The ero-loli meet was fantastic!! And everyone’s coords were great.
I really should have ditched the red accessories. I didn’t have any good black shoes that weren’t over-the-knee boots, which would hide the leggings,so I wore those shoes you see, and tried to make it work. It didn’t work. Next time I’ll buy some appropriate black shoes XD

Coord Rundown
Blouse, gloves, skirt, leggings, hair accesories: Taobao or offbrand
Chest Pin: Me!
Heart Harness: creepyyeha
Overskirt: LiParo
Bolero: Fan+Friend

anonymous asked:

Ok I LOVE that j fashion ask. A lot. I'm a huge fan of lolita styles, so I would love headcanons on the bros having an S/O who wears lolita!!! :DDDDDDDD

Absolutely! I really miss my Lolita days (I do not, however, miss my nanny telling me I look like a tea cosy… Or Little Bo Peep…).
Also, you didn’t specify which style you preferred, so I did another mix (I kinda worked on the assumption that you wear various Lolita styles).
Sorry, these are short…

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  • Noctis really likes Sailor Lolita and Pirate Lolita.
  • He especially loves it when your wear Pirate Lolita. Since it’s the style you tend to wear the least, he started to see it as a treat.
  • Will buy you JSKs. Mostly Alice and the Pirates prints.
  • Doesn’t understand the tiny bags? Why so tiny?
  • Will complain about having to carry your wallet and key because they don’t fit in your bag.
  • “What is the point of that bag?”
  • “It fits my coord, leave me alone!”
  • He’d be a little awkward at meets, preferring to drink his tea and nibble a cupcake. 
  • He’d answer any questions your Lolita friends asked, he’s not rude, after all.
  • Ask him to twin coord with you.
  • Do it!
  • Honestly, it is worth it just for the embarrassed spluttering that will follow.
  • He will not wear Ouji Lolita, no matter how much you beg.

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