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Yuri On Ice Decameron AU

I’m really sorry for this but

  • they all live in Florence and to escape the Black Death they hide in Michele and Sara’s villa
  • they’re all gay
  • since it’s like 1350 and there’s no internet they decide to pass the time telling each other stories 
  • everyone tells one story per day
  • everyone is “king” or “queen” for a day
  • that means that whoever is king or queen (or whatever the gender-neutral term is to substitute those is) gets to decide the theme of the stories that should be told that day
  • Yuuri’s theme is Eros
  • he tells the story of how a beautiful seductress abandoned the man she danced with all night
  • Victor lowkey cries because that’s what Yuuri did, except he doesn’t remember it because he was drunk on Tuscan wine
  • Yuri’s theme is Agape
  • Chris fails miserable to deliver a story about Agape because lbr he fills it up with sex
  • on the other hand he totally nails the Eros theme
  • Otabek wins the Agape day with the story of how a boy fell in love unconditionally with a beautiful, younger boy with the eyes of a soldier, and after being separated from him for three years he meets him again and tells him how he never forgot about him and asks him to be his friend because all he needs is to be close to him, until hopefully one day the boy will love him back the same way he loves him
  • Victor’s theme is Love&Life
  • he delivers a heartbreaking story of how the best dancer in the world kept dancing and dancing just to please his audience but has lost the ability to enjoy things for himself and felt no passion anymore, until a beautiful seductress made him feel something for one night and then abandoned him
  • he looks at Yuuri while telling this story and it’s awkward
  • eventually Chris continues this story for them, telling how the beautiful seductress didn’t abandon the dancer on purpose, but because she was put under a spell by an Evil Witch that made her forget everything

Someone please take this off my hands because I can’t anymore lol I just wanted to put it out there, if you have more HCs I’d love to read them <3