Tumblr Crushes, annotated:

  • thereluctantrunner - mostly cussing (and spectating like a champ)
  • betternikki - mostly smiling (and having way cuter hair than you)
  • erocksrunning - mostly being a BAMF (and making me pee myself)
  • newidentity-athlete - mostly being a positive ray of golden sunshine (and having the best barbell hickeys)
  • brooksylite - mostly being stronger than everyone ever (also: beer… seriously. 25% of your most recent 2 pages are beer, dude. #classy)
  • robindoesrunning - mostly paying it forward (and apparently never sleeping #gradlife)
  • captainphd - mostly being an asshole (and really? not much else)
  • fat-to-fast - mostly just because I feel bad for her (and sharing burpees, I guess)
  • mr-smit - mostly for being proudly cuddle-free (and for being a handsome devil, even if he doesn’t always see it)

Notably absent: The Jasons (Thing 1, Thing 2).

You’ll always hold a special place in my heart… just not in my crush list, I guess.

@erocksrunning regarding Boston trip

Well not Boston proper, at least not from my understanding.

Adria, went to school in Worcester and has several friends that still in the Boston area. However, one of her friends from school is currently living in England but will be in town for the holiday weekend.

Apparently it will be at some beach near Boston.

I don’t really know the deets. I just said I was fine with us going.

So, we will be going…

Depending how far it is from where Boston peeps are located I am pretty sure I could convince Adria to let me commute in for a run with the Internets…

Though keep in mind I am relatively slow, 10/mile pace.

Tumblr Crushes:

  • michaeldoeslife - Just started training for his first tri. Enjoys banjos and Battlestar Galactica, but has no love for beets.
  • chrystidoeslife - New CrossFitter, kick ass momma, BioFreeze enthusiast, future “Ice Cream & Booze” entrepreneur.
  • easybeinggreene - Beet convert. I think I’m truly making a positive impact on the world. Jess’s cat also uses her ass as a comfy chair.
  • jbizzle329 - Black bean burger tease, one half of the genius (for other half of the genius, see here) behind “#Fit Teacher” and the associated Fit-Teacher tumblr.
  • erocksrunning - Fancy ball traipsing, beer wasting, abdominal machine. Also funny. REALLY REALLY FUNNY.
  • npr - I’m too lazy to navigate away from Tumblr to acquire news. Also: REMOTELY SENSED IMAGERY. Be still my heart.
  • crossfitter - CrossFitter (shocking, right?) who never takes himself too seriously and always seems to be working on his snatch. You’re a dude… not sure how much better it’s going to get. I also LOVE his personal blog (read: puppy blog).
  • femme-enforme - Renaissance woman of the fitness world, currently Resting With Guts. Seriously. Resting takes serious guts. Body positive, food positive, brain positive. All around positive!
  • shortmom - Posts meals that make all of Tumblr salivate. Superhero mom to a superhero kid (if you Venn Diagram’d all notorious superheros, he’d be the MAXimum overlap). Claims bruises are from CrossFit. Questionable.

I really dig this list. It’s lacking in my “usual” favorites (Anna’s apparently never going to make my list), but highlights some serious gems. Kind of like a changeup when you were expecting a fastball.

Sorry to all of those individuals that I like less than NPR. It’s nothing personal. Pinky promise.