #doyouknowwhothefuckiam come find out.

As often as not, it seems to be assumed that man has his being independently of his passions. I affirm, on the other hand, that we must never imagine existence except in terms of these passions.
—  Georges Bataille. Eroticism: Death and Sensuality. 
The relationship between eroticism and poetry is such that it can be said, without affectation, that the former is a poetry of the body and the latter an eroticism of language.
—  Octavio Paz, The Double Flame (1995 - English translation)